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  1. Have not held my breath since gun destroyed my hopes for friday . But i do hope some team does gets the rights and are not liars and pulls through.
  2. Hopefully they learn what not to do! Spreading the good word.
  3. Evilagony

    Ideal Counsellor?

    Meg on dead by daylight looks like her. Check it out.
  4. When servers go down i would like the option to change the counselors clothing. I am grasping for air in this game at this point, but for those of us who bought it i think its fair.
  5. Evilagony

    A.I demasking jason

    I will. I apologize for the pointless thread. I never knew they could.
  6. Evilagony

    A.I demasking jason

    I never have been! I did not think they could.
  7. Even though it might be pointless! It would be neat to see his face after servers shut down. Thoughts?
  8. Unlucky number 13 living up to its rep. I backed the game and was patient and understanding! Until now! They had time to spit out more content and fix the bugs later. I will never defend them again! I dont regret because i love the friday franchise . I do regret believing and trusting gun and crew.I only hope lighting hits this grave and friday ends up in better hands than it was. But what do i know i guess i am just passionate right?
  9. Evilagony

    This game needs more maps

    Everything they have released has had bugs, might as well add new maps to see new bugs! At this point it does not matter.
  10. Put a hockey mask on and go get her!
  11. I like the challenge! I get them and kill them anyway they choose to combat me.I have no problem with it. Just an opinion .
  12. Evilagony

    New grab looks sweet!

    You got that right baby!
  13. Evilagony

    New grab looks sweet!

    I guess you cant do anything right on this forum! Im getting rid of my account. Back to dbd. I guess i should sit 24 hours a day and watch every little post that has already been made. I work! I see people complain and fight over opinions or threads they dont like! This community has some nice people! But is infected with some straight up rancid assholes!