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  1. I’ve never seen a game kill it’s community as quickly as this game is doing. Tape drops, better perk rolls, xp boost, ANYTHING from the devs to show that there is at least some spark left for this game, on this the holiest of days for this game. Two months ago I thought no game could be as harsh to its community as battlefront 2. How wrong I was.
  2. I’ve read a bit of this now and it’s enough to make my head spin, but, putting on my positivity cap here, should the judge rule in favor of Cunningham, content would be allowed to continue. Not trying to grasp at straws here, but if the judge rules within the next 4 months or so, and gun continues to work on bug fixes and dedicated servers, could there be a chance that they may revisit releasing new content? I love this game and would hate to see it die this way.
  3. Bignewtdawg

    Is the Game over now?

    Wow. Greed and stupidity and legalese kills creativity once again. Everyone involved in that case should be ashamed of themselves. I’ve poured hundreds of hours into this game and this is how it ends? Also, community manager should have been the one to break this. Having to read it through a third party feels cheap.
  4. As the title says, if I quit after i die and Jason gets the xp and there is no chance I can come back as tommy will I incure salt mine points? Thanks in advance.
  5. Found 2 tommy tapes in the last 24 hours. This is more like it gun.
  6. We have waiting for this promised feature since October. The new engine was the supposed reason for the delay. This feature has to be implemented immediately upon arrival of the new engine patch, whenever that will be. No more user hosts.
  7. What did they mention that would imply that? Tried watching stream but it kept freezing
  8. No. This is a great game with excellent design. Say what you will about hosting issues but I doubt EA or Ubisoft or WB would have offered us the same experience without a buttload of dlc or lootboxes.
  9. What a helpful and insightful comment. Your parents are undoubtedly proud.
  10. 6 months into having the option to find these, I have found a grand total of 1. I am level 126 and play regularly. Why punish the player base with something we can never get?
  11. I don’t know. I can’t find any of the damn things
  12. I have been playing this game nearly non stop since Friday afternoon and I have seen a total of 1 Pamela tape and 0 tommy tapes. For an event based around the date of the title of the game, I’m extremely disappointed with what gun has had to offer.
  13. We should be trippping over these tapes with this event. I play regularly and haven’t gotten a tape in 6 months. I’ve put in 10 hours of playtime as a counciler this weekend already and 0 tapes. Weak stuff gun. Weak.