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  1. Yes. To enrage jason even more and make it challenging.
  2. Sorry butt mic or not this idea is dumb imo.....first people cry that they want it more realisitc, then people come up with these .....illogical suggestions. either learn to play the game with what you have or dont play at all. At least those trolls that hug some items make it more challenging to some extent.
  3. HateMe

    Few thoughts

    Personally i believe jason should have the ability to destroy tables and furniture that basically blocks him the same way as he can break fences outside. This would stop the benny hill runs around the tables. For the ranged weapons - not a bad idea would be fun. For the gank swuads - better all round damage, since already jason deals damage to anything he hits even if its 3 counselors they all take damage.
  4. I dont agree its a problem, if anything if you play jason its your own fault for allowing them to group up on you. If you kill off the important counselors first it wont be easy for them to kill you. You have also traps, knives, stalk. Play jason a it better and you can easily kill them prventing them from killing you. You can set traps at your house to notify you when someone gets in.
  5. Killing jason was NEVER difficult. It was always the most easiest thing to do. The only difference was people werent so acustomed to it and most didnt know what to do. Now that everyone is more into the game and knows what and where it goes smoother. From what you are saying its not really jason that the problem but the perks and strength on counselors.
  6. Hiding spots are great if you can utilize them properly, if you cant you are a sitting and then dead duck.
  7. Sorry this sounds kinda dumb.... Its not the weapon that knocks the mask off, you can knock it off with any weapon if jason takes the required amount of damage. Not to mention if you limit that only bladed weps jason will literally become unkillable since all of them would break and be gone from the map. The way it is now is fine, i wouldnt mind increasing jasons HP a bit more but that it, why change anything else if it is good the way it is? This is supposed to be a survival horror as close to the movie as possible, why people try to turn this into some fantasy game is beyond me.
  8. It must be harsh being setup all the time m8 o.o
  9. HateMe

    Perk Shop

    Actually the current perk system is what makes the game more interesting and doesnt make you practically immortal like in Dead by Daylight when you unlock them along the way,.
  10. I know they are talking about that, and thats what i am talking about aswel. Not everyone wants to escape when the objectives are done, i enjoy kiting jason and beating the crap out of him. You may enjoy the game by escaping within first 5 min but others enjoy the game by simply surviving.
  11. Not everyone enjoys doing objectives, some players prefer to give Jason the runaround and give time for others to do the objectives, thats not a crime, thats how certain people enjoy the game. Not everyone is focused like a laser to escape in the first 5 minutes of the match. The game is a survival horror for a reason, people play it and try to survive thats what makes the game fun for them. If you dont like it you are always just free to leave the lobby , no one is stopping you.
  12. Good idea, they should also add spotting jason on the map to it, so he is only visible on the map to counselors that have a walkie talkie when someone spots him. Also the amount of walkie talkies in game is fine as is no need to add more stuff, and empty drawyers are there for a reason.
  13. Yes worked for me several times. The main issue seems to be that hitting him to his knees is still rng chance so it can fail LOL. and people say killing J is easy xD ...it is until RNG says "....how bout no?"
  14. I would say they should remove private matches completely and only allow randomized play, that way there will be some balancing out. Additionally they should not allow counselors to pick a character and just randomly distribute them upon game start, this way everyone plays as everyone and not a preferred solution. As for your other changes: - No keyboard chat, that would completely ruin the "feel" of the game. Thats why you get walkie talkies, just like it wouldbe "irl". Keyboard chat is a useless feature that would not do anything. - No, keep suicide. Its supposed to be a realistic survival horror. If someone chooses to suicide they should be allowed to do so. - Car kills should also stay. Its a survival of the fittest. If someone wants to run you over they should be able to. the fact that some players abuse this to help jason is a different matter and they should all get a console ban and not a game ban. - A definite no for the trap indicators. a useless feature. You should just look where you run and walk. - The partied search - i have nothing against it but also nothing particularly speaking for it. Private match changes All 3 sound good.