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  1. I made this topic a while ago because I was frustrated with fixers getting the same stats over and over. However, I think in my initial assessment I made my suggestion for Eva Watanabe too overpowered with 8 in stamina and speed. I think your stats would be a better balance between making a fixer with new stat distribution and gameplay balance. Honestly love the idea thanks for the suggestion! I'll make sure to credit you in the OP.
  2. Yeah I said a long time ago it feels terrible to go through all of the work to kill Jason only to have him hide in the water for 15 minutes.
  3. Please give us a new roadmap it made everything so exciting ;-;
  4. No that's ridiculous this would just put fixers in an even worst situation. I swear to God it's like everyone wants only Vanessa to be viable in this game with these suggestions.
  5. 1. Jason part 3 press change skins and that is NES Jason he's already in the game. 2. Retro Jason is NES Jason ;-; Also not a bad idea could be added as a future character maybe someday. 3. They have already made up their mind on Pamela and have said she's not plausible in the near future, but maybe some day. Currently though it's too much work to have a completely different killer than Jason and it would take a long game to program it and find a good way to integrate her into the game. 4. Currently her archetype "Final Girl" is represented by Jenny Myers, but I see what you're saying and agree it'd be pretty cool to have Alice as her own character since she was the first final girl afterall. 5. Eh IDK about this one don't own him >.< 6. Making him unlockable only at max level would make a lot of people mad since people like to see new content when it's released and having to wait to find a level 150 in a lobby could take a while and be dissapointing for a lot of players since the new feed loop is already pretty low.
  6. Deborah is a better version of LaChappa in most cases Vanessa is a better version of Buggzy in most cases A.J. is a better version of Mitch Floyd Adam and Fox are pretty equal but Fox can grab the sweater Chad is usually better than Jenny so the high luck usually goes to Chad on that one. Kenny is just really mid-tier and his no defined strength make him a rare pick. Shelly has the weirdest and worst stats in the game so usually no one will pick him.
  7. I actually loved @Barbara Ann's suggestion and think it'll make a great addition for the game. This game already has a large majority of the movie archetypes covered except one major glare is the "mean girl" which had been in a lot of the movies. Jenny couldn't fit the role since she was "The Final Girl" and was too kind/sweet to fit it. Tiffany was a bit better, but she was based on Tina and Terri who weren't really mean just flirty. With the addition of this new character we have new slots to roleplay as and more interactions possible with character selection. However, I will say I hope the next new counselor is a repair character >.<
  8. Yeah rain ruins my frame rate as well. Really hoping the new engine will help with the problem as it makes the game have a lot more ambient eeriness to it.
  9. I always noticed how Repair characters generally tend to have high stealth and high repair, but I've never noticed that the highest luck a repair counselor has is 5 with LaChappa. I was wondering what your guys' thoughts would be on a repair character who would have low stamina, speed, and stealth, but has very high repair and luck. Since luck plays a part in skill checks they would probably have the easiest 2 skill checks in the entire game and they could also fight Jason without breaking their weapon constantly albeit they'd have very low stamina and speed still.
  10. I disagree with your points. Small maps negate stealth pretty well as cabins are largely clumped together and let's you keep track of a lot of counselors with sense. Objectives spawn closer to one another due to smaller area and make it easier to juggle objectives. Cabins are closer together so destroying doors, windows is easier to keep track of as well as power boxes. If anything is ridiculously skewed to one side's favor it's Extra Large Maps (Jarvis and Pinehurst) Parts spawn miles away from objectives. Fixers struggle to go anywhere without running out of stamina. Cabin clusters are farther apart making you completely vulnerable in certain areas of the map if Jason has destroyed the parts. There is the chance to only have a 2-seater car spawn on these maps making it even harder to get multiple people out alive.
  11. I made a post about this a couple weeks ago and I can definitively say the only sportsmanlike way to play it is try your best to kill them but don't hide underwater or run away running out the 20 minute clock. It's toxic and ruins the experience.
  12. No that looks way too photoshopped to be real. I don't think they can even gain the license honestly someone correct me if I'm wrong.
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