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  1. More Roy Kills and one grab kill 1) Roy uses the shears [dual wield] and stabs the conselor on each side of their head with them [ should look like this, sort of :: ->O<- ::] The arrows are shears. . . anyway, Roy pulls up, whilist the shears are in the conselor's head, overall resulting in the conselor's head to rip off. Roy headbutts the conselor's dismembered head, allowing it to fly off the weapon. 2) Roy uses the shears [dual wield] and stabs the conselor in the back with both "knives" and lifts them up, causing the shears to go depper through the conselor untill they pop out in the conselor's chest. Roy tosses the conselor to get his weapon back. 3) Roy uses his shears [intact] and impales the conselor in the chest. He opens them, causing the conselor to scream in agony as they spill guts on the floor. ***Grab kill 1) Jason puts the conselor to their knees and digs his fingers, all at once into both eyes, and mouth. He pulls up, riping the conselor's head off. While the body is still upright, Jason uses the head like a bowling ball, and slams it through the conselor's chest.
  2. Pitchfork Kills 1) Jason shoves the pitchfork down into the ground at an angle, and puts the conselor down to their knees so their back is in front of the pitchfork prongs. Jason walks in front of the conselor and gives a powerful kick, sending the conselor back first into the prongs of the pitchfork. Jason grabs the pitchfork by the end handle, and swings back, throwing the conselor over his shoulder and off his weapon. 2) Jason uses the pitchfork to stab the conselor [standing] in their feet into the floor. Jason goes up behind them and holds them around the arms and torso (similar to how a lifeguard would pull someone out of the water), and pulls back. This causes the conselor's legs to rip off, allowing Jason to drop the lifeless body on the floor and retrieve his weapon. 3) Jason stabs the conselor in the neck with the pitchfork and lets go. The conselor struggles with the weapon until Jason uses it like a lever or teeter totter, and pushes downwards on the handle, causing the pitchfork prongs to rip the conselor's head right off. The head flings up, and back down, allowing Jason to finish it off with a devestating boot stomp.
  3. Here are a few more ideas I have before I forget them ? 1) Jason uses a pen, screwdriver, or some other long but small slender object, and jabs it into the conselor's forhead. Jason turns around and grabs a large textbook and uses it to bash the object deeper into the conselor's head. 2) Jason brings the conselor into the bathroom, where he goes up to a towel rack. That of which he rips off the wall and simply impales the conselor with it. 3) Jason grabs some kind of net, possible by the dock and pulls it up. He uses the net and puts it around the conselor's face. Pulling back with great force, Jason causes the conselor's face to fold over the lining of the net and rips apart into little cubes. (This is similar to part 9's kill in the movie as Jason pushes the doctor's face into the grate) 4) Jason slams the conselor to the foor with a great push. He walks up to the side of the conselor's head and sets his boot ontop of their head. He slowly applies force and overall slowly crushes the conselor's head. (Similar to the head squeeze kill, except done with a boot and the ground)
  4. It's disappointing they denied the pitchfork swapping. However, they said pitchfork as referencing Savini's Pitchfork, so it doesn't mean they aren't going to add a normal pitchfork. Who knows? We will find out soon I guess, regardless if Savini is truely to never be sold again, at least adding a farm pitchfork would be a good addition. One thing they could do is have every weapon available (maybe for dlc) and Savini could just have special cosmetics to each weapon. See what i'm getting at? @Truth
  5. Friday The 13th is a great game and all, but there is just one issue I have with it. That issue is the audio. I don't like it when I turn down the volume for the music and turn up my headset to hear people in game chat, however when I do this two things occur. In the intros regarding to the selected Jason and map, it doesn't apply to the audio adjustments, so it ends up being a loud rock concert in my ears. This is the same case with Pamela's voice, which is loud as ever. There should be new setting options added - ▪Game Voice : Adjusts the volume of player voices in game ▪Pamela Voice : Adjust Pamela's voice volume in the game ( And a fix for some kill audio and audio that doesn't apply to the settings ) A few more things that should be added are - ▪Hud removal / Layout ▪Controller mappings / layout (If not already added; I just can't find it) Theses options were provided to help give better a gameplay experience for I and many others.
  6. It appears that our ideas may have played a part into the new trailer that came out not too long ago for Friday The 13th. Weapon swapping is going to be available soon! The only question is in regards to the pitchfork still, and if it will be available for everyone or not. Check out the trailer in the link:
  7. Nice to see that everyone's ideas are getting recognized for their creativity ?. Hopefully some can make it into the game. There are a lot of cool ones here. Those are cool sounding kills, especially with the curb stomp kill. I feel there should be more kills regarding brute strength by Jason like that.
