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  1. Purple Jason Request!!!!!

    I think "purple jason" as you're calling him for some reason, should have his own game dedicated to him. That way he won't carry on completely ruining this games atmosphere and immersion everytime some idiot decides to use him. Oh wait, he has got his own game, feel free devs, to delete this piece of shit Jason from the game completely.
  2. Level for Weapon Swap? (speculation)

    Your right. And in cod they should let you decide what prestige you want to be at the start. Make it fair for the people who buy it a year after it comes out, or only play twice a month because of their "busy schedule". Fuck it, I hope its lvl150 to unlock swapping.
  3. Level for Weapon Swap? (speculation)

    Deadly serious. What is it with this generation? Its all me me me, now now now. Earn something for a change, it means more. Fuckin kids.
  4. Level for Weapon Swap? (speculation)

    Thats what double xp events are for. If you don't play much anyway, you don't need weapon swapping.
  5. Level for Weapon Swap? (speculation)

    No, you make more "diehards" by making them work for the good shit.
  6. Level for Weapon Swap? (speculation)

    Anything above 100 I think. Below that and you may as well just have it unlocked from the beginning. Make players put the time in.
  7. Found 2 in in first 4 drawers I searched in a round yesterday. That hardly happens much though.
  8. Have no clue then. Probably just a random glitch.
  9. Your first time as Jason

    On xbox wiped the lobby. Think all the other players were in a state of shock that the game actually worked for the 1st time in days since launch.
  10. Betrayed also maybe?. Around 4 or 5 times, bots have got frisky with the shotgun when I have one grabbed, and stole a kill from me. Usually at the beginning of the match in packanack lodge this happens. Once, I was doing the door kill when the shotgun went off. Still betrayed on screen.
  11. Going to be a while til this happens then if we're having to take advantage of double xp "weekends". Considering we just had one and how often they come along, it'll be summer. Being 150 anyway, you can set it to whatever you like though.
  12. Sounds like you and your friends were just a bunch of "let's just troll Jason" players who haven't a clue how to truly work together and actually escape. You and your kind will not be missed if you stop playing.