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  1. Playing as Jason on Crystal lake PS4 if you grab a counselor out of a boat parked at the boat house, Jason and counselor will be stuck in boat. Playing as Jason on PS4 all of my grab kill animations are a bugging out like two different animations on top of one another.
  2. Wonky AI and lack of direction leads to game breaking scenarios in several missions. The cutscenes need a checkpoint.
  3. Whammigobambam

    Jason teaming is now okay?

    The most clear and obvious way to prove Jason helping is counselors that shadow Jason as he tunnels you. I make it a point to put a counselor I suspect of teaming between me n jason and record the footage, note the player tags and avoid them in the future.
  4. Ranking counselors on how frequently I see them played I say Victoria will even out to about 7th or 8th. 1. Vanessa 2. Deb 3. Aj 4. Tiffany 5. Jenny 6. Kenny 7. Adam 8. Buggzy 9. Chad 10. Mitch 11. Fox 12. Shelly 13. Lachappa
  5. I played Fox all month to adjust to that 4 in speed. Victoria is a upgraded Fox in every way except strength and repair which seems completely manageable. I have no doubt that she will be the most popular of all non-original counselors.
  6. Whammigobambam

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    I was a "spooky ghost" yesterday Jason killed me but I did not die I ran him around the gravestones on Higgins while saying I'm a ghost and eventually let him lay me out on the graveyard fence.
  7. I'd like to add that hosts in a Jason hunting party quit more often in my experience.
  8. The only fun part of Pamela's voice is when she's saying her first lines as you're killing a counselor.
  9. Please don't put Joeys voice in my head ever.
  10. That walk afterwards though! Please this is my favorite Jason gives no fucks moment. lol
  11. Whammigobambam

    The Most Buggy Jasons

    Something quick and close range would be nice. I always wanted the spear throw dead counselor over shoulder.
  12. Whammigobambam

    The Most Buggy Jasons

    If spear had a kill pack I would consider equipping it to part 8 or 4. Combat stance long range attacks from the spear help me fend off Jason hunters.
  13. Whammigobambam

    The Most Buggy Jasons

    Are you referring to weapon swap? I think some animation bugs are related to the weapons.
  14. About a mile away was what I was thinking the range could be.