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  1. THough I find it very annoying I usually see it as a challenge and I’m not super upset about it. It doesn’t happen often for me
  2. I really her model and stats so I think I’ll be maining as her and tiff
  3. nowjoshua

    Anyone else notice......

    That’s so odd , I play usually around 10 / 11 ish at night and never really run into these problems on PS4 sometimes either Jason’s or the hosts quit but usually I always finish a match
  4. Seemed kinda rude how you said why even bother?
  5. Why you gotta be extra?
  6. Do you have a photo of Fox’s face? I’m curious to see te difference
  7. Everyone complained about losing the numbers of knifes even myself but now I’m used to it, and don’t need one to escape. We’ll get used to this grab and it seems to create a evenness between players since current Jason’s mainly spam grabbing
  8. THE real question is who thinks calling Jarvis is too easy lol plus why does the phone still work when the power is off lol
  9. It’s great where it’s at now , I never find a pocket knife and I still survive most matches. When I’m Jason the pocket knifes don’t phase me just set more traps and guess what their next step is.
  10. That might explain why her model looks the most detailed out of all the characters
  11. I’m curious if the image from Victoria’s Stats is a peak of how the engine update is going to look like. Or maybe that version of Victoria is the current engine and will be updated when the engine update comes out. I’m thinking , wouldn’t they want to show her on the current engine to not spoil how the the update will enhance it ? What do you guys think 🤔?
  12. I would love for a energy bar to give you all your stamina back, so as if when you run out of stamina while running away from Jason the bar will give you a instant fill. They would be rare like the pocket knifes tho.
  13. Instead of adding more knifes or sprays they should make more items like a energy bar you could eat to gain your stamina
  14. nowjoshua

    Worst game ever

    This game is awesome, I don't know why people complain so much about it. Even with the latest patch it's more fun as jason and still fun as a counselor. The game is more scary and you have to make the right choices or you are dead. Only thing I would change is making easier to escape from jasons grab lol
  15. Jennys face in game is so lifeless