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  1. Well first of all I like the fact that we will have a new counselor based on Melissa Paur from Friday the 13th part VII The New Blood. But why only will she not have access to the Spring Break and Halloween DLC clothing packs?, when exactly will be now the release of her?
  2. Ok and how can you reduce now your fear?, let me guess with broken perks? Well but you still make ping noises though. Nah the breaking free of Jasons grab is broken, and even teammates are nearby like you said they can't always save you either because of three factors instant kill, miss the swing, or to slow swing animation.
  3. How about let Jason kill the counselors on a sunny day?, as we knew from the movies that he also kill them at daylight, eventhough most of them he killed at night of course.
  4. Ehm if you look I opened already a thread about it see here: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/17525-suggestion-for-general-counter-for-trophiesachievements-objectives/ so this one should be closed by a forum moderator as of double thread.
  5. Ok but the gameplay mechanic is broken, cause what I notice is no matter now if I have my flashlight on in the dark or not, my counselor still got fear sooner or later, and probably also starts to stumble. And eventhough my counselor got zero fear, and high composure they can be still easy grab killed by Jason, and I'm not talking now of an instant kill, but weapon kill.
  6. You can but you have to crotch for it and hold the X button on PS4 or Y button on Xbox I think. But yes since pocket knives became rare you should use medic spray instead, but it seems that they are still a lot of knives idk, which is good for the counselors, but bad for Jason. Cause what I noticed is, that when I'm playing now as Jason and grab somebody, they mostly have a pocket knife how come?, and three times in a row?, well this means that this person got three knives then, as you can use each knife only once, but not one knife now three times.
  7. Hmm didn't know that and you mean to said that you know exactly for example how many matches you have played?, well therefore the PS4 players got the luxury of having the platinum trophy.
  8. I made already this suggestion some time ago, but then you should be able to knock off his mask again too.
  9. Huh sorry but I don't understand now what you mean with get an Xbox?, and what has this now to do with the topic/thread?
  10. Hello there Gunmedia and Illfonic. I would like to suggest if your're playing now as counselors to add a composure/fear bar, where you can see the current value pretty much like a scale from 1-10, there you will see like for example on Jenny exactly when she started to get fear, and not just by her facial expressions. And maybe also add a perk, which will help to improve/increase your overall composure. Cause this would be very helpful esp. for very low composure counselors, just like Chad. Thank you.
  11. Really didnt know about the diamond shape thing, can you maybe send a screenshot of it?, and speaking about the traps I have a suggestion that Jason should pick up new traps during the match just like with the knives, cause eventhough Jason will get alert if you step in one of his traps, they really became useless esp. now that each player is using medic perk. And if you find now new traps all over the map, which you can use/set it will help imao at least those Jasons which starts with less traps in the beginning like for example part IV, with only three traps.
  12. Yeah I hate that too esp. if your're playing now a fixer/mechanic counselor and fixed something, and then the one who got the keys just left you behind to your fate. I mean it's just like I've done most of the work, and now you steal the car. Therefore I'm doing it like this, whenever I found now the keys I kept until one of the cars are fixed, that will guarantee that nobody will escape now without you. Best situation I had in a match once was that the driver who played Tiffany, who was literally to "stupid" to drive make finally her way with the other counselors and me to the main road. And then Jason appeared out of no where and stopped the car, so we were fighting right in front of it, and somehow she still make it possible to get back to the car, and escaped all alone with it, not to mention that it was the four seat car. Then the tip of the iceberg is when you are reading then answers like for example: "I dont wait for anyone", or "I decide who I pick up as passenger and who not". About the fuse well there are also sometimes situations, which I don't understand like for example you found it, also the house with the phone box and drop it right in front of it where it belongs. The counselors which are playing now as fixer/mechanics are either not "doing their job", or they pick it up and carry it away from the phone box, forcing to pretty much "wait" for Jason to kill this one so that you can pick it up again, and forcing you to look again for the phone box. And yesterday on March 9 I had a match playing as Tiffany, where I dropped the fuse right on the floor, at the phone box house, so that AJ can pick it up and what did she do? went out through the window. So when the match was over I asked that guy, why he didn't pick up the fuse and fix the phone box?, and he only said: "I didn't see you drop it. I was focused on getting petrol" lol.
  13. Yeah same here I have my spawn preference set to Jason, and sometimes eventhough I'm the host now, most of the time I play as counselors, and not him. So what should I do set my preference set to counselors?, to be more Jason?, or none so it's random choice?, and it seems that the only if you need to play 500 to 1000 matches for the trophies/achievements then you need to do (boost) it on private matches.
  14. Now I have a question about the Single Player Challenges, will they have any trophies/achievements?, what exactly do you mean now with updated grab animation?, that it become now easier for counselors to break free if they have nothing?, if so make it with a qte or so just like when you fix something. Thank you.
  15. Again I´m not complaining in general about getting killed in this game, but getting killed all the time just ONLY by grabs is highly annoying and boring. Also it needs no skills at all imao, to kill somebody this way. And like I said it already it makes the combat stance redundant, if you play now as counselors cause of Jasons grab as you can´t block it and dodging well is also not always working and also when you "miss the swing", you´ll be immediately vunerable for a grab kill. Well yes otherwise you won´t ask me for "suggestions for Jason play". And also what suggestions have you by the way made?, as far as I read none.
