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    Making noises and making noise to attract jason and kill that other counselor and save myself like chad always did, and if u have a problem then find another house or if i am in good side i will sacrifice in myself n save everybody but i don’t have problem i am just being vanessa is being a dick too

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  1. What Slasher has the Highest Body Count?

    Jason voorhees is iconic and other horro movie slasher is iconic but some of them is underrated but good antigonist in movie such as angela baker candy man and the collector
  2. Exactly we have a two parts of story about the paranoia there we have first hand will on hold and delayed after dedicated server and will get released and their another hand story paranoia might cancelled and we don’t know what dlc we gonna get in the future we just not let us guessing or predicting bcuz we don’t know everything yet and let gun media and illfonic will do their job and wait what will come next to the future and we gonna find out all of this maybe at last week of april or may or maybe summer time bcuz they focus one thing it’s to fix the dedicated server and for me just wait and be patient👍🏻 I am right or wrong?
  3. Dears: people play this game like me


    Can anybody like give a gun media and illfonics of ideas for next dlc content after they fixed dedicated server like new counselor clothing emotion and for single players challenges ideas and new kills pack or new kills and new map such as manhattan map and can u make ideas for paranoia to help illfonics and gun media( i am just big fan of this game and i wanna help them too to make this game better) 

    Gamers and fans We just doing this for helping the gun media and illfonics to revive this game again after the dedicated server

  4. I did that with other guy but we played bugzy and vanessa and we still survived
  5. I rather to fix dedicated server than release single players new content such as jason x and grendel new counselor clothes and emotion and paranoia but the game will be bugging and can ruin anything and i like the decision dedicated server should come and priority first before than others stuff
  6. Patch Notes - 02.06.18

    Yesss it was and if jason is far or closer is still made loud music
  7. Dedicated Servers: Updating The Engine

    This is make me happy but the update roadmap will be delayed make me sad or upset about it cuz it’s important to get some new content but i am happy cuz y’all fix buggy, glitchy, dedicated server and when the host left their will be new host and make me happy n i am excited for next content mostly the paranoia maybe and single player challenge/ story mode!!!!
  8. Dedicated Servers: Updating The Engine

    If this dedicated server get fix means in summer time will gonna get grendel map and jason x and single player and new clothing or new emotion or new counselor maybe but we can get kid jason or pamela and paranoia will come at september or october or cancelled
  9. Dedicated Servers: Updating The Engine

    Good news means on august or october will come paranoia and jason x with new map, new clothes and single player will come earlier than paranoia like may or april or march
  10. Hey guys, now i know jason i can called or categories them each one by one or label them like:

    jason part 2: is trapper jason

    jason part 3: grapple jason or murderer jason or swinger axe jason

    jason part 4: butcher jason

    roy/ jason part 5: copycat jason

    savini jason: hell jason

    jason part 6: hunter jason

    jason part 7: zombified jason

    jason part 8: doorbuster jason

    retro jason: purple jason or barney jason

    jason part 9: ghost or possession or shifter jason

  11. Roy's chase theme

    I think he is great but he is a man
  12. Patch Notes - 01.30.2018

    I thought we gonna get status of paranoia and dedicate server