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  1. I now always just pick a a cabin inbetween the 2 exits and chill there. Been burnt way to many times guessing wrong.
  2. Not getting rubber banded back to the car when it gets fixed should be considered new content too then. I see the point, he's already in the cabin.
  3. Been doing this for ages too. Really fucks the Jasons off.
  4. Was doing this last year. Phone, battery, gas trapped if I got the chance. Its common sense but risky.
  5. Its bragging, have no time for it, most people have no time for it. Especially nonsense like this. My 1st post in this thread 5 likes. His original post 1, probably you.
  6. Wrong. Jealousy has nothing to do with this. Why would people be jealous of someones sad life?
  7. You mean I should silently not give a crap like others? Nah, the only way you know craps are not given is by telling you. Again, no one likes your post, so what does that say?
  8. This is true. Judging by how many likes his original post has(none), nobody gives 2 shits about this anyway. Just like Methodicalize and all his bragging, It's not impressive, it's sad and embarrassing.
  9. No it wouldn't. Anyway, the Savini weapon sucks ass. It's coming straight off him when I get back to playing again.
  10. I tried playing a couple of games yesterday, what a fucking joke of an update.This game is a dumpster fire. Could be months until its fully extinguished. I'm gonna carry on playing other games til they put those flames out.
  11. I would like to know why its £1.99 on ps4, and £2.39 on xbox one? Surely they should be the same price?
  12. Hell no. I've been known to run around with 2 sets of keys. Then I die.
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