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  1. The patch is not necessary if Gun Media would just let us host our own dedicated server without using them to login i.e. private match. I don't want to use a private match. I rather have a list of servers for us to pick from that are private. Let us mod our own servers, i.e. make our own maps, add Jason X, add more pocket knives, health sprays, change rage to allow stun for firecrackers, etc. The cost of running servers must be exceeding what they are making in game sales now, so either sell the game to a bigger publisher/developer who can manage the servers/hackers or let us host our own without the ability of hackers using DDOS attacks or stupid stuff like that.
  2. Yea right, why have the not stated anything here to state when this will be fixed, going on 3 weeks now!!!
  3. That is what they want less players so they can justify shutting the servers down!
  4. Wow, the game already has less players because of this and the longer it continues the worse it will get, people are moving on to newer games.
  5. When is this going to be fixed @Jason Todd Voorhees because it has been 2 weeks since this issue started again.
  6. If your playing with friends on a hosted server by a player, then I think the host should be able to select options for the game, i.e. 1. Kick/Ban players that cheat on your own server. Any kicked, banned, or a player that leaves prior to Jason killing them during a game counts as a Jason kill. 2. Turn on and off rain 3. Allow use of all Jasons that exist in game currently and Savini if a backer and all DLC purchased 4. Players should be able to choose a server close to their location to cut down on lag, if they want to join random servers instead of playing with a friends hosted server. 5. Allow server host to choose options for game, i.e. pick map, turn on/off Jason rage buff. Those options are displayed prior to game starting so players can leave if they don't like them. Allow server host to pick random Jason option or pick a player to be Jason. If players don't agree they can leave. Playing Jason should not occur back to back unless everyone agrees playing in lobby, i.e. they leave lobby find another if they don't agree with server host's choices.
  7. Well the hot fix best fix the servers or I am going to start an online petition to Steam to refund all players who have the Database login errors. We paid money for this game and for those who bought the DLC as well as backers should be able to atleast play the game without the login errors and be able to play with friends. Forget the bugs fix this first!!!
  8. Can Gun Media address the network database login errors that have started back up again and the players that are in a group getting dropped before going into the game lobby? Can Gun Media address the issues with Jason grabbing counselors and it goes into a weird choke mode and the counselor is no longer in the hands of Jason and eventually the counselor breaks free? Can Gun Media address the issues with Jason getting stuck and not being able to move, unless a counselor hits him? Can Gun Media address the issues with random counselors/Jason once again being chosen before the game starts even if you have a selected any of the counselors/Jason to begin with? Can Gun Media address the issue with counselors getting up on roof tops with the bear trap method? Can Gun Media let players host their own servers from now on and have players find server in a server type menu to join server close to them or their friends server and allow offline game saves as well as play with all DLC and all Jasons? This way we don't have to depend on Gun Media's own servers any longer. Can Gun Media fix the car bug when Jason throws a knife at it, car goes crazy and you either end up outside map area or the car flips over? Also, if at one point Gun Media fixes the above and allows players to start there own server, can Gun Media allow players to turn off Jason's Rage Buff?? Also, allow server operator to choose map, kick players, choose which player plays as Jason, ban players from their own server, i.e. cheaters or teamers, and turn on/off rain. The issues here would make this game playable once again and allow Gun Media to shut down their servers to save $$$ and allow us to all be happy once again. I also have reported all bugs mentioned above.
  9. That is what they want, for people to stop playing so they can shut down the servers!!!
  10. The issue has been occuring for about a week, they need to resolve this issue!!!
  11. Why isn't Gun Media addressing the server issues or at least acknowledge the issue!!!!!
  12. Yea Jason is suppose to kill but it so much easier to kill everyone now, I usually if not always get 8 out 8 unless some commits suicide or quits before I get the kill. You need to be able to stun Jason like it use to be. As a good Jason you can counter by combat blocking or doing reverse then grab if your good at it. Jason has already 4 special abilities to kill counselors so having the ability to fight back especially being able to stun a few minutes could allow you to escape. The real easy way to kill Jason is if everyone gangs up on Jason and then have atleast 2-3 female counselors and one with a pocket knife grab the sweater when Tommy is back and the mask is almost or already off Jason.
  13. Yea but the bigger gaming companies have the lawyers and the money to get it resolved sooner. They also have more people to fix the bugs and better testing software engineers to fix things faster.
  14. 1. GunMedia and Illfonic should just sell the rights to this game to a big gaming company, like Ubisoft or EA that way the bugs and server issues can be resolved. Let the new owner who have the big guns/money fight the lawsuit. 2. The bugs that were just introduced this month need to be fixed ASAP otherwise I am thinking a class action lawsuit against GunMedia for making this game unplayable. a. Removing health sprays if it is a bug or not should not have been done. b. Partying up with others is now broken can't invite friends most of the time to join game c. Games end up kicking everyone out except Jason or one player, happens quite a bit now d. Jason can't be stunned hardly at all anymore which is bullcrap it should go back to the way it was (even with Epic Perks that help stunning)
  15. I am done with this game until all bugs/issues are fixed. 1. Jason ticketing system selection is not working correctly. You can be in lobby 4-5 matches and new person comes in and their Jason even if you are set to be Jason. 2. My selected counselor is not used in public game - switches to another random counselor that I did not have selected. This is a must fix and stupid bug. 3. Fix people being able to use Uber Jason hack and Savini when they did not purchase him. Also anyone using either illegally should be instant ban, no exceptions. 4. Rubberbanding effect when getting out of car. You should be able to get out of car when Jason stops it and be able to run away, but it is still teleporting you back to the car. 5. Jason stupid new grab move - this move makes it really difficult to catch counselors and is buggy as fuck. 6. Fix server issues - allow players to select server with the best ping and within their own country to allow better game play is a must. 7. Fix picking up objects such as gas or weapons - sometimes they are dropped and you can't pick them back up. 8. Fix counselor emotes sometimes when you select them they don't save. 9. Perks should be able to purchase instead of being rolled - i.e. Legendary Perk - cost you min of 50,000 or 75,000 CP points to roll one, but you definitely get one. I spent over 120,000 CP points and only got 2 Legendary perks which were crap. 10. Jason selection of weapons doesn't save sometimes and uses default weapon instead. 11. If you nerfed the baseball bat stun percentage, this shouldn't have occurred, the bat should stun Jason with Epic or Legendary perk. I was told today that you nerfed the baseball bat stun percentage to a lower amount not sure if that is true. 12. Health Spray should spray faster, you should be able to heal yourself if Jason is more than 10 feet to 15 feet away without being able to grab you. Spray takes too long to work and doesn't always heal when used. Recommendations: 1. Host should be able to turn off rain in public match. 2. Map vote should be used instead of host being able to select map. 3. Instead of going back to Lobby, game should go back into the second menu and pick up more players if needed and go right back into another game with a map vote. Too much time is wasted going back to main lobby to get more players. 4. Increase level from 150 to 250 to entice players to gain higher levels give them more Jason skins/counselor clothes or better chances to get better counselor perks once at those higher levels.
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