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  1. HateMe

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    If you read the complaints you would see that they specifically target friday the 13th, and with a stupid reason to that even. Example one of the complaints: " Purchased *************** game from Steam. Game now does not load "database login failure" I purchased the game *************** from Steam on June 5, 2017 for $39.99. I was only able to play the game for 5 hours over about 2 weeks time before I encountered the error message "DATABASE LOGIN FAILED". I reached out via email and they asked for my Steam account profile link which I provided them. Then I never heard from them again. I have tried logging in numerous times since then and I am still receiving the same message " Well we all had that for a small period of time, no reason to get a hissy fit. Or this one: " *************** the game won't give me or anyone else the ************ he's an exclusive ***** and they jave already announced and said they will nevwr ever release this *****. We have seen people online in the game with him. We as users and consumers of the game believe and find this is unfair. I also paid for this exclusive *****. Product_Or_Service: *************** Game " So....before stating something i'd advise to read and know what you are replying to. And i am not a troll, i simply state facts.
  2. HateMe

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    I did and the complaints there are literally from frustrated nerd virgins who whine to mommy about every little crap.
  3. I rather they not make it free 2 play. That money barrier is the only reason this community isnt as toxic or trolled and derailed like at other f2p games.
  4. Worst game you ever seen yet omg...you are still here o.o Whether or not to have a public beta is their decision they do not have to make it that way just because others do it like that. Each company has their own way. As to the waiting part: well congratz you wanted to wait but 95% of the people here didnt, so they got what they wanted now they have to deal with it till the fixes come out.
  5. Well....call me delusional but, i think now that the engine port is done they can actually fix the issues and make the game much better since if i remember one of the constraints for some fixes was the engine version. Either way if their sole idea was to just milk the money from people purchasing the game itself, htey would not waste time and money for the engine upgrade and other stuff. Give it time and i am sure a lot of the issues will be ironed out. No game is perfect but i do agree some of the bugs are ridiculously stupid xD
  6. Seems the rubberbanding is not only for the car now. In the 15 matches i played yesterday more than half of them i was running down the road from jason just to all of a sudden be teleported to some side of the road grabbed by jason....
  7. I am against a auto-sell option mainly because you can have a red perk with a higher stat but a penalty and you can have a blue or lower perk with the same stat but no penalty. As for the amount of perks...i am all for an increase on how many you can hold.
  8. Even if counselors gang up on you its not like there is an unlimited amount of weapons everywhere, where also most of them break after 2-3 uses. so even if you are ganged up it will only be a short moment compared to the entire match. What i DO think they need to change is weapon durability should decrease whenever a counselor hits anything, be it a wall, door, another counselor, even jason when he is already stunned. that would already be a huge boost towards jason as the weapons would break even faster.
  9. Not everything, only the stuff thats inconveniant to each individual. It would be fair to state "the biggest problem in this game is objectivity"
  10. HateMe

    Decaying playerbase

    This game is a constant work in progress, will take time to fix all issues, plus most people are mining at the salt mines.
  11. IF you really do not see the point, use the medic perk and heal yourself 3 times
  12. Jason is a undead killer, not superman, he didnt have stun immunity or as a matter of fact any immunity in the movies, so shouldnt have any here, pretty simple.
  13. All i read here is useless complaining to be honest. Definetely against a full out immunity to stun as that would be completely pointless, and would just cause counselor players to rage and quit because it would make the game utterly stupid. Unlimited abilities....No, but i could see them recharging a bit faster than they currently are in rage mode. For the rest....nothing to change there, if you dont like getting ganged up (like people would do to a killer irl if it came down to survival) then dont play jason, pretty simple.
  14. HateMe

    Potential Jason Teamers

    Not always but a lot of times yes. And they arent even hiding it. Best thing would be if they actually confirm its bannable or we should take the initiative and start a list on reddit with people to avoid.