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  1. You can also just drop an item. Which is much much quicker than doing an emote. Just dont drop it in front of Jason or risk tommy picking it up ?
  2. I have had a lot more luck if you continue to hit Jason after the mask comes off. If you try and initiate the kill with the sweater immediately after the mask comes off its rare Jason will actually go down. But thats just my experience.
  3. I never got animation locked. But tested it with a few friends and if you are not quick enough Jason can tap out and resist. But kinda gave up on it until some hotfixes come out because... well nothing really works like its supposed to.
  4. Yeah. But its a very small window. so if you mess up any jason actually trying will tap out. Its better and much easier to use three people or just have tommy with an axe to do the knock down.
  5. You can still cancel the sweater animation if you use an emote than move to cancel it out. Still gives the sweater girl enough time for a swing if done right.
  6. Shelley.... Shelley... And Shelley. But he isn't an option. So.... still Shelley...
  7. I do not necessarily think rage needs to build any faster, however, I think it could be more effective. I would just like to see some kind of something to stop the ring around the rosie crap in houses around tables and couches. Like break a table or something when in rage. If you can stop a moving car why can't you stop a table.
  8. Well if you make this happen, I have a team that would definitely want in. Wouldn't mind doing what I can to help out either.
  9. True. I like the best of 3 format for the "playoffs". But does the team itself get to pick its Jason, randomly selected, or the opposing team picks the Jason player? How about double counselors (2x vanessa for example) Or does the team have to be all different counselors?
  10. Well yes, like I said, in rage mode. Maybe the new engine will give them more freedom to give Jason some aggressive aspects while he is in rage. I think he needs some more perks than just walking through doors (to a ready and waiting bat) and increased sense need to come with "Rage" mode.
  11. I'd love to see one day where if Jason is in rage mode, he can just go in and flip tables and all out of the way and pin the counselors in. But I will keep dreaming.
  12. Im with @Truth. You can't make Jason completely damn superhuman. If it is to much of a disadvantage, you have the option not to turn the lights off. You have sense, if you manage it properly than you can find a counselor anywhere they want to hide. Plus the counselor can't see either unless they turn on their flashlight, which Jason can see pretty much through cabin walls and windows.
  13. 1. remove double stunning Jason after a pocket knife/just make it harder to get the mask off 2. New counselor weapons 3. reworking how counselor stats work... strength, stealth 4.Remove the Jason marker from the map while he is shifting 5. New perk system, like a CP upgrade system or something of the sort.
  14. I think instead of a speed increase or sprint option, to fix this problem Jason should just be able to break the furniture. If Jason can stop a moving car and break down doors, why not break a table so you cant run around it anymore. I literally watched a ring around the rosie with Vanessa for 5 minutes the other day. It was PAINFUL.
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