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    Legendary Perks

    Epic perk are even with legendary in some peras are worse than epic, however legendary are new so they are more effective in percentage thatI've Sen yet, roll on CPxXP WEEKENDS, ROLL ALL WEEKEND LONG,

    Legendary Perks

    I roll 1-3 times between matches public only, and 3-to the remainder of CP times everytime u level up.. it seems to work it's them only algorithm I use and sell all in wanted perks between rolls .l Good Luck everyone.

    Legendary Perks

    I'd it a double COx Weekend,?
  4. I'm wonderingnuf there are rolling pattern tricks for perks I have 9 epic and 20 LegendaryPerks anyone got any? Btw. Old pic I currently have 20 Legendary perks
  5. I personally say WE Keep Jason alive! Were the loyal fans that out lots a income on this we spent we deserve uber.

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    These are my perks any idea what the knife looking new perk is?

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    8wowAhh I get it thank very much for that, I'm a monkey wrench user that works on technique to Jason off for simple counters, I'm getting that the Packanack full and Crystal Lake full were deployed less health sprays in looks that way all day tosay


    I met Vincenti DiSanti and Brandon Wheeler playing the game through JasonVoorhess211(RIP) Under the name of CampCrystLakeEscapeArtist

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    What exactly does this mean?
  10. Example... if I'm using a 1 handed weapon(wrench) if while in motion keep Jason between 12-5 OCLOCK in Al Traceys Atack circle, striking hand I closer to the target to land the (rabbit punch), these techniques work well and can be based on your own lumber Oh I'm sure they have been done, I personally dont see them on PS4, I'm just a Counselor who likes new ideas to share even if a small comfort it's out there, thankx
  11. Sorry but what I'm sharing are my techniques(fighting moves) and movements I've never witnessed and all I do is play gaining combat data so we can improve, I'm not a ( look what I can do attitude person ) if there's wealth I share it, so b4 u go Trying to diss the techs, try em 1st, they are not tricks or gimmicks different movement that's all, Thank you u rock
  12. Agreed However My Techniques are Unique, in fact I use a Ken-p.o. Attack Circle and Jason does the rest , Jason is the killer giving him a high % of being drawn off 1st, now that Jason can't use counselors for Context Shields, it widens our limbility, these are Not tricks, thier based on Martial Science giving this a 90% Success of Effective Strikes and techniques, the more counselors the better % chance effect, I want everyone to be aware of these to give people a better chance facing Jason alone or in General, it'll boost confidence not to Allways Run from Jason, fight back counselors, we earned it payoff....
  13. I got a year of combat data compiled with every angle, PS4 Event and New Combat Training Videos , it's looking good lol thankx