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  1. Yeah, that's what I thought. You're an argumentative lightweight.
  2. Patch Notes - 02.06.18

    And? They're still wrong, and, for the billionth time, we have seen other Kickstarter funded games offer exclusive content to the public at a fee later one without negative backlash. Hell, the backers of the Shadowrun games flat out requested the developers do that so that everybody would have the content at some point. Also, the developers don't get to say crap after the eBay code fiasco that is on their hands. And if it weren't for all these filthy, non-backers playing the game...yeah, you'd have a Kickstarter funded game...with dead multiplayer. So yeah, let that sink in. Moreover, if you guys frequently find something to bitch about with most of the updates, then it's game for people to 'bitch' about Savini Jason. But hey, the bitching, contrary to the shill rhetoric, would end if he was just made available. And no, there wouldn't be this massive outcry of negativity despite what the shills say.
  3. Even if we pretend by some miracle it wasn't a member of the staff, it still falls under their responsibility regardless. Again, piss off with the white knighting. What do you even gain from this vehement defending of the developers?
  4. Kenny is kind of meh as a character from a design standpoint. So it's kinda lame he gets the title of Head Counselor, but it doesn't really mean anything in the grand scheme of things. Now Paul is a head couenslor who should make a comeback.
  5. No, the term is being used correctly. But of course the ones corporate shilling and white knighting are going to be the ones upset about its usage since it suits them well. Again, you have been provided, contrary to the amount of mental gymnastics employed by aforementioned shills, plenty of sound reasons why Savini Jason should be released. Repeated denials, lack of arguments, and general butthurt about them does not change the fact that they exist. We've seen other Kickstarter backed games offer exclusive content for a fee after a period of time with no negative backlash. It would provide more funding for the game. We don't have many Jason skins left since the developers aren't doing anything with remake Jason or Jason from Freddy vs. Jason. The backers do not, contrary to what they claim, lose out on anything in the process. People overall get to have more fun and (heaven forbid) get to experience more matches with that specific type of Jason since there are many who haven't even gotten to play against one let alone even fucking use him. And lastly, WE HAD A FORMER DEVELOPER SELLING CODES ON EBAY. Again, there no more excuses left for the shills. If you don't like those sound arguments, too bad. It won't change the fact demand for Savini Jason exists. It will continue to exist. And people will continue to ask for him no matter how much 'No' keeps getting spammed. If you don't like any of that - again, piss off
  6. Well, yeah if you want to look at it that way. But I still wouldn't recommend using him, and he likely wouldn't get many votes anyway. Of course, if people just want to play him because he's Shelly from Part 3 and they like him, that's all good.
  7. There should not be any weapon swapping allowed with Savini Jason period (yes, that includes owners of Savini Jason) unless he is going to be made for sale. Otherwise, no. As for the corporate shills and their inane, samey excuses for not putting him up on sale that have been already addressed and debunked a thousand times over - piss off That aside, weapon swapping was a much needed feature and a good way of adding some unpredictability to the matches. I still stand firm behind the decision that Jason NEEDS a grapple move when he is on the ground.
  8. Again with this? If we're 'not missing much', then what fucking difference does it even make to you if Savini Jason is made available to the public? And no, don't give that tired 'b-b-b-b-but we can't do that cuz of muh principulz!' defense. That went sailing out the window with this eBay nonsense.
  9. Yep. Still a shitty practice on the part of Ed Boon and co. Same goes for them locking content behind their crappy mobile game. But the modus operandi around here seems to be defending objectively bad business decisions for 'b-b-b-b-but muh princpulz!' blabber which is never going to change.
  10. I'm going to take a wild stab and guess you'd probably be one of those schmucks who would play a fighting game and defend bad character balance or gameplay mechanics with 'git gud scrub' rhetoric. Because you definitely seem like one of those types.
  11. What is your favorite Friday the 13th?

    I don't have a favorite. There are things I like about all of them. Well, the first eight anyway. The rest after that don't really compare. And I don't what excuses are made, what arguments are constructed, what mental gymnastics are used, or anything of the sort, but the fact of the matter is this - Friday the 13th only really works in the 80's setting. That's just a stone cold fact. Some horror franchises can get away from that. However, it's just a big part of Friday the 13th's atmosphere. It doesn't feel right when you try to take it into the other decades due to the pop culture and overall societal trends of those beyond the 80's.
  12. Cut down on the edgelord wannabe bullshit, joke account.
  13. Take it up with the topic creator for making a topic specifically about Savini Jason content. You guys don't like that? Then stop bringing Savini Jason up. And, as stated many times to the contrary of the corporate shills, there is considerable demand for him and people would gladly pay for him. Oh, what's that? You say you'd take issue with 'beating a dead horse six months from now'? Then release Savini Jason so there won't even be a dead horse to beat. Otherwise, piss off. People have made PLENTY of reasonable arguments why he should be available. If you don't like that people do or that they're demanding Jason, take the same advice the lot of you frequently try to pawn off on people asking for him - get over it