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  1. Why is part 3 so popular?

    I'm level 103 and I main part 3 as well because of how balanced he is, as outlined above. but more importantly I'm a very aesthetic player and believe that J3 is one of the better looking Jasons. I don't care how good or bad part 9 plays i wont use him because I don't like how he looks, still glad he is in the game as a Friday fan though.
  2. Do people hate Pinehurst?

    I personally love the Pinehurst map I think it's fun to explore and well balanced for gameplay, I consistently manage to escape even in QP lobbies. I had a great experience the other day in a QP lobby on Pinehurst where without any mics somehow all the counselors managed to coordinate to run the clock on Jason.
  3. Jason Part 5

    Roy is ok for me, as a Friday fan I just like that he is in the game. I prefer to main parts 3 and 8 because of how balanced they are between aggression and control.
  4. Good Sportsmanship Club

    I figured and had adjusted for the new patch, i just want sure on the issue where tommy was concerned.
  5. I'm gonna throw in for Jarvis because of how exposed I feel just trying to cross the map for an objective part. I know Jason's out there stalking me.
  6. Good Sportsmanship Club

    thanks Alder! i just wanted to let you know during the previous patch i took your advice about slashing to heart and cut down every camper i saw.
  7. Good Sportsmanship Club

    Hey guys is it ok to slash a Tommy player to death? since he spawns with a pocket knife.
  8. It's alright Yoshman I understand, but in all honesty i don't take barney Jason serious either I think of him as big dumb fun with a rockin retro theme.
  9. I am in complete agreement with the OP here his description of how to play is exactly how I approach the game when playing. F13 is an ASYMMETRICAL multiplayer game! the deck is supposed to be stacked in Jason's favor it's how the devs intended. They even said so multiple times in all the interviews they gave to the gaming press, you can find the videos on gun's or illfonic's youtube pages for pete's sake.
  10. I'm rather fond of the retro chip tune theme, but I'm a bit biased with my love for retro gaming.
  11. Gamer Tags for F13!

    Hey guys I’m on PS4 and have been addicted since I bought a phyiscal copy back in October. I go by gray for short always looking to join a good group. psn id: THE_GRAY_GHOST_
  12. Redhead Trope?

    Barb I completely agree I always felt sooo bad for Annie because she was so damn cute! definitely my type and if she was a red head...
  13. Just wanted say thank you Alk for all the info about the game it has helped me a ton. I have routinely come back to this post since you started it and can not wait till you post info about Roy.