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  1. Oh and I do mute. ABOUT THE SCREAM I was so glad I was on push to talk today! Jason shifted in front of me ( my camera was at my bck cuz he was chasing me ) and he was stalking and I toight oh hes chasing that other guy! I turned and he was there and just grabbed me. BOOY DID I SCREAM xD my heart jumped out ( added him as a friend and hes super awesome )
  2. No no I probably said it wrong I meant as in.. Jason grabs me I yell OH FCK JESUS etc etc not as in U FCKER etc etc.
  3. Sorry if I am over population the forum with this, I just needed to get this out of my system, hope u understand.
  4. I know, but I mean... come on its a game... and if another player is better then me, why should I drag that player down?! I do scream and yell sometimes some general curse words, but never at the player! And always make sure he/she knows thats not intended for them AND always either add them as friends and ALWYAS ALWAYS tell them good I THINK they are!
  5. I look at these game , as a game of wits, tricks and tactics. And so far the more "calm" I was the better at surviving I was ( doesnt mean I always survived ), etc. So if a Jason starts slashing me to avoid being stunned by nerby survivors, I see that as a tactic. His goal is to kills us all after all.
  6. I have been playing this game for a few days now, and I love it I am absolutly HOOKED on it, if Im not on Dead by daylight with my friends I AM HERE. BUT man the community is just god.... I mean have u considerd before u bought this game that u are going AGAINST another person? THAT, that other person is gonna do whatever he/she takes to take u down?! Ok so Jason has weapon in his hand... And he cant use it on u why? Its there to slash u/us! I main a survivor, no intention to play as Jason whatsoever, ( played only offline to see how he sees and get a bit of understanding of what I am up against nothing else, composure and stealths relation to his stalk ability is still confusing to me ), and so a situation happens that I spawned next the 4seater, I run to the house thats somewhat far ( this is like 20 seconds in the game ) didnt even had a time to lock the doors... its a phone house JASON RUSHES IN and kills me 30 seconds in the match... Do I get angry? NO! I made a mistake I died because I made a mistake. HIS JOB IS TO KILL ME! Thats how he wins not by me being alive, god how many times I died because I was trying to STUN HIM!!!! Or times ( which happend recently ) Jason stalked me and I walk into a house where he was STANDING.... I didnt trash talk... I screamed ( thank god for push to talk ) but I didnt trash talk, his job is to take me down... Thats how he wins and I win by escaping, if I dont escape I am to blame not Jason. ( even if I get betrayed still my fault I trusted a crazy person ) From like 20 matches I played so far or more idk didnt count. I learned russian curse words, was verbaly abused, someone even closed a window when Jason was right behind me.... I witnessed a girl telling a guy he is dumb and he scks, when he asked her what is the name of the Jason she chose ?! Then the other people joined and trash talked this dude... WHY?! ( In dead by daylight it took me 2 days to get 3 new friends who I still talk and play daily, and that game has, or rather had the worst community I have encountered so far ) Sorry for my crazy and all over the place rant I just had to get it out to someone who, I HOPE understands. I get it we all want to win, but this is not a game where everyone wins... go play mmo.... Because if u suck at losing, this game is just gonna hurt u more mentally it really will... AND UR RUINING MY FINAL GIRL MOMENTS BY QUITING but yea.... I work a very stresfull job that involves angry people.... Coming home to games is my psychotherapy literally... Then to see all those hatefull people, while it doesnt gets me down it makes me turn my game off at times... And it should U SHOULD turn UR game off and LEARN to LOSE, not for our sake but ur sake! Also have to add a one positive thing! I was once the last one alive and was fighting Jason for last like 7-8 minutes AND I SURVIVED ( I was lucky I had good prep with bear traps etc ) Jason ( who was a kid actually, someone in gaming community u suspect would rage like crazy ) said in a very broken english "Good game Psylocker!!" I was so shocked... I froze.... btw sorry for my english its not my native language EDIT: I forgot to add a few matches where I was playing Debby ( everyone esle was a low repair char ) where killer hunted me and didnt stop untill I was killed.... again HE WINS BY US NOT ESCAPING I was the only one who could fix with ease... still not mad love Debby <3
  7. Steam - Psylocker102 I WOULD LOVEEEEE to play with some english speaking ppl or Serbian! http://steamcommunity.com/id/psylocker101/
  8. OH WOW thank you so much Thank you <3
  9. Hello guys newish player here I did play a lot of dead by daylight before this, but being a huge horor fan I had to give this game a try with all the bad reviews out there! AND I REGRET NOTHING having a blast playing this game!!! Altho I would like to have a few more english speaking ppl and some friends to join me but oh well
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