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  1. Must be from all that integrity from the developers I imagine.
  2. Nope. Don't even sit there trying to make up excuses. You keep yammering on and on about how the developers can't make him available to the public against their wishes. You obtained him through a PSN fuck up. You then sit there and try to lecture the rest of us about all sorts of garbage. You effectively ruined what tiny standing ground you had to motormouth about the subject. Again, we're done with your worthless argument. From this point forward, you can make whatever excuses you want, but I will continue to bring up what you just said in the future. If you had any common sense, you would have just kept that piece of information to yourself.
  3. So you got Savini Jason through an exploit and are trying to sit here and lecture people who want to purchase him legitimately. Yeah, we're done here. You just effectively took a shotgun lobotomy to what minimal credibility you had left to even approach the subject with that hypocritical revelation.
  4. Oh, you bought this game twice? Yeah, join the fucking club. So did I since I didn't expect it to get a physical release. Take your own advice by removing your own head out of your ass and realize that those oh so terrible non-backers contribute just as much to this game and this game's longterm lifespan cannot continue to be just all about the backers. So piss off with that hot garbage. And man, I thought the Star Citizen fandom was terrible about corporate ballsucking.
  5. They just need to start adding original maps. There are only so many you can have from the films, and we're eventually going to run out of material. Although, I would like to see a section of Manhattan, Camp Forest Green from Part 6, and a part 7 map.
  6. You mean the new content and fixes made possible by all those filthy non-backers your lot keeps exhibiting an elitist attitude towards? Oh, right. That stuff.
  7. Yeah. A game that would have dead in the water multiplayer scene and be a straight up drinking coaster if not for the thousands upon thousands of people like me who bought the game and play it. Because the backers alone would totally be able to sustain this game's sales, online community, and ensure enough funding to get all these updates for the initial tiers that were never reached in the first place like Jason X content. The 'b-b-b-but we made the game possible! excuse doesn't work when your game would serve no purpose without an online community sustained by people who are mostly non-backers in the first place. Sure, your funding makes its existence possible to a degree, but we actually give that product life and enable its continued support. So once again, fuck off with that garbage. And @GunMedia_Ben can save his pitiful excuses. We've heard all the excuses to be had. They've been debunked a thousand times over. And having somebody involved with the game selling codes on eBay for ridiculous prices render his defenses moot along with anyone else's on the development team. It's especially pathetic considering there are people like me that would have zero issue buying him legally instead of supporting a shitbag eBay scalper. But do keep up that 'muh integruhtee' BS.
  8. But hey at least they didn't do such an evil deed like releasing Savini Jason to the public because let me tell you, - that would just straight up kill the game and their overall integrity. Totally not the ass backwards approach to game balancing, fixing technical issues, connection issues, and the way they've been handling these updates.
  9. Zentorno

    Savini Jason

    Corporate shills gonna corporate shill because that's what they do. Even though they gain nothing out of the scenario.
  10. I don't inherently have a problem with leveling up gameplay mechanics. I do, however, have a problem with a lot of modern games using them as an artificial means to extend the lifespan of the game (the vast majority of time being multiplayer games). Such as GTA Online for example. If you're going to have a leveling up system, it needs to be a reasonable one. Not one that requires playing the game basically becoming a second job. And for the most part, I feel the leveling up system is decent in this game. So yeah, I guess that's one of the handful of things these incompetent developers have gotten right so far.
  11. Zentorno

    Jurassic World: Evolution

    Eh, we'll see what happens. If you want a good Jurassic Park game, Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition on the Sega Genesis are both good title. Jurassic Park 2: The Chaos Continues is solid as well, but unnecessarily hard as fuck.
  12. FUCK NO. That's one thing I can't stand is games that shouldn't be in first person view being in first person view. I don't want to play in that way. I want to be able to see the characters. If there is one thing they should fix, it's the stupid camera set up for the counselors and Jason alike where instead of the character being in the center of the screen, it's this annoying up close, to the left of the screen camera set up. I can still put up with it playing the game, but that camera perspective is just stupid and annoying. I don't care how cinematic they think it's trying to be. It's making what's happening on that side of your screen more difficult than necessary. Especially if it's something like Jason being to your left. Just...center the fucking character in the middle of the screen like any good game does. I'm tired of all these over the shoulder or all the way to the right or left of the screen camera perspectives that are being used in modern games for very misguided 'trying to be more cinematic' reasons.
  13. It is interesting seeing all the stuff that didn't reach funding goals for initially still making its way into the game. But going by the logic of some of the shills around here, we probably shouldn't be allowed to get those things like Uber Jason anyway just because people didn't back enough for it.
  14. Zentorno

    BOI of War

    Pretty fucking stupid to close the other thread but anyway. The new God of War is just an amalgamation of all the typical AAA budget cinematic action/adventure gaming tropes you've seen in the last several years. The over the shoulder view. The focus on 'being cinematic' and 'trying to tell a story'. The increase of slower paced Dark Souls-esque combat after the Dark Souls series arrived. The unnecessary focus on making things 'open world/sandbox-ish' in substitute of actual, competent level design. The chatty sidekick put in for 'muh emoeshunul feelz'. The Uncharted style of platforming. It's just so been there, done that to the point you have to wonder why even bother? Just because previous God of War games weren't this way doesn't change the fact we've seen games like these before or at least games using pieces of this same formula before. Uncharted, The Last of Us, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, Horizon Zero Dawn, the upcoming Days Gone, and the list goes on and on. They should have just kept God of War finished as a series and made a completely new IP. Because I'm tired of God of War. I'd much rather see Sony's studios either bring back some of their older IPs that haven't been used in ages such as Ape Escape, Siren, Syphon Filter, etc. or make something different. Because all these big budget cinematic action/adventure games just don't have the wow factor anymore. They're fast becoming the video game equivalent of Hollywood's Oscar bait movies in that it's a rehashing of a specific formula in order to rope in the most attention and sales. And we already have more than enough first person shooters, open world games, and cinematic action/adventure games of the same or similar style flooding the market. The video game industry needs more innovation right now. Also, an additional fuck you to the game designer who thought it would be a great idea to put an up close, over the shoulder view into an action/adventure game with hack and slash combat. Can we fucking stop that shit,. modern game designers? Just...stop making objectively stupid and shitty game design decisions that hamper the gameplay just because you want to jerk yourself off to how pretty and cinematic your game looks. There's a reason why God of War's camera as well as the camera for any other competent action game with hack and slash combat uses a distant camera - to allow you to see more of the environment during combat. It's hack and slash combat game design 101.
  15. Funny thing is, without fail, I always end up finding tapes more commonly outside of events boosting the chances of finding tapes than I do playing the game when those events are going on. Well, up until recently. Now I'm just not getting anything period. So yeah, I wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised if the tape ratio was dropped. I wouldn't be surprised if some crazy whackjob shill out there defend them for that crap either judging by some of the folks on this forum.