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  1. The_Gray_Ghost_

    About those Part 7 changes...

    Thanks you da best.
  2. I’ll be honest I can’t make up my mind for over all worst Jason now. As I see it’s a multi horse race. Part 6 has - morph which is a pain but not a deal breaker. and he has less hp but that’s not a issue in quickplay I find this mostly true with any low hp Jason. Part 2 has a weak shift which is a big no no for me personally. Also part 2 is slow in water which I prefer not to have Incase there’s a boat, I’ve lead quiet a few Jason’s on merry chases through the water and escaped, I’m afraid of it happening to me. Part 4 has a - shift which again I don’t care for, - water speed see above, and less traps which is hard to work with and coupled with the negative shift is hard to manage. But if you play Part 4 correctly you can dominate just have to play early match really aggressively. I realize that this is my personal view and that what I consider bad Jasons is not what others would consider based on play style. Edit: I’m gonna change my opinion and say it’s between part 2 and part 4 for me.
  3. The_Gray_Ghost_

    About those Part 7 changes...

    Will you update your guide on him when you get the time to Alk? But in regards to how part 7 plays now He feels similar to part 3 now just with less traps which can be bit of a pain but is manageable.
  4. A.J. Is Bae J.! Lol man she certainly is making her way downtown. Go on A.J. Live you best life girl.
  5. The_Gray_Ghost_

    Medium Bloody skins are missing.

    happy to hear you guys are aware of the issue, thanks for responding Shifty. 🙂
  6. Im all for the character’s getting any and all clothing packs, I actually have ended up playing the dlc characters more than often than defaults at this point. Furthermore I enjoy customizing my counselors and making them my own. I especially want to change Victoria into another outfit I’m not a big fan of the default outfit, it’s too baggy. Also I want to see what the characters would wear as a swim suit and a costume respectively.
  7. The_Gray_Ghost_

    Medium Bloody skins are missing.

    All other skins are in the game just the medium bloodly skins are missing.
  8. The_Gray_Ghost_

    Medium Bloody skins are missing.

    I'm pretty confident that they will patch it but it is a little disappointing even though I use light bloody skin the most.
  9. I own a physical copy of the game on PS4 and as such received the medium bloody skins for all available Jasons. Unfortunately after Downloading the latest patch, which I am enjoying, I noticed that these skins are missing. Is anyone else on Ps4 or XB1 experiencing this?
  10. The_Gray_Ghost_


    I am madly in love with how you guys on here are fans of the Blaxploitation film genre. I recently watched J.D.’s revenge a blaxploitation horror movie. It was great. Getting back to the main topic of food, some of my friends give me flak for wanting to drink milk when I eat pizza. Further more I have friends that think it’s weird I can drink milk completely by itself with no pie, cake, or cookies.
  11. The_Gray_Ghost_

    The killing me is the wait.

    Yeah I got my tastes buds from my dad, my family is a bit odd admittedly . I have to say I’ve honestly never heard of nor seen bananas with cheese.
  12. The_Gray_Ghost_

    The killing me is the wait.

    This... this disturbs me and I love to put ketchup on my scrambled eggs.
  13. I voted that I would like cross platform play but I do realize it is not an easy thing to achieve. I would only want it if it worked properly and the only performance issues I suffered were from my kinda sucky internet connection.
  14. I completely agree I would like more of a reason to venture to those locations more frequently than I currently do.