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  1. They've changed this game around SOOO MANY TIMES, so many different variables, I don't understand why everyone still complains, you should be pro's now, like me, with or without health, PK etc. - I've escaped without getting any HS, PK's in a whole round, I've only had firecrackers at one point, and still escaped.
  2. Omg this new patch makes me dizzy/sick to play. There should be an option to lower the FPS on the damn thing, also the character is way to close to the screen, which messes with your eye and brain coordination now... Bah, cant play this anymore.
  3. No, you'd just rather be conned out of your own money, too be babysat, because these con men cant even afford new servers. There's a reason why they never made the TOP 3 list in gaming. Its very biased. You must be one of these 12 year olds who play. "Yes DADDY". In fact everyone should WANT to get thrown in the salt mines, maybe than they can see how many people want dedicated servers for the game we paid for. Instead of bending over maybe you should have a voice. You're already investing so much time into the game, its a scare tactic that's all this is, they want us to be quiet about their mess, so they throw people into the mine. Come Join The Salt Mines, bet you any money they will get better servers quicker.
  4. Its bullshit, just some lame idea that they came up with, they cant even fix their own shit, so they need to blame it on the players when you double tap x to jump through a window, and than it does not work and jason grabs you, and your dead. Ill be joining the salt mines and IDGAS. There crap programming is to blame.
  5. If they want to "improve" the game, STOP USING REAL PEOPLE AS HOST!!! This aint 2005!
  6. the hunger games Exactly ^^. This is not the first time they've made a stupid decision. They just need a better server. Why in the world do we need an actual person to host??!!! I mean, look at fortnite!!! They host 100 people at one time. Instead they (AGAIN) decide to punish the player, THE BUYER, the people who made this game even possible! I have not played in about 2 months due to the drop fiasco for counselors, and now this?
  7. It does lol, joke of the year. " I've been on here longer, so therefore, my comments are more credible" - This is enough to actually leave this forum, this is too much lol, I see were dealing with people with no ambitions in life. Cheers!
  8. Teamwork lol You mean playing with friends in the game, working with jason? - I play solo, and do at least 90% of the work in a round, its very rare that you find "teamwork" without play with friends. Who wants to rely on friends? You saying I have to play with friends now to beat Jason? They should have put that in the fine print lol. Anyone who comes on here complaining about this new update has every right to. They paid for the game, they invested their time, there's no need to attack anyone. And yes, I clearly do know what happens to Jason, when a good group of counselors can do to my mental well being. I've been hit with everything, hell even the kitchen sink in one round, but Im not complaining about, they had skill, and I was a weaker Jason, but there's no need to get rid of things.
  9. Unfortunate that I cant say the same about jason "lacking in skill" anymore, because there's no skill needed now, playing as Jason. As for the counselors "lacking in skill now" its not due to not having skill, its due to not having anything to play with, therefore its easier to die.
  10. Im level 150, regardless of how long ago I joined on the forums. Its irrelevant. Nice one though. The game will eventually come to a end,and all your anger, and hostility will be for nothing. What a waste of energy.
  11. Yea, they are not seeing the bigger picture of the future of this game. They are more interested in getting 8/8 -7/8 easily rather than having any skill now.
  12. No she/they are NOT outnumbered sweetheart. Because end all be all, it will be the counselors who determine if this game will be dead in the next 6-12 months, not the jason players. Remember that. And from what I've been reading on here, its 90% of jason players being igorant and rude, not many counselor's due to the fact that they could take it or leave, and now with this new "update" I'm pretty sure you wont be hearing from them again , therefore jason players will end up playing with BOTS. When someone, in this case, when players (who play as counselor's) go silent, Id be worried for the future of this game.
  13. The possibilities are endless... isnt that what gaming is all about, or you just some wannabe gamer that plays mario kart in secret?
  14. How the hell are you suppose to heal now with no fucking med kits or fucking lock picks to stop the traps, at the cars/fusebox?? Are all of you people half brain dead??? Are you all just psychopath's that like to play Jason 24/7 who get off on "killing" , dont even get me started on the 8 year olds that play this game. I will say it again. The game will be dead, no one who likes to play counselor will be playing anymore, and all you die hard Jason psycho's will not have anyone to play with due to this bullshit. ITS A LOSE LOSE in the end regardless. Everything needs a balance, and if its going to be one sided, well, you all know what happens when something isn't balanced, shit goes south quick. So hope ft13 makes a new game where two jasons can go at it, because the way their going, being single sided with the players, wont get this game on ANY top 1 list, let alone have any player base left. One more thing, what's the point of even going into cabins anymore if there's fuck all in the drawers, and dozens of machete's laying around?? What, maps, maps and more maps? Is the cabins pointless now too?? Might as well take the cabins out or put LESS cabins, if all you jason players want to do is kill without any skill now, oh and the walkie talkie with two in a cabin. Oh wait and can't forget about people leaving because they got killed because there's fuck all to defend yourself with, real smart, real fucking smart. You can bet your ass that there will be another game like this out and not so biased, which will actually give a rats ass about ALL it's players. Better yet SELL THE GAME TO ANOTHER TOP COMPANY WHO HAS EXPERIENCE.
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