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  1. And if anyone is doing this PSA stuff about leaving on PS4 I can't tell because I'm usually in party chat because I don't wanna talk to the racist 13 yo's in the lobby. These kids don't get ass whoopins enough.
  2. Yeah, IDK if I agree with this topic. Sometimes I have a very limited amount of time to play so if I want to play as Jason in an online match and I'm not host you can bet your ass I'm leaving, another player will fill my spot after the match. If I have time, I'll stay and play counselor, but if I only have an hour and a half(and that happens alot) hell yeah i'm gonna lobby hop.
  3. The Souls games can be tough, here's a poll to see who some of the toughest fights are in the soulsborne series. I didn't see a post like this so I figured I'd start one.
  4. I find squaring up with Jason utilizing a piece of driftwood with no pocketknife as Lechappa to be the most effective strategy. Also, attempt to negotiate with Jason by bribing him with Arizona Iced Tea and Four Locos. He's a good guy so he'll help you out.
  5. I feel bad when I have to leave, because I know some people are gonna take it as host quitting. Stuff comes up, like work, and socializing, and playing music all that fun stuff. If i'm host I try to make it a five game session minimum, but Ive gotten mail from people who thought I was just quitting for the sake of it. IN terms of in game quitting, I only did so once against a group of trolls who had already proven themselves racist loudmouthes in the Lobby beforehand, but I got a call to pick up my mother from the airport and I was playing as jason, so I decided to kill one and leave so they couldn't get an easy Jason kill. Had they not been bigoted pieces of trash beforehand, I may have been generous, but nah son, catch these hands lol
  6. Tru that. But damn would it be fire. I feel like it would be alot like Alien Isolation, if you've ever played that. That game was fantastic.
  7. Monster Hunter Dark Souls GTA F13 Pokemon (Don't Judge) Tetris
  8. I do gameplay, reviews, live-streams and music. SpaceSHARKMedia https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9C9Fsm3YnFQDd8PiH73jeA?view_as=subscriber
  9. I love the Hatchet movies. I thought it was hilarious in Part 3 when the swat team tried to beat Victor up with their guns. You know, their guns that were loaded. And can shoot bullets. Absolutely hilarious.
  10. Didn't see a topic for this when I searched, but I think this game would be waaaayyyy scarier in first person and even more so in VR. The virtual cabin 2.0 gave a small glimpse of what it would be like and it was lit AF. Thoughts on this?
  11. IM on PS4, I've already introduced myself on the GD board but I'll do it again here I guess just for posterity. My PSN is TheTrooper089 and I friggin love these movies and have loved them since I was very young. My mother is really into horror movies and she got me into these movies at a young age and I've loved horror as a genre ever since. HMU if you're not a troll and looking to have some chill matches.
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