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  1. A Terminator (T800 and T1000) multiplayer game needs to happen too. Hell when the player would call support (like Tommy Jarvis) it would be the arrival of the good T-850 or Kyle Reese... although reproducing the intense shopping mall fight between the 2 Terminators could make for exciting end of game spectacles Ps sorry for the spam. Great topic.
  2. GunMedia/IllFonic should totally try to focus on being Asymmetrical Slasher game kings while the type seems to be very popular and the floor seems to be split mainly between F13 and Dead By Daylight... no massive budget Triple A competition.
  3. Actually Friday the 13ths game design is much better than Dead By Daylight and should be applied to all Slashers as a game. Too bad they couldnt just make a huge slasher game with all of them in one but I would pay to have the different games as long as they incorporate the source material as good as Friday does. Halloween is totally doable with maps in Haddonfield (different sections or variations like F13 does).. Hospital, Gas Station and all. Michael also has enough costume variations to make some diversity like F13. F13 is an hilarious game though.. Halloween would probably be scarier. F13 sold 1.8 million copies.. the formula needs to be improved and milked With F13's formula, I think all these would be financially succesful: 1. Halloween 2. Scream 3. Nightmare / Freddy (would have the most creative potential) .. I'd like to see a Chucky game but I think smaller maps (Toy Factory, Apartment Building) would make him a better fit for the simpler, smaller scale Dead by Daylight formula. Funny he isnt in DbD yet.
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome Me and some people are playing right now but we are having difficulties getting a lobbie started to say the least. BTW if I'm host I guarantee never shutting it down before it's over and I try to hammer outside party (helping Jason/cheat) if I catch it
  5. Elder Scrolls Online: I don't know what to do simulator PUB G: War of Counselors Doom: Hell Is Scared Mass Effect: Rush to the sex scenes
  6. That's right... Mike likes to play with the victims
  7. If you never heard of The Room (2003) well it is best known as "the best worst movie of all time". Anyway the bad acting and directing of this movie and it's cast combined with a classic Friday the 13th movie could male for a legendary funny Jason movie. Tommy Wiseau vs Jason Voorhees.
  8. Part 9 hit home when I was a kid... I didn't know the series really well.. I freaked out at the beginning (I think this was the first one I saw actually)
  9. Myers could dodge the saw if he really wanted to. Winner: Myers
  10. It Follows (4/5) I caught this on Netflix after hearing about it... Its the first quality horror film I've seen in years.
  11. Hey everyone I've been creeping on here for 2 days now. I am Spineshank3000 on XONE. Glad to be here and I'm french
  12. There should be a perk that gives access to making out on beds or couches that gives a 20% Stamina Increase. Sorry if this idea came up before but that could create some funny or intense cinematic deaths. 2 Players would need to have that perk equipped and meet up at a cabin that makes this possible.
  13. Call me crazy but for server hot fix would it not be possible to create an invisible 8th player slot (Call it Pamela2746284250673 or something) and hook that mofo up to a dedicated server and have all in game players hooked up to the Pamela of that lobby? Lol
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