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  1. Shadow of the Colossus remake, Dead Island definitive edition, Flatout 4, Slayaway Camp & Okami.
  2. Players met will only show you people who've been in dashboard parties with you. I can see my friends' trophies but I've noticed some people keep trophies private.
  3. X is my second favourite, behind Freddy vs Jason. My 3rd favourite is the 2009 one. All the others have aged terribly.
  4. Indigenous Briton. I prefer this term to 'white British', which is a tautology as far as I'm concerned; a modern legal term designed to fool normies into thinking Britons can be of any race. But then if you can make the vast majority believe this, you can effectively abolish nationalism, open up borders, weaken countries and that one world government you've always dreamed of suddenly seems possible. Mind you, it's not happening to non-white countries, so maybe it's just an anti-white ideology. Jordan Peterson seems to think it's Marxism repackaged, in that white people have replaced the capitalist oppressor class. tl;dr West European, specifically indigenous Briton.
  5. Yeah. There were only 4 counselors and 2 were my friends. I saw this particular guy had a crazy amount of platinums. My friend said this guy must be a hacker or something. I didn't care if I killed everyone. I just wanted this one Chad. Wow, this guy had his mojo on. Granted, i was a walking Jason and I'm not used to them, but still. I grabbed him once but he had a knife. Got him limping with throwing knives. Health spray. He really showed me up. But that was before the recent update.
  6. Calm yourself. It's not a direct correlation and nobody is saying that. It's a rule of thumb. Stereotypes exist for a reason. It's pattern recognition. This reminds me of all the hysteria and controversy over differences in average IQ between different races. The studies consistently show whites have a higher average IQ than blacks. But a white man of average IQ could easily bump into a black man with a higher IQ. Maybe another example that won't rustle normies' jimmies so much is it's generally accepted as truth that men are on average a lot stronger than women. But that won't stop Ronda Rousey beating the Shermanator at arm wrestling. More often than not, I see level 100 to 150s playing far better than players below level 20. The best counselor I ever played against as Jason was a 150. Tunnelled him for 16 minutes. Never killed him. Having said that, this might not continue to be the case depending on how many low levels simply play bots continually to get their level up artificially. I disagree with Gun's decision to allow levelling up via bots but hey ho.
  7. Sure, it doesn't matter if the host quits in any game after the trophy pops. But I'm sure you need to finish games in which you've done all the other kills for them to be recorded. Likewise, the trophy will pop for boat escapes the 13th time you do it but you need the host not to quit the previous 12 times, unless he's Jason, in which case your escape's logged.
  8. Looks like the player didn't realise how close he was to Jason. It's not remotely close to the original grab. Grab range is fine. Stop whining.
  9. I gave up on this trophy but then it popped with a special part 7 grab kill one day. My friend got it today with a grab kill too. Go through every Jason and do all special kills. If the host quits, they don't count.
  10. Have you seen Heidi Fleiss lately? She looks like the woman from Saw. Or like Pete Burns. Why do these LA women always end up with that cunty face.
  11. Can you get him with the machete at the window and through doors? I always though you needed bat or axe.
  12. Enthusiasm plays a large part. I find I'm not as motivated as I was mid last year because I've played the game to death.
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