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    Making noises and making noise to attract jason and kill that other counselor and save myself like chad always did, and if u have a problem then find another house or if i am in good side i will sacrifice in myself n save everybody but i don’t have problem i am just being vanessa is being a dick too

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  1. Update Status & First Look: Engine Update

    People should wait because they fixing a lot of problem and not easy to fix the bugs and glitching i wish they fix when you playing in xbox one that you gonna go in dashboard or when jason trying to hit window but get stuck, and other stuff and i wish in dedicated server we getting new clothing, kills pack for part 5, 6, 8 or 9, jason x and grendel map after that they can work on paranoia mode or some optional game mode( if paranoia don’t work it out after all).
  2. Update Status & First Look: Engine Update

    Means we gonna get this may and i am excited😻😻😻
  3. i like this both and the idea, i feel if they come out both we need ship or the main manhattan map and i wanna see fat girl, a twin, a popular cute guy or bombshell dark or lightskin women
  4. Jason is the main star or big star that’s fine but counselor need special ability
  5. And melissa in the movie and victoria in the game (they look same but difference name)
  6. Hey can you edit because i heard one of the owner of the game they said victoria aka melissa from part 7 she can be unlock in level 42 and i don’t know her skin
  7. Which is country club is full of dick/cunts peoples
  8. Chad’s sister or chad’s girlfriend?
  9. Guys any prediction on the release date of the new updates comes out?

    1. Erik13E


      Nothing concrete, hopefully something on the 13th but I think we'll have to wait a while longer..... But hey, at least things are planned for the future.

  10. Welcome to the Salt Mines

    I wanna go here but people will cussed me out
  11. Some more kill ideas

    I want to see sissy baker’s death in this game like twisted neck and ripping it off, the environmental kill: a party horn will go into counselor’s eyes, part 9 kills pack: jason will attack vertical way and chop them half, jason will push counselor and cut the head, and jason part 6 throw the spear into the heart or eyes, or jason will do jade’s fatality like throw counselor in air and jason will stuck his spear in ground and the counselor will be inpaled and take the counselor heads and put in the top
  12. Maybe they put update first and post the info afterwards
  13. Yess and they should add a more like 2 or 3 and can we let jason make his trap
  14. Best Jenny Build?

    I think ice cold, team work or break free can be work but i use preparedness all my counselor
  15. New Road Map Poll

    We need roap map with name of the dlc and maybe release date but before creating roadmap they should allowed themselves to announce it if paranoia mode is coming or get cancelled because if you the paranoia said game mode and we are really hyped and excited cause we saw paranoia in game mode but the owner gonna said the paranoia will not coming or cancelled a lot people will get mad or pissed and sad because we are waiting so long and they will cancelled it that is mess up!!