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  1. Hello there GunMedia and Illfonic. I would like to make a suggestion, that you should be able once the counselor who wear the sweater died that another female counselor should be able to pick it up. Just like other items that you can pick up, once somebody dies. As this will still as long as there are female counselors alive increase your chance to kill Jason, as imao it make no sense once he killed the sweater girl that just disappeared (vanished).
  2. Hello there, since you which I really don´t like at all remove the quantity, of pocket knives in this game, there should be still the other or at least more items to explore in the drawers. As it really became boring that now almost 90% of the houses, you find nothing.
  3. Hello there GunMedia and Illfonic. Eventhough you always said that the Savini Jason skin, will not be for purchase and only available for the kickstarters and backerits of the game I and I think that I´m not the only one will really appreciate it, if you make him still available for everybody. As all the other players are also still supporting this game, and if you will sell it too. Thank you very much.
  4. Ehm she has already 10 speed, and it will only increase her stamina to 1 so that it will be 10 too. But still it would be a good idea to do it on the other counselors, esp. the ones which are very very slowly for example Lachappa. And according to Vanessa you can still catch her with Jason, as you only need to choose the right one for her.
  5. Map items.

    Nah if you find something in the drawers, then it´s mostly only either medic spray or firecrackers and that´s it. So really nothing special, or a surprise at all.
  6. Ok but the code of conduct, is more a well "behaviour guideline". But it has nothing to do know with using exploits, or helping Jason. And eventhough they won´t ban it like you said, it still ruin the gameplay at all if you do so.
  7. Create an own counselor?, well I really don´t know what I should think about it as it would be just to much like a caw. And thats a complete different game, genre. But I would appreciate it if you can edit the stats of your counselors, by means of earning skill points and probably even max them out. And it should be like this that you always earn a skill point once you level up.
  8. Combat Stance

    As I wrote as thread title, what is really the purpose of combat stance as counselor?, I mean it only makes you more or less even more vunerable for Jasons grab. And when many counselors are doing combat stance on Jason, then you still aim them instead of Jason.
  9. Well the idea with the dagger is not bad, but doing it with randoms forget it. I mean it´s already difficult to kill him as usual in the game with them.
  10. Well I sent evidence videos to their email address: f13game@fearthegun.com but my question only is how exactly do they want to ban players, which are obviously working together with Jason? According to the exploit users, well I hope that the devs also do something about it too, as I´ve seen already two players which used one at the Jarvis House Map, as well as the Higgins Haven Map.
  11. Hello@all. I finally got yesterday the escape artist on epic, and used it in a match. But it seems like eventhough it got 13% of speed to break free and -1% of stamina reduce after break free, Jason can still grab kill me nonethanless. So my question what is really the point of this perk?, if it´s apparently not working at all?
  12. Huh what do you mean with rude?, I wasn´t rude to them but tell them only the truth that no matter now if I´m playng a counselor with high composure, high strength with or without thet escape artist perk whatsoever once Jason grabs me I´m dead. And there it really also doesn´t matter if he´s doing now an instant kill like you said, or a more fancier kill like you said until I can fill the bar it´s over for me. But like I said if somebody got another opinion, then I would be happy if this one can show it to me in a private match.
  13. Hello there. As it seems to be that Kenny as well as Tiffany got a relationship, seen in the Virtual Cabin and Adam and AJ Mason seen in the Shelly intro video, I hope that we will also see the other connections to the counselours whos with who now together probably in the single player challenges.
  14. Counselors relationships

    lol well I also didn´t expected that huge feedback, when I started this thread here. But I didn´t know that there is already a thread in forum, about Adam & AJ: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/10174-adam-x-aj-confirmed/ and here a little bit about them: http://fridaythe13th.wikia.com/wiki/Adam_Palomino http://fridaythe13th.wikia.com/wiki/A.J._Mason and apparently they like both to dress (wear) black (dark) clothes kinda gothic. Yes I really like the Karate Kid outfit (attire) on Chad too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmfudW7rbG0 And yes he looks indeed handsome esp. when you look at his concept art: https://www.screamhorrormag.com/friday-the-13th-the-game-poster-2/
  15. Counselors relationships

    Nope it´s definetly not, but your´re right as I watched the video of the Virtual Cabin and Vanessa can be seen swimming, while Mitch is sitting at the pier and watching her. And here is the prove of it at 6:51 min: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRlH5mhbiao eventhough Vanessa I have to admit is very hard to recognize in the water, and you can only "see" her head pretty much.
  16. Counselors relationships

    Yes cause Brandon I think seems not to be that kind of loyal type, and probably cheat on her.
  17. Counselors relationships

    Well that´s why the other pairings except now for AJ & Adam as well as Tiffany & Kenny in the poll, are all just speculations. And nah why should not many people like Buggzy, just because he´s a jock and think that he can have "each" girl that he wants with his muscular body?, I mean if not many people like somebody then it´s definetly Chad I guess. About Deborah & Eric, well they are both nerds and bookworms so why should they not fit together?
  18. Counselors relationships

    Ok thanks for the video that you sent me about Melissa, but still it´s only just a rumour that she will be in the game so we just have to wait until the devs make an official announcement about her, being part of the game. Ehm there is only one nerdy guy in this game, and this is Lachappa. Otherwise I think that Melissa and Chad will fit very much together, as she´s also rich, arrogant, and a poser just like Chad and can be a bitter rival to Tiffany and "steal her the show".
  19. Yeah I hear you, but what I actually meant to said about buffing the grab a little is, so that esp. counselors with high composure can break free easily from it. While ones who have low composure, well they still have no chance at all, and with the perk still little to no chance. Also you should not forget that you can also kill the counselors physically in the game, so actually no need at all to "grab spam" all the time esp. when everybody at one spot try to stun you then you so or so can´t grab kill anybody.
  20. Counselors relationships

    lol you can vote for them if you want, and why Miami?
  21. Counselors relationships

    Melissa?, why you've mentioned her?, I mean she's not even a playable counselor at all, in the game.
  22. Counselors relationships

    Yeah I also don't understand it, why Kenny and Tiffany are a couple, but I think it's most likely that the "Barbie girl" found her Ken.
  23. I know but I´m only speaking about experience that no matter now if I use escape artist, or not Jason can ALWAYS kill me if he grabs me. But like I said we can still try and figure it out on private match, just send me a private msg with your psn ID (game tag).