  8. That is true; it was labeled a skin, but now it has much more than JUST a skin. That is why it should only be a skin, and the weapon should be available as an ordinary pitchfork. Similar to how it was in the beta or alpha I believe. That is the thing though, many of the people who have the "skin" got from the malfunction regarding it being free for a limited time.
  9. The mechanics for the cars and the boat have been bugged. While holding the button prompt to start either vehicle, it doesn't make the sound effects or play the animations regarding to the proper vehicle. This makes it difficult for Jason to tell if someone is starting the car / boat or just sitting down inside of it.
  10. This is not a complaint about Savini Jason or how it should be released and what not, instead I just want some type of pitchfork [like a farm pitchfork] that can be used. I don't have the Savini Skin, and I am well aware I won't be getting it. I just want the weapon or some variation of it so I, and plenty of others, can at least enjoy the kills. If it is to be added, it could be available at an extremely high level, since the pitchfork is a variation of Savini Jason's Hell Trident. I apologize if this sounds like a selfish thought, i'm just trying to find a solution to prevent people from complaining about the skin if it sticks truthfully about how it won't be available EVER.
  11. Here are a few more kills: 1) Jason uses some sort of sharp object, such as a large blade or sword, and stabs the conselor in the crotch. He then grabs the conselor by the neck and lifts them up several feet off the ground. Jason once again grabs his weapon but doesnt pull it out. He stares at the conselor as they beg for mercy. Jason doesn't take mercy so he lets go of the conselor but not his weapon, causing the conselor get sliced as they slide down the blade. Cutting them into two. 2) Jason uses a rock to repeataly hit the conselor with, enough until they stop moving 3) Using a motorized hand saw, Jason slams the conselor on a table and proceeds to cut across the conselor's gut. 4) Jason uses a sword of some sort and slices both the conselor's arms off. He grabs the conselor by the neck and cuts off both their legs. As they fall, Jason delivers a fatal decapitation trick 5) Jason throws the conselor in the air, as they fall, they land head first onto a sharp object
  12. Here are a few environmental / context kills) Screwdriver v.2) Jason stabs the conselor in the eye with a screwdriver and slams their head on a table, forcing it deeper into their eye socket. Jason tilts his head as he lifts the conselor's head up, only to slam it back down once more. They slouche over and fall to the ground. Tire Swing) Jason tucks the conselor into a tire swing and gets them stuck. Jason turns the swing to the side so the conselor it face to face with the large tree holding the swing up. Jason pulls pack and shoves the conselor forward, making them go head first into the tree, snapping them. Window Decapitation) Jason goes to an open, non broken window and slams the conselor down onto the window ledge. Jason grabs the window and slams it down, decapitating the conselor. Bottle smash) Jason smashes a bottle over the conselor's head and uses the serrated broken glass bottle to stab the conselor in the stomach. Mirror kill) Jason grabs a mirror or a glass plane, and slams it over the conselor's head. The conselor's head goes through the glass, but not breaking it completely. With the square of glass around the conselor's neck, Jason watches as they fall onto the floor, causing the glass to cut their throat. Rope choke) Jason grabs a rope and then ties it around the conselor's neck. The conselor begins to choke as they struggle to pull it off, but Jason continues pulling back until the conselor lays motionless. Electrocution) Jason pushes the conselor into a body of water, such as a tub or sink, and holds them down. He grabs an electrical item such as a blow dryer, and drops it into the water. That of which electrocutes and drowns the conselor.
  13. Yeah, that was the kill I was talking about earlier. The one when he stabs the conselor's eyes with the shears and closes them. The belt kill would also be cool aswell.
  14. Here are some part 9 Jason kill ideas i created: 1) Jason smacks the conselor across their face, spinning them around so their back is facing Jason. Jason axes the conselor in the back only to have it get stuck (blade in the back, handle pointing down). He grabs the conselor by the neck and chokeslams them, forcing the axe through their chest [this kill i believe is in the movie, but i am not 100% sure] 2) Jason turns the conselor around so their back is facing Jason. Jason uses his axe and swings it down into the conselor's back. Jason pushes forward so the axe goes through the conselor's chest, and he pulls down causing the axe to hit the conselor in the face, whilist through their chest. [See drawing for details] 3) Jason smacks the conselor atop of their head with the flat top of his axe. The conselor stumbles back and falls over. Using their arms to stay upwards, they look up at Jason. He swings the axe to their forehead , and kicks it so it goes completely through.
  15. I get it, so the kill you mentioned is like part 4's slammed and split kill, except with shears. That's a good idea, but like you said, is possibly too gruesome for Friday The 13th The Game. Maybe the developers would try to work something out to allow the game to be more gruesome, in true Ft13 fashion.
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