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  1. Really? I got one by rolling with around 8,000 (not including reselling, but most of my perks didn't yield much) and got a legendary. I forgot what it was already though, because it was one of my worst perks. I think it had something like +17%, -2%, +2%. I'll (probably) update this when I check what the perk was and did.
  2. Definitely! I was in a match with a friend playing Chad one time, and he distracted Jason almost the ENTIRE game while people completed objectives, but then died. Everyone in the lobby except him and a Fox escaped because of that. What did he get as a reward? Almost nothing, just the points for hitting and stunning him once. Because of that game, he decided he would rather be rewarded as a repairman than waste his time as a distraction, which is absolutely reasonable logic. But a way to prevent people abusing the mechanic would be to only get XP when something major happems, like a psrt’s installed or somebody escapes while you’re being chased.
  3. Turbulent Logician (INTP-T) 86% introverted 52% intuitive 61% thinking 58% prospecting 51% turbulent
  4. Mr. Incredible is the best DC hero
  5. How’d you edit the stats? I’ve been looking around, and I couldn’t find any website to do so
  6. Rain? Really? That’s your only question? Not, like, how you would be driving a 100+ year old car through space to escape?
  7. It really won’t, the Grendel won’t be in the next update! Gonna have to put up with our stupidity for a little longer!
  8. Please tell me you’re joking. I’m all for bringing back team killing, but people like you are the reason they can’t. 1. G-ratings are for movies 2. How does this have to do with participation award mentality? 3. Teamkilling was only really meant for getting rid of trolls/teamers and getting that seat in the 2-seater, not being badass 4. Randomly attacking somebody doesn’t make you a “Friday alpha”
  9. What’s with all the double posts? C’mon, people! Put multiple replies in one post! How about you try then? If you're so much better, at least make a beta and release a gameplay video. You won’t be able to sell it, but who’s stopping you from making a game? If it’s good, licensing will come through. Really? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen you on their Twitter posts, it’s complete anarchy!
  10. Questions 4, 5, 6, 7, and 10 haven’t even been asked on this thread
  11. Key words: PC version. Don’t you think there’s a reason why it’s just that?
  12. Uber Jason and the Grendel aren’t coming in this update (probably, I’m pretty sure tey stated it somewhere). My best guess is with dedicated servers.
  13. Because dedicated servers aren’t possible in the current engine.
  14. They’ve stated on SO many occasions that they would NEVER be coming with this update. Dedicated servers would only BE possible with this upgrade. That would PUSH the update FARTHER BACK. That’s like EXPECTING to get your food RIGHT away when you sit down at a RESTAURANT.
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