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  1. Wow, I'm glad I'm not having many of the same issues as others! I played all weekend (Saturday over 4 hours straight) and had very little bugs outside of the "X" button sometimes not working (ongoing problem), Jason while in a kill animation able to stop a car, and Counselors living even after executing them. No issues with grab, TBH to me it seemed greatly improved. No issues with being selected as Jason and I have mine set to Jason (being realistic here as I don't expect to be Jason every 3rd round). No rubberband issues. -Kind of bummed about the high level cap for weapon swapping. I've been playing since day 1 and I just hit 49 or 50. I don't think I'll ever hit that 113 needed. Just don't have the time or energy with other MP games, life, etc. -I'd love to see the room able to vote on the map or just have it set to random permanently. I was in a room where the host only played Packanack Small (very annoying.) I didn't want to leave the room because connection was great and fear of having to wait around for another.
  2. Please fix the level 113 weapon swap. I've been playing since launch last year, I'm level 50, there's no reason to grind from 50-100+ for cosmetic changes that should be in game anyway. At the very least you could have made level 65, 75, 85, 95, etc each unlock weapon swapping for a specific Jason. Give me a reason to keep me going up the mountain instead of creating an insurmountable summit!
  3. Is it strange that I've played this since day 1 on PS4 and have not found 1 Pam or Tom tape?
  4. Unquestionably should be a map before Grendel. The only problem is the camp in the movie is fairly bland. There's a circle of cabins and that's about it. I would want to see them include the police station at one corner of the map and maybe that hardware store Tommy uses the payphone at, at the the other corner. Part 7 map would be a good one, but similar to the Jarvis map with the two main houses.
  5. I want a story mode with the current counselors, excluding movie characters, almost as if this were a sequel. There's so much that they can do with this game if they really want to.
  6. Hello all. First time poster, long time player (PSN- Thegregbradley) I think the easiest way to solve this is just to have counselors fear go WAY OFF THE CHARTS when they are all standing on top of/around Jason while he is stunned. I'm talking total blackened screen, lowered stun chance, stumbling, rapid reduction of stamina, this would force them to run away instead of waiting for you to get back up so they can KYTFO again. In terms of an area attack, maybe having weapons available for Jason to pick up on the map would help. These weapons don't have to be an instant kill, but of course they'd have their individual advantages and disadvantages. Be it a spear gun, a tree trimmer, bow, axe, spear, etc. Not only does it change up the attacks but it changes up how the counselors would approach trying to fight, run, or troll Jason. For instance, if they are circled around you whacking you senseless, the tree trimmer is a weapon that erases their strategy because Jason could wield it at a distance and in a circular attack. If you are dealing with a stamina heavy sprinter, the speargun would be an effective weapon that would instantly put them in a slower hurt mode, allowing you to close the distance easier. My suggestion would be to always have random weapons scattered throughout each map that he can pick up and use either until they break, run out of gas, run out of ammo, and when they do Jason would then revert back to the iconic machete.
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