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  1. Yet when I play in both Private and QP, I've had no problem at all. I actually like how they made it darker tbh, adds more of a 'Fear' aspect imho.
  2. Would I recommend this game? Yes and I have. All games have their own bugs and glitches, some which work unintended and others which don't. The game IS fun with friends and to have a laugh at how they react. Like @Alien_Number_Six said, I wouldn't recommend the forums at all. I don't recommend forums to anyone who plays a online game, due to all the incessant whining, bitching and moaning from some who think that they are entitled to do so (Go look at the Final Fantasy XIV Online forums for example... the toxicity there rivals any waste dump). Really, should be grateful that we've got what we have without being slugged a DLC fee. Besides, like with every other online game which has patches released, there are always bugs and glitches to be worked out. Give the devs time to go over any bug reports etc before judging.
  3. To @fourkillmaster : People have played the game to unlock the counselors and each player has their particular favorite one to play as, whether LaChappa, AJ, Chad, Fox or whoever. You can't just demand that Gun dictate who plays as who in the MP. I may agree with a 'twin' counselor for Tiffany... like the twins from F13 Part IV, but yeah... you can't tell/demand people change who they want to play as, in a game they've spent their money on to purchase (or those who backed it's development). If you don't like it, then search for another lobby.
  4. Ever since Gun started working on the Engine update amongst other things (new counselor, SP mode etc), dedicated servers seem to have taken a back seat for now... I guess all we can do now is wait til the patch is released, see how long it'll take for the many bugs which'll undoubtedly crop up get fixed... THEN we might see some info for the servers.
  5. With Thick Skin and Medic perks... just eat the trap and move on. It may sound selfish to save the PK for a get out of jail free when Jason grabs you, but in QP... unless you're in a good lobby or playing with friends, it's every counselor for themselves sadly.
  6. Everyone has their favorite counselor they want to play as and in QP, the chances of getting into a lobby with others set as the same counselor is high. Sorry if you hate that, but you can't dictate who other people pick as their counselor. You have two choices... either accept it and play the match or leave to find another. EDIT: Some people can repair well as Tiffany or any other character as well. Don't judge a book by it's cover... may find a Tiffany who can repair quite well.
  7. I haven't found any tapes, since the event in December... that was when I finally got all of my Pamela tapes and my current six Jarvis tapes. I had hoped the recent event would've helped me get some more, but nope... nothing then and still nothing now. It could be like what @Trident77 said earlier, that someone else in the lobby found one, before I managed to get to that specific drawer or something... but with a 1 in 7 chance, I would think I should've at least come across ONE since December. Maybe it's a bug or some code which is the issue, but like what @ShiftySamurai : "I’ve seen a few comments like this lately and asked someone to check to make sure the drop rate is set correctly, and it certainly appears to be. We’ll look into it some more to make sure." Guess all we can do is wait and see what happens. Perhaps with the team working on the big update, things might've slipped through the cracks or something...
  8. Am I in defense mode? Yup, after someone quotes me all the time and then says that my strategy is irrelevant, but whatever. What you say is true, about 'killing an immobile counselor with a melee is less riskier than grabbing them'. I have never denied that... but it's not a style I play as. Throwing knives aren't irrelevant as they are a viable method to weaken a Counselor so that when you grab them and they use a PK, you are still able to get them and grab-kill or environ-kill them. It's also up to the player as Jason to decide whether to grab-kill or slash-kill (which you seem to be a staunch advocate of) and their choice alone. For those who aren't max level and want as many XP as possible... grab-kills give them that extra XP of about 30xp, compared to a simple slash which earns 20xp. Look, you and I are never gonna agree 100% about how to play... you play your way, I'll play mine. I'm done with this convo with you.
  9. You are... You attack my strategy then act indifferent about it. I don't care how you want to play. It's all about personal preference and playing to win is one thing... but myself (and probably others) want to have fun and play in way which is different from others. I'm 150, so scrambling to get all the kills to get max points, means nothing to me at this time, until they raise the level cap. If I miss out on a kill because I'm 'chancing' with others... so be it. But it's how I play the game. Don't like it, then don't be in a PS4 lobby you see me in (My gamertag is Deaths Head 200, for reference). Just don't try to force your opinion on how to play as Jason on to others, if you don't like how they play.
  10. Now, you're nitpicking... but I'll play along. I pretty much know what kill I'll do to a counselor when I have one stumbling away. If there's a environment kill nearby, I'll go for that or I'll go for a grab kill. Also, depending on if someone has fumbled on repairing the fuse or car, that will also determine if I do a grab kill (Head punch being the quickest) or just slash a few more times to kill them. At times, I may leave the walking wounded... let them think they've won in that instance, but come back when they least expect it to get the kill. It's all about personal preference and if you yourself @stoney prefer to slash and slash, then by all means keep doing it if it works for you. I'll use what works for me. I play to have fun... and this is how I play as Jason. May not work for everyone... but meh...
  11. Deth_Hed

    Adding events

    Just to stroke their own ego's I guess.
  12. Deth_Hed

    Adding events

    Just to troll and attack others I imagine.
  13. I have seen, as a counselor, others grab healing spray and jump out a window... only to stand up and use it. Granted not in every match, but has happened with some frequency. I've also run through many cabins etc and seen closed drawers which upon opening have healing sprays in them. It didn't use to happen, but for the last few months, the mentality of some players are just to run through every cabin, grab a pk or tape and leave everything else whether healing spray, firecrackers, keys, fuse, battery or gas. Hence when they're wounded, a lot of running dead are seen for Jason to kill. It's not irrelevant. It's a viable strategy and it depends on your playstyle as Jason. Are you a Slasher Jason who only slashes? A Grabby Jason who does grab kills? Prop Jason who does Environmental kills or a Jason who combines the three and uses everything at their disposal to get the job done. Myself... I'm the latter. I will be a Slasher Jason near a objective and if there's more than one counselor nearby (The cars and boat are a prime example), but if I'm stalking after a single counselor... I'll play with them til I feel like killing. We all play as a Counselor or Jason differently, which may not work for everyone... but if it works for me, I'll play as I do. As Jason, use throwing knives, traps, grab kills, slash and environment kills... as a Counselor anything I can to get away. To each their own. 'Nuff said.
  14. I brought throwing knives into the equation as that's a tactic I personally use myself and have had moderate success with. At least 2 throwing knives can bring a counselor (without Thick Skin perk) to a stumble and you can move in for the kill. Most, if they have a healing spray and have Jason right behind them, will use a spray so they can sprint away, thereby using it up... if they don't have the Hypochondriac perk equipped (I think that's the one which gives multiple uses of a healing spray). Yes, you can lose a kill if a counselor uses a pk on you and then a healing spray, but that just adds to the excitement for myself. No, not ALL counselors are 'bound to have at least one spray on them', as I have played as Jason across all the maps in the last month and a half and I've killed quite a number of players who don't even HAVE a healing spray... and after checking the lobby again at the end of the match, a lot of the players I've been put in QP lobbies with are well under level 30 and may not have the relevant perks equipped or (and most likely the case, based off their in game chat) don't care.