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  1. Explain to me how turning down the gamma, and yet somehow making the counselors look like they've been doused in cooking oil is "better".
  2. No, they don't. Everything just looks darker. Like they simply turned down the gamma - further - the "plastic" look of the counselors has gotten much WORSE, not better.
  3. Also, stop playing up how dark it is as a "feature". It looks terrible that dark.
  4. It's negative to be disappointed that I was sold a busted product that has stayed busted for a full year? I don't get people who refuse to criticize that which deserves it. They're handling this terribly, and should be rightfully taken to task for it. I spent a lot of time giving them the benefit of the doubt, and trying to talk down people who shit-talked them. It's just after a while, you realize the shit-talkers were right, and they aren't worth defending. If you can't do anything right, I'm not going to keep trying to tell people you can. Eventually, I'm going to realize you can't do anything right. As to why I played it for so long? I love the franchise, not the developers. I had hope for what the game could be, and hung on as long as I could.
  5. Last straw. "At least weeks away" tells me there's no chance for anything earlier than June. The fact that you wouldn't even say "June at the earliest, now" says that it could even end up being later than that. I'm out. You've lost me as a customer, not that you care - you got my 40 bucks. At least I know you won't get any kill pack/clothing pack revenue from me, for what that's worth. I defended you guys for ages, gave you so much the benefit of the doubt, and the reality is - I was defending people who didn't deserve it. You make me regret backing this.
  6. THIS. His actor has also expressed that he'd gladly reprise the role if asked.
  7. That case isn't going to affect the eventual addition of Uber, is it? Or any future maps based on the existing films? I've been a bit concerned about it, especially because if it goes the way the plaintiff wants, the rights are going to be in a very confusing place. Edit: Not that I think he has a strong case, but there's always that bit of worry.
  8. No. Just... no. Get that creepy furry crap out of here.
  9. During the increased weekend - I didn't find a single tape. I already have all the Pamela ones, but I haven't seen a Tommy tape since they were added.
  10. Seriously. The main titles of Part VI have what would be a perfect chase theme for Part VI. No clue why he uses music from Part V.
  11. He hasn't been on Twitter all day, and hasn't been on these forums since this morning. I doubt he's going to be doing anything. All he's done on Twitter is retweet the rain "announcement". To me, it means the opposite. If the update was close, they'd have either said that - or teased the Legendary perk bonuses (as they said they would "closer to release"). So to me, the fact that all they had to announce was re-enabling rain says that they're nowhere near done, and panicking for something to announce.
  12. Today's "announcement" was a bloody bug fix. Re-enabling rain on Xbox.
  13. Well, like I said - if you guys want to get down on your knees for a company that hasn't earned it, go for it. I've never understood dev fellating. Kiss the butt of someone who deserves it. I paid money for a broken product. I have a right to a functional product. I do not need to sit here and take a drought of information and say "Thank you sir, may I have another". The fact that the big Thursday information is a bloody BUG FIX is laughably disappointing. It also shows they're probably nowhere even CLOSE to done with this patch (as I predicted back in Feb, late June will be the actual "at the earliest") and that they're desperate to find ANYTHING to share on Thursday now. They probably fully believed they'd be releasing the patch by now - and had exactly enough "content info drops" to get us to today. We get to today, and it's "Oh crap we're nowhere near ready, ummmmm TEASE A BUG FIX! That'll satisfy them!" Yeahhhhhnope. Cokey - I highly doubt they'll be announcing anything else.
  14. Would you blame them? People waited all day for something of substance, only to be told something of zero substance that was assumed to be coming anyway. GUN are complete clowns, lol. This is embarrassingly bad. Any other company would have, at the very least, given a progress update - just so people knew at least a general idea how far along the update actually was. As silly as it is - this stupid tweet pretty much sums up this company. Like if I wasn't done before, I am now. We're going to cross the 1-year anniversary threshold and the game will still be busted. To leave it in this state for over a year is, like I said, embarrassing on their part. It isn't "butthurt" - at this point any anger towards the devs is both reasonable and justified. They've got a complete lack of transparency, and a complete lack of professionalism. I can't think of any other game dev that acts like this. Like, if you want to brownnose and let them bend you over, be my guest - but I don't kiss the butt of people who disappoint me on a daily basis.
  15. My wife was playing last night, and one was squeaking his face off and she quickly turned the mic on and mom-voiced at him so hard the only reply was a completely cowed "...okay..." and he behaved himself the rest of the match. There's a great advantage to having 3 kids - the squeakers will identify parental authority in your voice, haha.
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