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  1. I actually do well as a Tiffany, I go collect and bring usually unnoticed. Which is something I never managed to do with Vanessa. I am a newb so I might be wrong :S But I def survived longer with Tiffany then Vanessa, and felt more usefull.
  2. lucky u I have like 3 chins now.... I mean extra chins on top of 2 old ones when I was "skinnier"
  3. Oh wait that picutre was u ahhah I tought it was someone esle, nice jacket
  4. DEATHBAT AS A NEXT COUNSELOR PLEASE!!! But make the coat denim! He doesnt wanna look like Adam

    1. deathbat96777


      You have to send this to the devs XD 

    2. Psylocker102
  5. I tried to play a sexy joke didnt work nvm I failed xD
  6. #triggerd u dont tell him his not special! We are all perfect little unique flowers how dare u!
  7. I was a huge a twd fan emphasis on was... so u struck at my heart :/
  8. Damn forgot to add #triggerd Composure: 8 Luck: 10 Repair: 1 Speed: 3 Stamina: 7 Stealth: 1 Strength: 5 better?
  9. Composure: 8 Luck: 10 Repair: 2 Speed: 3 Stamina: 7 Stealth: 4 Strength: 6 Now Im fat, but I did work under extreme conditions and for 13h str8 so I guess stamina 7 is high enough xD, not sure about strength thou I am huge but I do need help with heavy stuff so idk I just realised Im actually Jenny xD
  10. Hey the guy just said he dislikes the song and asked who else dislikes it, dont hate him for it :S I am also super sad that the song is not on deezer T_T
  11. he looks more like... ehm.... he doesnt look dead....
  12. Stalking Jasons suprise me... thank god for push to talk or some ears would bleed....
  13. 1st of all... Why bot this game? 2nd.. that sounds like something I would do... I hid today and told my friend I found a hiding place and Jason was like... " Dude u know I can hear u?".....
  14. I think Im very lucky one of my 1st 10matches ever ( I think it was my 3rd match ever ) I found a Pamela tape #4
  15. wait is that the one going something like "When the summer began annananaanna" I LOVE IT!
  16. Well I did notice to some degree in games like tera online, forsaken world But since that It was mostly a few exception Guild Wars2 has such a great community that I can say I have a online bffs now... Marvel Heroes online was amazing experience ( community vise ) Wild Stars I played way to little to say anything. Paladins I played with friends only so cannot say anything, Dead by daylight I thought was the worst thing ever, until I came here. If u keep finding fun people PLEASE send some my way Id be happy
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