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  1. I actually agree that is very possible to run down the timer (although harder now since last patch). I’ve always saw that as anti climatic though, and normally involving just running around cabins and abusing systems. Thats okay, mind you. I think it would be much more exciting though for the final counselor to be able to use the cars/boats though. If Jason is on you, it isnt possible because if you stun him, he’ll still be able to get up before you can start it. You raise a good point though, I don’t want the game to be easier for counselors I just want the end game to be more exciting with clear ways to still get out.
  2. Hello all, first time poster here. I’ve thought about this idea a lot, and I don’t want to turn this into a huge wall of text explaining every pro and con, so I’ll try to keep it short. I feel like, right now, the ending of games often feels anti climatic. Once you’re the last counselor alive, there is a very small chance that you’re going to live and most games just end with the clock dragging out until the last person is eventually killed, even though they don’t have much of an opportunity to escape. This feels antithetical to the movies as well as it sinply not being very exciting to watch. With the latest patch Jason feels very powerful and threatening, and that is an excellent thing that should be kept. My suggestion to keep Jason powerful and also fix this problem is that for every counselor that is killed, the remaining counselors should recieve *slight* buffs, so that by the time there is only one or two counselors left, they can knock Jason out for enough time to actually finish objectives and have atleast a chance to escape. A couple things about this: - By Buffs, I mean a faster stamina regen., longer stun times on Jason, faster car starting times, for example. I think others could think of some more ideas here - This brings the games more in line with the films, where the final counselors have the opportunity to engage in an exciting climax with Jason where they still have a chance, and will make the game more engaging and fun to watch and play - This also fits into the balance of things. The first couple of counselors should die without a problem, so the challenge for Jason is to actually have to fight for the final kills, and its also a big challenge for the counselors to get everyone out. Average game should have 1-3 people escaping while still keeping Jason very menacing and powerful. I think this is a nice scale. I can list some more but this was already a lot, so I’ll end it here. I don’t know if this idea has been mentioned before, but I like it. Feel free to engage below.
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