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  1. Add ideas too for some fun and Ill add them too! Confirmed: - PJ Outfits (Animation Confirm) - Single Player Challenges (Video Confirm) - Uber Jason (Virtual Cabin Confirm) - Grendel Map (Virtual Cabin Confirm) - Mean Girl (Part 7) (Leaks of her clothes) - Paranoia Gamemode (Video Confirm) - Mark (Animation Confirm) - Dedicated Servers (Gun Confirm) - Interchangeable Weapons (Video Confirm) Unconfirmed: - Manhattan Map - Part 7 Map - Part 6 Map - Voorhees House Map - Crazy Ralph Counselor - Tommy Jarvis Preference - Young Jason (I know this was a hard no but still!) - Play as Pamela - Jason X - Jason from Freddy vs. Jason - Jason 2009 (Sack and Mask?) - Freddy vs. Jason Map - Jason from Never Hike Alone (This could work since the dude who worked on it made a kill ing) - Kyle from Never Hike Alone - Never Hike Alone Map - 2009 F13 Map - More bloody clothing - More Levels - Perk remaster (Space for all of them and more?) [Moderator note - this is not an official list]
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