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  1. LOL I just wanna be able to listen to "His Eyes," by Psuedo Echo anytime someone picks Pinehurst
  2. My favorite counselors to use are Adam, Chad and Deborah. I've never tried AJ yet. So if I were the last player left alive as AJ, would AJ be able to actually hide in a closet / under a bed and go unnoticed because of her stealth?
  3. Multiplayer for this game seems pretty essential and I understand why it was released as such. I do however desire a full single player player mode as well (hopeful in the future), mostly due to if the amount of players online fades away, making it difficult to find matches and quire frankly, the community online, in-game, can be pretty vile at times.
  4. I came late into the game & when my first go as Jason was rough. I was trolled by counselor's pretty bad lol! It was frustrating and funny all at the same time. Coming in late into the game though, I was able to use the offline bots as a means of practicing as Jason, which helped me a lot. In fact I spent a lot of time doing just that. Now I am need to work on being better with counselor's lol
  5. I try not to use time as my key on surviving.... but when I'm the last one left, I try, but half-heartedly, mostly because I I don't wanna force people to wait another 10 or 15min while I am hiding out. More times than any, I tend to find Jason and just sacrifice myself so we all can start a fresh new game. Once in awhile I'll try to survive via time
  6. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/7656119805722163 I'm always looking for friendly, fun players as well. I tend to play as ♫ Sour Patch Guy ♫
  7. I like the idea of counselors having unique abilities, but I've also seen so many times where Jason takes a beating of a lifetime, do idk. As much as I like this and how it gives such flavor to the counselors (who we mostly play when in groups) I just worry about Jason taking even more of a harder beating.
  8. Would love this single player option as well. Jason AI seems to be the biggest issue. I've seen many people worry about Jason becoming stuck in place as an example. Perhaps he could just morph when triggered, say when someone messes up on repairs, when calls are made, etc., then he morphs to the nearby area (as most player Jason's would do). Idk, I'm not a game developer, not my field of education nor do I have a degree in it. But a feature like this would be great to have. In fact, had it been part of the game, I would have purchased it at launch rather than months and months later.
  9. I would LOVE a single player counselor play mode for sure. I mostly play as Jason with the offline bots. Occasionally I will play as a counselor, but the community can be pretty terrible at times (as with any multi player game). I was surprised last night, I actually ran with several very good groups last night, made a few friends as well. But those play through's seem to few and is most likely rare to happen. Love the game though! Will hope for an option like this to eventually happen.
  10. I play against offline bots way more than online, mostly due to the online community. Having the option to play offline as counselors would be fantastic & I do hope, eventually, this will be an option for everyone. We were able to get offline bots & it's a great feature! If a single player mode had been offered at launch, I would have purchased it right away, rather than the long wait :/
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