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  1. Sounds like my part 9 set up only with shears. Ground throw, bear hug, dismember cuts and power of Christ compels you.
  2. Whammigobambam

    Still Undefeated

    I've never been killed and it's been on neutral since October. Played every night too for about 4 months. The closest I came to dying was in the shack. Smooshed the sweater girls face against the wall.
  3. Whammigobambam

    Alternative Trap Spots

    Those big cabins with the middle room window. Counselors use that middle window more than toilet paper.
  4. Whammigobambam

    Still Undefeated

    These counselors are running rampant with over confidence right now. If you stick around in a lobby of Vanessa's prepare for the worst. I stuck with a lobby of Vanessa's last night and they were running the gamut with trollers tactics ( trailing Jason at the start, going for sweater at the start, tanking traps as I lay them) they were a handful. A Vanessa was trailing me hard trying to get me to follow her and I didn't bite I killed a couple of her less skilled helpers while I waited for shift. She got some good whacks in then gave herself up for the Tommy spawn I kicked her head into the lake and the Tommy hunt was on. We found each other and he got grabbed after he missed his shotgun blast. Went into stalk and grabbed his ass again and kicked his head into the lake again. They always quit like I pulled the tablecloth out from their thanks for nothing shit dinner.
  5. Nice! Imo part 2 looks the best stomping on camp counselors in training.
  6. Whammigobambam

    Gif War

  7. Whammigobambam

    Gif War

  8. Whammigobambam

    Gif War

  9. Whammigobambam

    Gif War

  10. Whammigobambam

    Gif War

  11. Whammigobambam

    Gif War

  12. Whammigobambam

    Gif War

  13. Whammigobambam

    Gif War

    The gif war when the holiday is over
  14. Whammigobambam

    Gif War

    I'm feeling it
  15. Whammigobambam


    I've got evil librarian Sam Raimi image in my head.. and I'm resisting the urge to find the gif..