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  1. Would be nice to patch Jason after you shift. You are unable to grab immediately coming out of shift when until for about 2-3 seconds.
  2. I beg to differ. The host was Jason five times in a row. It was ridiculous. So it’s no wonder people are not getting picked.
  3. I just recently played quick play and the Jason icon was next to a user in five sessions in a row. Oddly enough, the host was Jason and nothing changed. I thought only in private matches are you able to do that.
  4. The wood chipper is the hidden objective behind the house. Why is it it can be activated at the beginning or after you kill Tiffany but won't get activated after killing Shelly? Is anyone else having this problem? I can't turn it on at all after killing Shelly. I'm on the ps4 version. Really need to patch this guys.
  5. Are we able to pick and choose our own Jason or is it already set on Jason 3 based on the trailer?
  6. I love the idea that we'll be able to experience the new kills be killing them in the wood chipper, during sex, hanging, etc. But will we be able to choose our own Jason?
  7. Don’t know how it is on Xbox one and windows, but on the PS4, we don’t have this and I think it would be a great addition to add to the game.
  8. New Kill 1: Savini throws down the counselor in their back and they start to beg for mercy. Savini stabs them five times. One in the left leg, two in the chest, one in the stomach, and finally through the neck. New Kill 2: Savini throws down the counselor on their knees. Savini walks behind them and starts to slowly insert the pointy end of the pitchfork through the anal cavity which will emerge through the mouth before pulling it out. Vlad the impaler style. New Kill 3: The counselor appears to escape Savini's grab and runs away only to be impaled from behind through the back when Savini throws his pitchfork at them. The counselor gets on their knees and Savini walks closer to retrieve his pitchfork. As soon as Savini pulls it from the counselors back, they fall to the ground face first deceased. Well? What do you think?
  9. Question 1: Will this finally correct the time outs and hosts leaving the session? Question 2: Will we as host be able to kick out players that collude with Jason or run us over with the car on purpose?
  10. We all know this was a kickstarter item so leave it at that. It is what it is unfortunately. Really, I feel for those that didn't get it. I have a friend that is willing to pay full retail price for one but it's not happening. Forget it everyone. Maybe gunmedia will change their minds in the near future, maybe they won't. But enough already. The horse is long dead, later.
  11. Counselors can sometimes be op and by that I mean literally all are going to have melee weapons on them. If you grab a counselor from the driver seat, you won't be getting that kill I assure you if the other three are waiting with weapons. The patch was supposed to limit pocket knives but I don't notice a difference. Limit the melee weapons, prevent counselors from hitting you behind doors glitch, and patch Jason's grab button delay when coming out of shift as well as the combat block and attack buttons. Some of the Jason's have a 2-3 second delay especially Savini when coming out of shift mode to grab. Jason was supposed to be faster? Don't see it sorry. You should be able to kill anyway and it's annoying that you have to move the counselor in a different spot in order for the grab kill icon to appear. Crossing my fingers the dedicated servers corrects these errors.
  12. Patch the delayed response time with Jasons grab button when coming out of shift as well as combat mode. It's annoying. Hopefully this'll fix the time out's and hosts leaving.
  13. Just saw this from SilentCore21 from the playstation community that we should have them in April. Will this finally correct those pesky time-outs and hosts leaving the session? What about the delay response time for many of the Jason's grab button when you get out of shift?
  14. I'm in full support of that. I mean, the cops don't even go INSIDE the camp they just stay at the exits. We should have the ability to kill them.
  15. That would be a good thing to have. For example, the Jason's that can't run, you can buy that ability with XP and now Jason 7 can now run etc. What do you think?
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