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  1. Thanks Victor Miller, I'm not one to insult people very often, but... He's a greedy piece of shit.
  2. A ingame report would be nice, or a vote to kick, but it could lead to people trying to report people who they don't like, not because of any actual issues or cheating, a similar situation happens in those MOBA games, I wouldn't like to see that happen here too.
  3. Oh yeah, seeing that thread by Wes definitely makes it seem like a mutual want on both ends, so long as his actor can work with GUN, and to the standard they wish as well. But as you said the Miller case may not allow it, especially if it leads to set rules as to what is and isn't allowed, I've seen it happen before with licenses, it sucks but it's a necessary thing.
  4. Yes! I would love to see Demon, or at least someone similar to him appear in the game. He had a pretty small amount of screen time but he was definitely memorable, and having a musician trope counselor would be great! I can already imagine him nervously singing Ooh baby to himself when the power goes out! If it's okay I've got a little stat layout below with my reasoning why each stat is the way it is: Composure: 5 (He was pretty easily rattled by his girlfriend shaking the outhouse, but he was quick to sling out a threat and calm down.) Luck: 5 (He had a nice van, a nice girl, and was a well loved big brother, but he was murdered by Roy in an embarrassing outhouse.) Repair: 3 (He strikes me as the kind of guy that could fix a spark plug if he had the instructions for it, but he would rather just take it to a shop) Speed: 7 (He was pretty quick at running to the outhouse, damn enchiladas!) Stamina: 6 (He didn't seem particularly out of breath, and he didn't really need to take any deep breaths while singing.) Stealth: 5 (He was pretty loud running to the outhouse and complaining about those damn enchiladas... But then he also was singing pretty quietly.) Strength: 4 (He seems like he would be physically fit, but he's pretty lean as well.)
  5. I don't mind the wait, it's never too long, and I think it's better to have a unified date for release, and it's not like the dev team hold one system's patch back as they all seem to be worked on together, and usually if there are any massive problems with one release the others still go ahead as planned as long as it isn't a universal problem. That being said though I wouldn't mind a PTR type server like Blizzard games.
  6. I'm already long past 113, so I don't really mind either way as to whether or not it gets changed, but maybe they could have it that the last unlock for the weapon swapping is at 113, and between then you gradually unlock the weapons for use? Every 15-20 levels or something? With the last unlock being the iconic machete for use on all Jasons.
  7. While I definitely can tell you put your absolute highest effort into making this post (seriously it's so well done!), I'm not sure that Reggie would work as a councilor... I feel like the reasons he is beloved in the first place, being a cute little kid with a heroic streak and quite the impressive scream just wouldn't be the same if he was aged up. It just feels like he would be a little too similar to Buggzy. However I would love to maybe see another part 5 character make an appearance, such as Reggie's big bro Demon or Pam even.
  8. I've seen an idea like this before, and I definitely approve of it! Maybe instead of Jason capturing them they get scared and run off ala Reggie in Part 5 (Just with no heavy machinery driving), so you would need to go find them again to take them with you? Maybe strength could play a part in escorting them as well, with high strength councilors being able to pick them up, and low strength holding them by the hand.
  9. So I had an idea how a replay mode could work in Friday, you could probably get the option to save a match at the results screen, or in the lobby after your previous match. Basically it would allow for two variations, Uncut Mode, and Film Mode, Uncut is pretty self explanatory, it replays the whole match and allows you to spectate the match like you would regularly, but it would also allow you to pause rewind and skip. Film Mode is a lot more interesting, instead compiling clips from the match together to make a small Friday film, starting with the opening cutscene, and ending with the ending cutscene (or Jason's death.), the system will start of automatically grabbing clips it finds interesting, such as parts being repaired, two counselors talking together, chases, sprung traps, deaths, and escapes. From there the player can further modify the compilation, adding or removing scenes, and even using free cam or the cabin cameras to change the clip viewpoints. The player also has the option to add some scenes called 'Post-Credits', these are little short scenes for the escaped counselors, and a few extras for things such as cops and Jason's Death (such as the police finding Jason's body to be gone, or checking out the crime scene.) the escaped counselors would get little snippet clips of their moments after the escape, such as sitting in the back of an ambulance getting treated, or being in the after shock of the situation. Or driving out in the boat or car, with the passengers crying or just trying to rest. However, you can change these to have twist endings, like in some of the other Friday movies, with a Jason jump scare, or a dream sequence. This was just a little idea that sprung to mind when I thought about a potential replay mode for the game, I'm curious of everyone's thoughts on this, such as potential improvements or adjustments they think the idea could use!
  10. Ah, that's true, maybe instead she would have to successfully get out of Jason's range and stay out of it for some time for it to activate. You make a fair point with Shelly's ability, the reason I thought that it shouldn't be limited for time as it would suck if he accidentally triggered the rush at a time when he has no items, I actually think that your durability idea would better help against his luck. I was thinking that the majority of the rushes would only work for a set amount of time or one time after it's activated, with really only Jenny's lasting the game, due to only being a small increase that gives her a small increase in survivability.
  11. So there's a lot of talk about how there are only a handful of counselors worth using in the game due to their stat spreads, back when the game was in beta, each counselor was planned to have a unique ability, it would have made each counselor feel even more different and varied, but it was removed before release. This is where my idea of Adrenaline Rush comes in, Adrenaline Rush would be a status that would occur when a specific requirement has been fulfilled by the player, for example; Stunning Jason while having high fear (Chad) Successfully escaping Jason's chase music range (Vanessa) Trapping Jason (Kenny) Repairing an objective (Eric, Deborah) Being in Jason's range for a set amount of time (Jenny) Listening to music for a set amount of time (AJ) When these conditions are filled, the corners of the screen would glow yellow, indicating that the character has activated their Adrenaline Rush, each characters Rush would be different, each helping them better work with their character tropes and playstyles. Here's an example of some of the ideas for Adrenaline Rushes I came up with; Jenny: Will to Survive (Each stat is increased by 1.) Eric: Rush of Success (Gives him briefly increased Speed and Stamina, both by 2) AJ: No Life in (his) Eyes (Makes her invisible to Jason's sense for 2 1/2 minutes, only works once on each radio) Deborah: Eureka Moment (Next repair has 1 skill check.) Vanessa: Final Stretch (For a minute, Vanessa can jog without losing stamina) Chad: 1% Represent (Vehicle speed increases when Chad is a passenger) Shelly: I'm An Actor (Shelly has a chance of keeping an item after using it. With the exception of keys or a phone fuse.) Fox: Hotwire (Fox can start the car or boat as if she has 10 Luck) Tiffany: Stunning Beauty (Tiffany gets a 15% stun increase.) These are all I came up with, of course, I'm sure some of them are better than others, in ways I don't realize, but I would love to hear what you all think? Maybe if you even came up with some of your own? I'd love to hear everyone's input on this!
  12. I do kind of agree, I think they should either show or outlay what they were planning to do with the mode, having the input of the player base could help, a lot of voices leads to a lot of different ideas or ways for the game mode to be developed, and it would give a good idea of what the player base would like to see from Paranoia.
  13. Hey, it's alright, everyone messes up sometimes, it's part of being human. You do your job great, this was probably one of the worst times for something like this to happen... But ain't that just life?
  14. While I understand it was a common case of human error on Dan's part, I find it a little worrying that Randy and Wes were also using hype GIFs, of all people, shouldn't they have known that the information is wrong and didn't line up with the release schedule?
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