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  1. Part 9 is my main and while his stun resistance made him best Jason for the old 8/17 patch it has been nerfed badly over subsequent patches as I would have groups hunting me after that patch gang up and get crushed as stuns or knock downs I could recover from way quicker than others. I find the sooner you get him into rage the better he becomes. Everything recharges quick and juggling multiple objectives is easier making (- traps) less of a liability. Players also don't realize that stalk for part 9 will go almost 2 minutes if you don't move. I have killed so many in mid to late game by utilizing stalk and making it seem as though I'm gone and just wait them out. Savini to me has the biggest addition of weapon/attack strength which works well for early and when overwhelmed but loses the advantage late. It's still one of the toughest Jason's to go against but a good Part 9 player breaks the typical meta and is harder to survive as the game goes longer.
  2. They hid the fine print stating it was only increased for Pamela Tapes...you already have. ?‍♂️
  3. Easiest thing to if they wanted to continue to develop this into a different property game is make it a Hatchet/Victor Crowley game and re-skin/alter everything to look like the Louisiana Bayou. I'm sure Adam Green would love it and back it fully & Kane played Victor Crawley so they can use the mocap already done with him.
  4. Deborah's brushing her hair when she steps out on the deck at the cabin up the road from Packanack. You want to kill her then to get split ends.
  5. I have a video I need to upload similar to this where as Bugsy on CL Small I'm exiting to the cops and Jason shift grabbed me as I crossed the line. The cops shoot him and free me but I ended up out of bounds on the other side free to run around till it retriggered the escape cut away when I went back to the exit.
  6. Are you running ethernet cable from your router to the computer/console? Are you using Wi-Fi? Have you unplugged/plugged back in power for your router to refresh/reset it? If you haven't in more than a month do it now. Is anyone in your house streaming video or playing games as well on your network? Have you ever been selected as host by the game? Who is your ISP & what is your tier of service? Upload/Download speeds you pay for versus running a speed test (there's an FCC one and a few others I'd try in addition to speedtest.net to get a broader issue). I do wonder if there is some bugs in the netcode optimization for this game which could be causing issues for some or maybe even contributing to the "rubber-banding" issues.
  7. If your Username on here is the same as on PS4 I believe I played a few rounds with you last night. There were weird things going on last night in many of the matches between glitches among other oddities (that car escape on Crystal Lake). I did have an odd match in the same lobby with you where it seemed like the Jason somehow tunneled on me within the first 2 minutes of a match despite another counselor running by in a direction I tried to dupe him to follow. I came back as Tommy and fixed the phone to hopefully get everyone to escape (though they were all in a car). Granted everyone in the match were 150 except 2-3 people (you were like 112+ and some mid 50-70's) so we're all familiar with the tricks and tend to make people work harder for objectives or pay for any laziness/mistakes. A good Jason will make things difficult and tense for you to accomplish any objective. The matches all seemed to be well fought despite the odd glitches and the times Jason came close to being killed.
  8. To me it looks more like the Single Player Challenges are the best place to farm CP, Bots for XP. If you actually look at your CP totals before and after you'll realize you can make as much or more than leveling up just for one SP Challenge and doing some of the challenge goals/skulls. Now I don't know if the bonus multiplier for this weekend is in effect on it but I've gained about 16k CP from completing and doing only the SP Challenges.
  9. I think it would have been smart for them to work with PC players (especially Kickstarter backers) from the launch to assist in beta testing the patches. That's similar to what DbD & what looks like Last Year are doing by going PC first. This would allow them to release patches & updates with more quality control and checks to ensure we don't end up with issues where they fix one problem & create 2 more. I'm more concerned in what mechanics/perks/etc. will inadvertently be changed this time with the update. I will say it's made relearning the game each time a challenge and probably made many of us better players for going through it.
  10. For Part 9 I trap the phone & if I cut power quickly for the Tommy Radio Cabin the power for it or if I'm in a QP lobby that's aggressive to Jason's the shack. Otherwise keep the 2 traps to re-trap the phone/power or if late in the game any counselors who think they can kite me from cabin to cabin.
  11. The kill I think is the most degrading that I always have as I main part 9 and will at least use for the final kill or against someone who teabags excessively or trolls is the "a little off the top". Just the fact that it's almost 15-20 seconds of Jason planting his Axe in the ground and then slowly pressing their head into the Axe blade..... Probably the closest to the Wu Tang Clan Method Man interlude where they talk about torturing someone who wronged you by heating up a coat hanger till it's red hot and then violating them "nice and slow".... Otherwise the part 4 body split would be the other equal and sadly the part 6 shish kabob kill isn't as good as those two.
  12. If you spend your life trying to make everyone happy you'll have wasted it for nothing....aka "Haters gonna Hate".
  13. Anyone else wonder why the dev's left in the fact that if you're seen by a counselor you still remain in stalk till the meter runs out. Why not have it automatically bring you out of stalk the moment your noticed as a sign that your stalk is worthless since sometimes the counselors "gasp" or "scream" isn't heard. I still use stalk to catch counselors who think they're going to kite me through cabins. Always funny to hear them defecate in their drawers when they climb out a window or open a door and I'm right there to kill them.
  14. I think all counselors should have Yakity Sax play whenever they're near Jason.... You know for proper effect. ???? Acutally it would be a nice subtle touch for Jason players if all Jason's had their music increase as they get closer to any counselors or if counselors see them (unless hiding or not direct line of sight/under flare gun).
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