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  1. My only problem with new animation is that if you are in house many times this new animation goes even through furniture or walls so it looks really bad. For me it would be great if Jason use new animation when you sprint (holding shift on PC) and old animation when you only walk. So you can at least choose which do you want to use.
  2. They were not able to do that on stream so I dont think so.
  3. Finished game without players is still a dead game. There arent many pc players now and in Europe most of the time games are filed with rusian players that cant speak english. So whole comunication in game is not working and i am still not talking about teaming with jason, running people over with car and other things
  4. All i need is a date when they put it in certification and even when it goes wrong so they need to repair something it would be far better than "soon" ... i dont even think anymore that this update will save the game.
  5. I know, you are right that you deserve something special but i see them market this like thing that you have from biginin and not end game goal
  6. Personaly I dont care. But the question is do you want to revard current player base or the new one ? Because when someone new came here because he like this option and he realize that he need to spend 150+ hours playing this game while he has only few hours a week for it he will be disapointed. But players that have level 113+ will be happy because ... what ? They have something not everyone has ? Give them some cool cosmetic revard instead.
  7. Few times I was only able to jump through the windows even when i lower my fear. I didnt have other option.
  8. I played as Deborah, i died but i called police by myself and he grab me second after i called them. So rewarding to know that i saved two players that escape because of me
  9. Only if they use winter time. If turkey still use winter/summer time diference it will be at midnight. Correct me if i am wrong
  10. Hi guys, i just tought about something that would maybe help perk system a little bit. What if there was some special slot where you can put a perk you allready have, for example poor Restful and while it will be equipeted there you will have 1.2x chance of rolling any rarity of Restful again. And when you insert perk with better rarity it will give you better chance of getting that perk again. I know that players with level 150 dont care about this, but it will give you at last some way of getting perks that you want and not just random crap. But I think this will end up only as my dream ...
  11. And if you have ability for second use of med spray you can use it 3 times ? Isnt that little op too ?
  12. From what i know only bad players do this because they want to kill at last someone. Even if that means letting 4 people escape in a car.... because why not right ?!
  13. Hi guys, may I ask you if you are considering giving some option to players to turn of region auto-detection ? Honestly I have big problem playing Quick Play since last update becasue there are games filled with rusians that dont want to/ cant speak English. Before this update i was playing mostly on American server. Or are you going to solve it in some other way ?
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