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  1. Map items.

    Well I'd have to agree there have already been many suggestion threads for new items. Searching through drawers consumes so much time of the early game and when you find nothing 80% of the time it does get dull and feel like a bore.
  2. Combat stance is amazing at centering on Jason if you're alone. If I'm being chased by Jason and low on stamina I start fishing for hits by baiting grabs then autocentering with combat stance.
  3. Yeah especially in the main Pinehurst house if you shine the flashlight it looks like the second coming of Jesus.
  4. Agreed I don't like Pinehurst and Jarvis House is the worst offender in my opinion. These maps have just contributed more to the Vanessa meta thanks to stamina limitations.
  5. Yeah I find myself consistently getting 7/8 or 8/8s in qp lobbies that choose small maps. I really don't see the problem people have. Sure counselors have the early game advantage with closer proximity of cabins and objectives. That also means that you have objectives closer to deal with though too and it is easier to spot out counselors as everything is closer. It all comes down to whether Jason traps those objectives or not and if he can knock down the doors fast enough.
  6. Best horror character ever?

    Michael Myers is what got me into slashers as a kid so y'know. Michael <3
  7. I honestly love small maps because they make the gameplay go more quickly and it actually feels good to play a fixer on those maps. Pinehurst is pretty much unbearable for me right now unless I'm Jason as I play Deborah Kim 24/7 rn. Characters with low speed and stamina spend entire matches going from the north cabins to the southern cabins and everything is just too spread out including the parts. If pinehurst was made into a small map I'd honestly start loving to play it as it looks beautiful, but the way it is now makes it unbearable to play for me.
  8. No I have the same problem after the latest patch. I think it's only Steam-PC never lets you stay in the same lobby makes you search for another.
  9. I had the same initial idea, but later I went against the bloody idea as the visual effect of being bloody is a game mechanic in f13 where DbD it isn't. if a counselor is bloody some people might try to waste their medsprays on them during a critical fight or certain players might try to scam getting a medspray saying they were hit and the blood proves it. Very minor, but I think there could be counselor mastery rewards that are just as cool if not better than the simply bloody/torn DbD idea.
  10. Well I mean I had it happen on Crystal Lake twice in seperate places, Higgins Haven once, and just two matches ago a power box had the same glitch on packanack small. It feels like it's happening everywhere my connection is fine I don't know what the problem is :/
  11. Yeah I know what you're talking about the tree usually blocks the higgins haven and I'm aware of that. These times however all that was near the phone box were bushes and Jason traps that had already been set off varying on occasion, but there was really nothing for the usual collision glitch to act up.
  12. I suggested something similar. I really want a counselor "mastery" system where playing as a counselor and surviving the night gives you mastery points towards that counselor that other people can see on your profile in game. This would also unlock special clothing perks (Like camp crystal lake counselor uniforms)
  13. Animated signatures

    Oh my goodness your signatures look amazing! I just made myself a really basic signature for the forums, but I'd simply love if you could make me one whenever you have the time! If there is anyway you could make me a signature focusing on Trish Jarvis (One of my favorite F13 final girls) I'd appreciate it! Feel free to send me a message if you need any additional information and thanks if you can do it!
  14. In Game Player Tips

    They're not so much tips as they are a mix of fun facts, advice, and game information. One interesting tip is the movie's budget and profits which really interested me when I joined the game. I'd rather have these quirky small fun facts and small tips than the constantly same loading screen with boring game focus like Dead by Daylight.
  15. I play on PC so I don't have to deal with host connection.