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  1. Sadly I am unable to because of my internet connection, I’m ever at the mercy of others else who pick the map.
  2. I accept your points, I simply just want a little more variety in map selection is all. I’ll take the trolling, poor sportsmanship, and even teaming if it means a different map.
  3. Sadly yes that’s the truth with these types of gamers. If they can’t handle a loss they just shouldn’t play the game that has too many unexpected factors.
  4. I am exhausted with pack small as well. Could these damn tryhards actually GIT GUD at the game and show off there skills on a big map.
  5. My take in regards to the OP’s question is that state of the player base is more to blame, more so than lazy or bad design. You just can’t predict what some players will do online.
  6. I very much enjoyed single player challenges, A relaxed gaming session that I took at my own pace. No trolls to contend with nor annoying squeakers. I loved the movie references liberally sprinkled through out the challenges. My favorite things were stalking the counselors, listening to their dialogue, and maximizing my objective kills in a single go. Things I really felt they could improve were the ability to skip cut scenes, subtitles for the dialogue so I didn’t have to worry about mis hearing the counselors, and to use more of the cast of counselors in more challenges. After completeing all the challenges 100% tonight the only thing I wanted was more challenges, I’m really hoping they will add more in the future referencing more of the films.
  7. Thanks for elaborating memers, I’ve only played the single player challenges so far hence why I asked. I hope when I dive into multiplayer tomorrow I don’t run into any crazy stuff.
  8. Im very much agree with the OP here just make the phone spawn at the main house, it would personally give me a reason to visit them far more often than I do. I think it would make me pick the map far more than some of the others.
  9. Worse than December’s update? With 8 pocket knives a match?
  10. The_Gray_Ghost_

    [Poll] Least Favorite Counselor

    Agreed! I hate Vanessa and will kil her in the worst ways I can. Yep pretty much how I play Jenny to a tee. I always want to body guard and ferry parts with her but none of the other “useful” characters end up doing much. They just run around hogging supplies and forcing me to repair objectives.
  11. It dawned me for Shelly’s swim wear he sports a diving suit in part 3 when he’s wearing the hockey mask before Jason takes it.
  12. The_Gray_Ghost_


    My mother always liked pineapple on her pizza, she’s big on sweets and sweet flavor. It always grossed me out but she always said the world would be a boring place if we all liked the same kinds of food.
  13. I agree I would like to be able to skip the cutscenes as well. Especially for subsequent play through software the challenges.
  14. The_Gray_Ghost_

    About those Part 7 changes...

    Thanks you da best.
  15. I’ll be honest I can’t make up my mind for over all worst Jason now. As I see it’s a multi horse race. Part 6 has - morph which is a pain but not a deal breaker. and he has less hp but that’s not a issue in quickplay I find this mostly true with any low hp Jason. Part 2 has a weak shift which is a big no no for me personally. Also part 2 is slow in water which I prefer not to have Incase there’s a boat, I’ve lead quiet a few Jason’s on merry chases through the water and escaped, I’m afraid of it happening to me. Part 4 has a - shift which again I don’t care for, - water speed see above, and less traps which is hard to work with and coupled with the negative shift is hard to manage. But if you play Part 4 correctly you can dominate just have to play early match really aggressively. I realize that this is my personal view and that what I consider bad Jasons is not what others would consider based on play style. Edit: I’m gonna change my opinion and say it’s between part 2 and part 4 for me.