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  1. In the game have it to where you accidently resurrect the zombified versions of Jason starting the game it would be really cool to replay the opening of Jason lives in actual gameplay
  2. Have it where the counselors in the game are having sex and Jason and sneak up on them and kill them just like in the movies its weird to have to naked teens in bed dead on a loading screen but not in actual gameplay
  3. Instead of Jason having only one weapon what if he could get new weapons or have it in the Jason selection menu where you can give part 2 Jason's pick axe to part 3 Jason or give part 4 Jason's meat cleaver to part 9 Jason switchable weapons or have it where in the game Jason can pick up a weapon like the knife bats or the axes lying around on the camp grounds and use it to kill the counslers
  4. You need to bring back Savini Jason and make him free like you did with Roy Burns Jason it is unfair that I went to this website to pre order the game as you have advertised but could not and therefore I could not get the savini Jason and I really do want him to play as in the game
  5. In offline player mode you still have it where all the camp counselors immediately are aware of Jason's presence why not have it where they don't know Jason is there and plays out like an actual movie instead of everyone knowing right off the bat Jason is there
  6. Instead of Jason dying by a machete or axe to the face why not also have it too where it could be a boss battle where like you can fight Jason on the lake in a big final battle like in Jason lives where tommy is on the lake in the boat fighting Jason or like many other final battles with Jason in the ending of the movies, there should be more interesting ways to kill Jason in the game similar to the movies where the final hero defeats Jason in a epic battle
  7. In the Friday the 13th movies we have seen Jason fight police officers and also those paintballers from Jason lives why not have it to where the police can enter the camp or if all the campers escape there is a short cutscene in the game where the campers are telling the police all about Jason and have it where the police enter the camp and you have to fight and kill them to, kind of like the game naughty bear where the police show up and you have to kill extra people let the police officers have guns but with one round in their guns or more to make it more of a challenge and then have it where the game is even longer that would be so much better
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