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  1. the problem is the cone too, we need the cone inverted so counselors that are far from Jason can`t get grabbed easily and those who are very close to Jason are grabbed, we have the opposite right now, if you never saw the range @The_Minotaur80 is talking about so you dont play the game frequently don't you? or you are not being honest just because you want Jason to have easy kills
  2. according to some members here, "trolling" is to disagree with them
  3. could you stop insulting everyone who disagrees with you? and obviously, everyone who think different to you is a troll, Grab is broken
  4. no, she is gross and ugly, we dont want ugly women in the game
  5. hey man, feel free to join my thread and discuss about how broken is the grab
  6. definitely grab needs a fix in the cone form, it is too OP
  7. slashing would not be fun if they dont complain, I love to slash because that hurt them very much lol. Also as a counselor I prefer to be slashed than grab spammed and asfixied with the same kill always
  8. funny you mention those words, in the past patch when there were too many pocket knifes (yes it was bad) and the grab range was normal, you could adapt or lose, but you forced the devs to change it and buff Jason.
  9. Everyone join me and you will know the true fire of prometheus, we will have the power of the superior man, the collapse of this game is close I can see it coming
  10. I know the grab range is ridiculous, devs are incompetent, they just do what the masses say instead of actually balance the game correctly, many people here know you are right and they are butthurt, they fear the truth that JASON IS TOO OP, they prefer easy games mostly of them are Jason mains, they leave matches when they are not Jason, this game is so easy for Jason that even stupid 7 year old kids can do 8/8 without any kind of effort, after they create threads complaining because the game is full of kids.
  11. I found the problem, I fixed it, it was my AVG tuneup utilities, I uninstalled it and the game worked again.
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