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  1. Guys I’m gonna venture a guess and say the OP is likely a troll given his name, but I could wrong ?‍♂️.
  2. Well in my opinion if they offered more flash sales and free to play periods for the game, it would very much help grow that base little more. I’ve had a couple of friends who downloaded steam recently and they would certainly give Friday a look if it were on sale. Also and this is the big one Gun would need to take hackers seriously again to stop them from scarying way the new players. But I feel I’m preaching to the choir saying all this. If you can get your hands on a PS4 with ps plus you can join in the fun.
  3. All the newbies playing right now is great! I’m really enjoying seeing the game through their new perspective on it. Not to mention all the free kills HA HA! I’ve even made new friends on the game, it’s like when I first bought the game.
  4. How do I report for PS4 I got a clip but i don’t know how to report it
  5. So had a guy use another exploit spot on some rocks next to the north camp fire on crystal lake small. I didn’t manage to kill him but I found a way to get to hurt near the end of the match, it invoked throwing knives. Does anyone else have suggestions on how to deal with this behavior
  6. I personally think part 6 is the best in the whole series. And I do know the movies in this series as a whole aren’t what we would consider to be critically competent films but that doesn’t mean they lack entertainment value. I think the worst thing a movie can truly be is not entertaining. And I won’t lie while I do hold a fondness for this franchise, the bad movies included, that wasn’t the case some years ago. After I watched the documentary Crystal lake memoirs I found a new appreciation for the series as a whole and the people who worked on them.
  7. I voted part 3 like always. I prefer characters that are flexible and able to tackle the various challenges that present themselves during a match. This goes for my play style in the majority of games I play. Need to go brute force and tunnel a counselor I can got that, need to gaurd dog an objective got that to.
  8. I completely agree I like to multi task and check on what objective needs to be pushed or if there’s any parts marked. I made a strong habit of doing so.
  9. I picked up on this playing over the weekend also, but I rationalized it as making the game a bit harder on the counselors. I also think it has to do with preventing some glitch where viewing the map screen while interacting with anything freezes you into that action. There was something about it in the patch notes.
  10. Sadly I am unable to because of my internet connection, I’m ever at the mercy of others else who pick the map.
  11. I accept your points, I simply just want a little more variety in map selection is all. I’ll take the trolling, poor sportsmanship, and even teaming if it means a different map.
  12. Sadly yes that’s the truth with these types of gamers. If they can’t handle a loss they just shouldn’t play the game that has too many unexpected factors.
  13. I am exhausted with pack small as well. Could these damn tryhards actually GIT GUD at the game and show off there skills on a big map.
  14. My take in regards to the OP’s question is that state of the player base is more to blame, more so than lazy or bad design. You just can’t predict what some players will do online.
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