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  1. haha that happened to me when got grabbed by Jason and I had a pocket knife, he tried to do the kill in the window at the same time my pocket knife triggered so I was flying and It was impossible to get down, I was called cheater and Jason was very angry with me, he told me I was going to get banned lol
  2. if more players, there should be more items, (sprays, weapons, pocket knifes, firecrackers, etc.) and bigger maps maybe, or just 2 or 3 more cabins
  3. those kills should be removed from the game, they are boring AF, also the window kill is horribly boring and it makes no sense, if counselors jump through windows many times without dying why when Jason throws them they die instantly even if the window is not broken and opened lol? those window kills should be able only in second floor houses
  4. Carrying Matches

    but in reality when the time is up Jason goes to sleep very tired and counselors live happily forever and they escape the next morning
  5. Carrying Matches

    is that supposed to fix ragequits? hahahaha
  6. Carrying Matches

    I dont trust anyone in QP, Im just Chad and I try to find a good weapon as soon as possible and with that I try to distract Jason for the other counselors can repair, or I follow a fixer and protect him and help him to call the police when he repair the fuse box.
  7. in that video when he is on his knees he is moving like walking, but in my case he didnt even move, anyway this is a proof that the system is too glitchy and clunky, needs a lot of work, also the hit detection for both Jason and counselors is so shitty, but this is offtopic
  8. Today I was about to kill Jason in an epic match, Im almost never tommy Jarvis, and today I was selected to be him, after demasking Jason the guy with the sweater did his job, so it was my turn I put him on his knees and the icon of the key "e" appeared, so I pressed e and nothing happened, I pressed many many times I was very close to him, even I tried from all sides it was like if I pressed nothing, are the devs aware of this annoying bug? Sadly I dont have a proof, I dont usually record my games. Anyone else have had the same bug?
  9. Jason doesnt even have cooldowns in this abilities, adding perks for him would be extremely ridiculous, you can spam sense each 2 seconds, you can teleport in 4 seconds, you can shift in 3 seconds, you can spam grab, you can break doors fast in combat stance, he is already very fast that the game is only playable with chad and vanessa lol
  10. they did it with Roy, I think they will do it again with the grendel map
  11. Roy's Coveralls

    cant wait for that update
  12. the other day I saw lachappa in the jarvis house jumping throw the window of the second floor again and again until he died, wtf
  13. Toxic Community

    go to your safe space, you are offended by all, even dance offends you lol