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  1. ps4 , still trying to play the game but jason players keep leaving the game becus of this issue its impossible to play it atm
  2. Just spawned as jason for like 4-5 times and i wasn't able to see my ability icons , i was smashing my buttons to see if they are ready to use or not . and also playing as counselors i noticed that there are sound issues when you opening the doors or going throw the windows , is it just me or you guys experiencing these issues as well ? its kinda hard to play a single match after this update , jason players keep leaving the game simply because they can't see their ability .
  3. Funny that some examples makes everyone laugh here and only some different jasons makes them happier
  4. lol by that i mean devs can bring some changes to the game they wanna follow the movie while the things was so different in the movie thats all , nobody survived in the movie after they saw jason but in the game jason is just coming in and others running away , jason was able to distract other counselors in order to separate them and kill them one by one . in the game you just randomly teleport infront of mitch who cant run for long and after that you can kill him pretty easy . we not getting any improvements in the game so whats the prob with adding some halloween costumes for jason , in movies jason was able to taunt some of his baits so whats the prob with adding some emote for him . as far as i can see this community only become happy with getting different looks jason and devs using this to cover their laziness . Devs keep rejecting this community cuz the players keep saying that " we got new jason im so hyped , single player is coming im so hyped " . by that money they made from selling over 2mil copies and dlc contents they can do so much in this game while our biggest issue is Connection Problem . warframe is a free to play game on ps4 but even its f2p we have more content than FT13 .
  5. lol by emote i wasnt talking about dance . your comment just made my day haha
  6. try taunting jason by talking shit to him , just like what tomy jarvis did to him to save megan in part 6
  7. well i understand that devs trying to follow the original movie here to keep the game more realistic but i think having some clothes for jason or maybe clothing pack as a dlc or some emotes for him wont hurt the story ? i mean in every friday the 13th movies , 80% of people dying while they having sex , 18% suddenly want to take a piss in forest for no reason and 2% actually trying to fight jason and nobody looking for Fuse or other parts . so i guess it will be ok to add some customization for jason
  8. Finally someone shows up with some fresh idea . So yeap basically " More of EVERYTHING " devs thats all we need ! listen to the community
  9. yeap this happens alot on consoles especially PS4 during the netcode make sure to use a lan cable instead of wireless for better results , restart your game every 4-5 times you faced this issue and once you see your timer is on 1:30 with " search cooldown " cancel it and start finding again works some times .
  10. lol really ? cuz i never heard it in the game there is only 3 songs in game ( I only heard 3 songs ) Summer of heat The Mistfits Killer
  11. have you ever listened to this song ? " Crazy Lixx - XIII " this amazing song was meant to be in the game but sadly devs wasn't able to buy it or what ever . i swear every time when i'm playing as jason i just gonna listen to this music and hunt everyone down Link on Youtube :
  12. Ghost recon Persona 5 Tekken 7 Injustice 2 Last of Us Uncharted lost legacy Horizen Zero Dawn WWE2K18 NioH Dark Souls 3 Street Fighter V Arcade Edition King of fighters xiv Marvel vs capcom infinite Tomb Raider Nier: Automata
  13. in this game when you are in the car or turning on the radio you can hear some songs , may i know their name ? and can you buy them from itunes ?
  14. its pretty fun and challenging to deal with 4 jasons at once . you should survive the night and escape from jason and in the meantime you should avoid being killed or surrounded by other 3 premades . has anyone else faced this situation ? last game i was trying to survive from a part 4 jason for 16 mins while he and his other 3 premades was chasing me , i ended up being at that small bathroom in jarvis house and sadly got surrounded by 3 other A.J's . once they blocked my path they started slow boogie dance while i wasnt able to go anywhere , it was like summoning a god for his sacrifice lol and finally got killed by jason and all those efforts wasted haha it can be fun some times when you facing this but shouldn't be a report system for this ? whats the point of trying to survive about 16-17 minutes and finally getting killed by jason with others help ? even yesterday at pinehurst i was using a walkie talkie and the guy was literally telling my location to jason " He is on the north east , near that hideout camp go kill him so john can come back as tommy " . wtf ? people ruining the fun of the game by doing this .
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