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  1. I don’t think but their always a twins tbh they are cute❤️❤️❤️
  2. Can y’all expanded the slot more or give a extra slot for some perks?
  3. Time to spend in perk roll and i have 175,000cp, when this come out....❗️
  4. Wait this mean we are close in update release and please next week release the date
  5. I think it could be realistic and maybe we can use that in single player challenge because there have a undetected skull and if you hide they will not see it and jason did it first before hitman and splitter
  6. I have high hope to believe the update might release at may 28 or june( early days)
  7. I thought that dog have a chad or victoria’s hair
  8. How to kill roy easy because he is human but gun media and illfonic made him like jason
  9. You welcome and i am just being me saying what i want to say☺️
  10. Throw a damn spear or use your brain to play that jason
  11. Idk if you know how to play him or not? Even you playing weak character but you know how to play it and beat them all, they will not be the worst but if you don’t know to play that character you gonna be the weak one and use some unique technique to win the game
  12. Non of them and i rather aj mason than both of them(team aj mason)
  13. Mitch it’s great counselor but don’t get me wrong about him, that maybe he just hard to mastered
  14. I really don’t care about those perk unless i use them or i survived without damage
  15. Just hello to my fans and jason after that i will said i am your big fan of you, Jason and kill me now❗️
  16. I want playground map like playing chase and die
  17. Actually not for fun it just there for making jason weak or get more mad at you
  18. Can y’all show all the emotes in youtube like the first video emotes pack comes
  19. Worthful and i thought we gonna get some extra clothing, or counselor to unlock not xp but in single player challenge like story mode unlockable stuff
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