  16. As I wrote it in the title there should be a general counter for the trophies/achievement related objectives that you need to do especially everything which you have to do 100x times in the game like for example: Grease Monkey Successfully perform 100 car repairs. Shipwright Successfully perform 100 boat repairs. Shock Jockey Successfully perform 100 electrical and phone box repairs. etc. and especially there should be a counter, for the matches that you have to play in total with Jason, as well as the counselors, and the kill related trophies/achievements. As there is already one for the none trophies related objectives under badges, so why not for the things I've mentioned? Thank you very much.
  17. Who can read is clear in an advantage I wrote already a suggestion what you can do, about the breaking free mechanics of a grab.
  18. I said it before and I said it again, best would be to since there are less pocket knives, change the breaking free mechanics of a grab means for example that there should be a qte for it either the same like when your´re fixing something, or that you have to press the right buttons in time, and when you fail you die. I mean this would be really fair then ALWAYS getting grabbed and instant killed by Jason, no matter if you have high composure, high strentgh, zero fear etc. Cause yes this is not only highly annoying but also really very boring too, if between 98 and 99% Jason is doing nothing else then doing grab kills?, I mean I highly doubt it that the mechanics or gameplay was actually planned like this from the devs, cause what for does the counselors and Jason are having both combat stances?, if it´s pretty much useless and working only when your´re team stunning him. I mean they should really call the game Friday the 13th Jason the grab spamming killer, imao.
  19. I don´t get it what has this to do now with childish, if I only asked you what browser you are using?, as for me I´m using Firefox and have no problem on redirecting on any link. And that´s wrong what your´re saying, cause actually I´m not a horror or much better slasher movie fan. But still when I heard about it that they are going to develop a Friday the 13th movie I was like, ok will try it out and see if I like it and guess what I did. And I only bought afterwards the entire Friday the 13th collection on DVD. As far about Kid Jason I doubt it that he has already his supernatural powers like you said, as I think he will acquire them as an adult Jason. And lol you mean to said that only because you know a guy which is tiny is strong, that this should be also in the game?, I mean you can´t compare now real life with a game, and still how will it look like if Kid Jason grab the counselors?, as I also can´t imagine it sorry but maybe he should be able to jump attack them I don´t know probably have the same movements (animations) like Gollum from the "Lord of the Rings". Also they so or so have to accommodate the entire kill system, if the devs will ever make now Pamela herself as playable killer and this will imao look now weird if she can grab the counselors just like Jason can. About Chris again it was all a bad dream, after her final axe blow to Jasons head see also here: http://fridaythe13th.wikia.com/wiki/Chris_Higgins and in the Youtube video seen at 1:07 min.
  20. lol that´s exactly what I mean Deborah and AJ are slim, but unfortunately they are not fast though. @K.raven13 Yes this was exactly also my sugesstion, and you should be able to do so by earning like I said skill points.
  21. hmm thats weird cause when I click on my link it´s working for me, what browser are you using then?, anyway it´s been said about kid Jason this here: And you mean this scene here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mp35KsY7UbQ at about 4:16 min right? if so yes it´s like you said just a hallucination, about "zombie Pamela" or much better a nightmare you can read also about it here: http://fridaythe13th.wikia.com/wiki/Friday_the_13th_Part_III Huh which map do you mean now with part 6? A double XP event?, well I would either prefer more an event where you have a chance to get rare or epic perks, or more CP. As it´s really useless, you have maxed lvl already. Well I think that Uber Jason will be release at the same time like the Grendel Map, same with Jason pt. 5 (Roy) and Pinehurst.
  22. Kid Jason won't be in the game unfortunately that has been confirmed already, see this link here: http://bloody-disgusting.com/video-games/3476109/creator-clarifies-kid-jason-wont-playable-friday-13th-game/ same with that "crazy Ralph", whoever he is now. And zombie Pamela?, lol that's just the decay process of her head.
  23. Well here's a question for you, if your're playing this game now together with your friends will you still play the game as usual means kill them?, or will you spare them and let them alive? I mean of course nobody likes Jason helpers, but it's a double sided sword, if you ask me. So you need to find a compromise now with your friends, that they don't mind it now, if you kill them as it's only a "game".
  24. Well having Tina as a second "hero" character now is really a good idea, and there has been also already a thread about it. Whereas it's been also said that she should be also able just like in the movie, to use now her telekinetic powers, to move objects and distract Jason. And well about killing Jason now with her, I can't really imagine how exactly it should work, but it might probably give just all male counselors like you said a 50/50 chance. And yes at least if you can't use the sweater now twice, the devs should really fix that like you said "roller skate" kneepads bug, as it's highly annoying that only because of it you can't kill now Jason, eventhough you have done everything correct. Also in addition they should fix it that once Jason go on his knees, and your're now Tommy that you can't interact with him, eventhough you pressed the X button.
  25. Well why should I still make any suggestions, if there are already threads about it?, but posting something like this is pointless too imao. Nah finding audio tapes are still the only "excitment", in the game and watching them now all on Youtube would be like *spoiler alert* imao. Well in the european PS store it cost now instead of €36,99, €17,99 so 51% discount.
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