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  1. Must be their first game. They've got the worst developers in video game history lol
  2. Same. I've been playing since May 28th. I got it 2 days after launch.... when it was unplayable but held out until now haha
  3. lol. I honestly don't know. this game's on a downward spiral, man. We probably have all invested over 300+ hours but it was fun while it lasted
  4. either way, it was the end of the movie, and he died. Part 2 was defeated by the chick who impersonated his mom. Part 3 lost to movie Jenny. Part 4 lost to Tommy. etc. even Part 9 get bodied in the beginning of the movie by a damn gun team. So yes, it is about killing Jason lol
  5. ...Jason dies in every damn movie to most characters who aren't Tommy Jarvis. lmao
  6. Don't feed the troll. Just ignore him. We know what we're talking about when we bring up issues that should have been addressed months ago. The game is on its way straight downhill, and I don't think our complaints will do anything to fix it. Gun Media and Illfonic clearly don't care about their only success so far
  7. This guy gets it. I agree with everything posted. The fact that a majority of people are complimenting the developers when it's unwarranted is astounding. Stop enabling developers to take your money for a game that isn't completed. DO NOT COMPLIMENT THEM ON A GAME THAT IS NEARLY OUT FOR A YEAR and still haven't the SAME issues. They don't care enough to hire enough people to fix the issues at hand after all the money they've made. Hell, they didn't even use their own money as the kickstarters funded it all. I've been playing the game since launch weekend, but after the recent update I've given up hope because there's still the issue of the host leaving the room and ending the game. Ladies and gents, it's 2018 and there are no host migrations. Host migration has been in call of duty for as long as I can remember. Where exactly is the money going if it's not to the improvement of the game at a reasonable pace?
  8. Don't play with me. I've watched every single one. He does not Morph/Shift/Stalk/Sense lol. And if we're comparing to the movies, it doesn't take Tommy to kill him, as the stars of each movie have taken care of Jason after a brief struggle.
  9. Maybe if they did gang up on him, they wouldn't have had this problem. I also don't remember seeing Jason morph, shift, use sense or stalk.... Or trap cars and phones. But hey. It's happening in game, right?
  10. stop condoning this nonsense. It's been almost a year and nothing is done lol
  11. ..It's almost a year later and this isn't done. No one watches this game on twitch anymore. There's nothing ground breaking to draw anyone in. It's pretty pointless at this stage. I hope your development team has learned from this project if you guys manage another snag another hit.
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