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  1. Wow.... for a violent game this topic is pretty... hot Im suprised And Im perfectly fine with it as long as no one mentions sexuality in any bad way. Then I will go on full reporting force.
  2. Its super hard to get copies of comics here where I live so only digital :/ But yea I agree, so I got into DC more recently and Im LOVING IT. X MEN still in m heart tho! here ya go
  3. Hello ocd friend :D, I so wanna see the skin on ur hands! I have like scales from washing it...
  4. I worked my ass off in retail... Once with a very high fever worked 13h with like 15min break once... It can be devastating when u just need to work ANYTHING to survive, and the feeling of how something ( at least in my case ) has a control over u. Good thing is tho I kinda cured my fear of ppl that way. And my self esteem grew when I figured I was capable of WORKING. Even tho I really had no other choice I had to fight my anxiety and work or starve.
  5. Wow I had to re read I tought u where from my country xD Well Im Psylocke and Im a psychic ninja at night.... that would be awesome but Im not xD My name is Philip tho I suffer from anxiety, and I have ocd. I live with my mom because she cant live alone. I have a supportive boyfriend for almost 10years now. I cant say Im poor but.... not really financially stable sadly.... My paycheck is small and I do support me and my mom. I work in a highly homophobic work place ( and Im not in a closet so ), that sux for my anxiety. BUT I do find strenght in it, because I am able to go torugh that shit daily. I am a huge x men fan and WAS a hugee horror fan ( kinda got back at it again but not as when I was 10-18 ). I also LOVE to take selfies even tho Im an obese trash....
  6. In dead by daylight, even tho at this point I am not afraid of any killer and know how to counter them ( not always successfully ofc! ) I completly freak out when Myers comes up.... God there is just something about Myers in movies and in dbd that is so scary to me idk y....
  7. YES!!! We are on the roll!!
  8. Insta hit! Ima tatoo this on my forearm!!!!
  9. Tragedy Girls 7/10 Very "comedic" yet smart movie, using its jokes to point at certain bad aspects of social media youths It comes at night 10/10 If u havent seen this one dont watch the TRAILER trust me, it has nothing to do with the movie and attracts completely different audience, than it should. Halloween ( the original cuz I forgot it ) 7/10 damn this bby still has it 40 years later. Scream 1 ( again cuz I forgot ) 8/10 still good and fun, but it doesnt appeal to young adults of this day and age as it did back in the 1996
  10. Damn I cant remmber the last non horror movie I watched o.o I think it was my 5th viewing of Wonder Woman xD ( my fave movie atm )
  11. The little self esteem I had was lost.... Never again T_T
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