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  1. Seeing how their changing the grab it got me wondering how exactly do you save someone when they get grabbed by jason sometimes the hit registers and sometimes it doesnt it seems the wrench is the best weapon for saving people when they get grabbed has anyone figured this out?
  2. Wait so its the hit detection that fucks me over? why can lachappa being the butterball he is save people but when i swing jason eats the bat and kills the person he grabbed.
  3. I know that but is there like a wait period were hits dont register? Sometimes it doesnt seem to affect him at all
  4. The biggest gay
  5. Just realized i put neckless
  6. I know but the thing that breaks my balls is that the "necklace" looks like just lining
  7. The blue one does not even look like her normal clothes come one they clearly look like basic pajamas.
  8. ran over the lobby with adam, then we danced at the cops
  9. Mark is disabled so imagine pushing him away from jason then thanks to a bug you get flung across the map into oblivion.
  10. Will you still be here?

    where else will we be
  11. I just hope its unlocked at level 101 for us dedicated players can actually feel rewarded.
  12. The jenny one is terrible and op just make her immune to like her screen going weird from high fear.For tommy i guess it okay but he shouldnt be morphed IT BREAKS MY IMMERSION.
  13. I have avoid me on xbox one as my reputation but its cause on consoles you cant say a single thing without microsoft striking you down and crucifying you.
  14. The trailer for weapon swapping was amazing and im exited, but watching the councelors get killed reminded that a lot of the male counelors have the same voice lines when getting killed a lot of the guys sound like chad when they get killed and the females sound like aj or tiffany when they get killed ive also noticed that on ps4 when you miss a throwing knife it sounds like you hit wood.Are those voice lines in the trailer new or do i have a big i play on xbox one and when i do my kills they dont sound as detailed as how it sounded in the trailer for weapon swapping.
  15. A lot of people where pissed off when tiffany wasnt with chad but she is the flirty girl and everyone is just horny.
  16. They said no they said it wouldnt be scary having a jason walking into walls.
  17. Ummmmm dedicated servers where announced a while there coming around april at best.
  18. Jason needs infintite traps,infiite throwing knifes and all his abilities need to have no cooldown and he should be immune to all stuns.
  19. Its noobs ive been seeing a lot lately.
  20. i mean wouldn"t it be just one big orgy based on the movies most of them are just horny teens fucking each other.