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  1. Ever since I completed finding all the Pamela tapes, haven't found a SINGLE Tommy tape (I only have 6 so far)... but keep finding Pamela tapes! So I just tell friends where the tape is so they can get it, while I continue the hunt for Jarvis tapes.
  2. True @jetlee2777, the two jock types would seem to gravitate together... but I think Vanessa wouldn't go along with a playa like Brandon for too long.
  3. I was in a... 'bad'... lobby. Six were squeakers and the seventh was stoned or something. One of the squeakers was Jason and was squealing at the top of his lungs of what he's gonna do. Myself... I... found all the bear traps, set them up in a cabin, one at each door and window. Put a gas can, battery and a set of keys in there along with the fuse (as I had already repaired the four door) and calmly walked to the repaired car. Driving along the road, saw the stoner (he was playing as Mitch as well), so the two of got out... leaving the squeakers to rage about who left the gear in a booby trapped house and the Jason raged about it. In the endgame lobby, they told me I don't know how to play or 'to git gud' etc. This was the weekend of the physical release, as one checked my level (at the time I was 70 something) and they accused me of hacking to get my level so high. When told that I've been playing since Digital release, they abused me even more saying that the game wasn't released digitally... only physical and I don't know what I'm talking about. Went into another match, packanack lodge as I recall... the small room near the lodge with only one door in. Gathered the gas and both batteries and put them in here, locked the door with a bear trap both on the OUTside and INside. The rage was delicious.
  4. I've voted for Deborah myself... her high repair skill and decent stealth, makes it so she can easily repair vehicles/fuse boxes with a good chance of not incurring a visit from Jason. Add on certain perks and a good Deborah player can 'Solid Snake' her way out. I usually main Deborah and have only really been caught by a couple of friends who know my playstyle and have actually gone out of their way to hunt me down first. Second one would be AJ... same reasoning as Deborah, but she has a higher stealth (and more stamina, I think) with slightly less repair skill but enough to get the job done.
  5. The only couple I really see, is Adam and AJ. Not just from the introducing Shelly trailer or the Spring Break DLC trailer, but in the intro to Packanack Lodge Small map (I THINK it's this one... but I know it's ONE of the Packanack Lodge map intros) Adam and AJ are shown sitting next to each other, with Adam's arm around her shoulders. The Virtual Cabin even has Adam and AJ sitting next to each other outside the main cabin as well, so even more about the shipping of these two. The others... I don't see Deborah and Eric. Like @TangledHelix said, I agree that while Eric has feelings for her it isn't reciprocated (There's no scenes of the two together like Adam and AJ). Brandon's a playa (the SP challenge vid released kinda indicates he's single) and Vanessa's probably focused on training as a upcoming athlete or something, therefore no time for a relationship or something... Kenny and Jenny would be a good combo in my mind, but with the Virtual Cabin showing he and Tiffany together.... But then, Tiffany IS the 'Flirty Girl', so she's probably just really friendly with others. Chad's a dick... 'Nuff said lol. Mitch would be focusing on the 'green', Shelly's too busy planning pranks and Fox is wondering why the Hell she's been dragged into this.
  6. They are working on dedicated servers to help sort this issue, last I heard (as why the Paranoia mode has been delayed). While that should help if a host counselor leaves, I'm not sure how it'll work for a host Jason...
  7. A well balanced character, very nice.
  8. THIS. Would make more sense that the counselor killed in the intro, is the one the Jason player has selected for when they are counselor.
  9. Over the weekend I encountered a few Vanessas and... Buggzys... (One of the latter actually trolled a random Jason for nine and a half minutes!!). A couple of tactics I actually used which seemed to work... Play as a Jason who can run. Keep the pressure on them, as they'll eventually run out of stamina. Break doors so they can't regain stamina, just for the small amount of time it takes to close and bar the door. Break windows so that when they climb/jump through they do take some damage... hopefully enough to go into 'limping' state. Use throwing knives, mainly when they're about to go through a window/door, get in a car/boat. Use your traps. If you can get a idea of where the Vanessa/Buggzy will run, anticipate it and place a trap where they'll run into it. Slash. If you get close enough to them (run out of stamina etc), slash them a few times to get them into the 'limping' state. Also, use any nearby environmental kills or weapon kills when highlighted. Kill them asap. Just generic tactics (some of which have been raised already in this thread, as I've only just read it now...) which work for myself.
  10. Decided to play with friends and did about... 8 hours a day. Went from 94 to 125 and fortunately no host rage quitting (Host was one of my friends) and no unpleasantness at all by the one-two randoms who joined. Hell, the randoms had MICS, so game chat was used and much fun ensued.
  11. Over this past weekend, I have never seen anyone suicide... and I played for about eight hours each day. I honestly don't think it's as big a problem as some in this thread are making it out to be. There have been some good cases made for the use of such a tactic made by others in this thread, but the ones against it... I can see why they'd be upset, but at the end of the day, it's easy xp which can be earned back either in the next match or so, or offline mode if you really want the xp.
  12. Yolks on me then. Still doesn't change the fact that your actions in this thread have been troll worthy and 3L33T based. No need for the 'chuckles dismissively' comment either... that just proves my point.
  13. Like this right? No offense, but you've attacked others in this very thread just because they had a different opinion/perspective than you. In any event, it's well known that badges can not be unlocked in Offline mode... I think the only one which can is the PHD in murder, but you need to have the majority of them already done first... or something, not 100% sure on that one. Offline mode is good for new players to try out and get a 'feel' for the game, before jumping in to QP. It's also a good place to test out new Jason's and such. For everything else, QP/PM only at this stage.
  14. Jealousy? Of what, you are throwing your epeen around and have made snide comments/attacks at others for their choices/opinions. Trophies/Achievements are nice to have, but are NOT a necessity nor a requirement to enjoy a game and should not be used to judge a person's ability to play the game.
  15. I know... My fault for thinking too much...