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  1. I am glad I helped when I got the game and DLC on Backerkit. It was was really worth the purchase and wait cause I got the physical version. Also, Friday the 13th is a way better game than Dead By Daylight, I find it more fun and challenging, while I find Dead By Daylight a bit boring.
  2. Hey everybody, I've been a fan of Friday the 13th for years and when they announced the game, I was so hyped that I later pre-ordered the game on Backerkit and got the DLC as well (Savini Jason and counselor clothing). I known about the forums for months and I decided to introduce myself as a fan of Friday the 13th and the video game. See you all at Crystal Lake. P.S. My PSN is Hulksmash1962165 (It's a old account) if anybody wanted to know.
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