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  1. Yes, but with an original IP with a similar premise/gameplay mechanic rather than a third party. I didn't appreciate their rollout and marketing, either, promising stuff they weren't even close to be done with months ago.
  2. She's sort of a hybrid Chad/Tiffany at least from the experiences I've had so far. Her speed and stamina are pretty fair so she can make distance if she runs into Jason, but the key to escape with her is to stay with the repair counselors and have them complete the objectives. I assume she'd be able to duke it out with Jason to a fair degree due to her luck stat, as well. So, try to scavenge the parts with her and hope the nerds will do the rest.
  3. The pink isn't too bad in-game. It proportions itself out in world. If only I could finish a game without the host quitting midway through... ?
  4. Sounds sort of similar to Jenny, but her call to Tommy Jarvis in my first round as her was iconic. These first couple of games with everyone playing as her is a bit of a problem though, lol. Hopefully it tapes off soon and the counselors can become more balanced, as that's where I think she'll be most useful.
  5. I'd expect her and the pajama pack before Grendel tbh. Maybe Easter time?
  6. I'd actually love if that was her hair length if we are in fact getting Melissa over the trope.
  7. I think she should still retain some luck, because if she just becomes a runner, she's essentially just Tiffany 2.0.
  8. I think I'd switch her stamina and stealth, but it's a massive improvement. Great work on the artwork, by the way, very nice.
  9. I would definitely make her speed and stamina more middle of the line. The Chad/Buggzy style of gameplay in which you have to serve as a distraction while other people do stuff isn't doable if her speed is that nerfed. She'd be the first to die almost every time.
  10. Right! Would love to see how they spin it out and work them into the unique counselors' canon. I'm just happy the trope is coming at all!
  11. Literally registered just to say how much I'm glad I'm not the only person who thought this was missing, lol! Hopefully it gets implemented.
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