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  1. "Doing well with women" = when you are involved with them for a given time beyond acquaintance , they are not somewhere on your front lawn twitching from fear of your E-confidence or jumping out of a 2nd story window to be rid of your dumb ass head games to look for a guy to enjoy their time with instead. Barf, your methods of socialization are awful. You don't have to organize a business plan in order to associate with a real live woman. Just be yourself.
  2. I'm not ABUSED. lol, I'm not going Dahmour over here. Beaten and frightened so bad that I'm going to become the next uni-bomber or abuse the next one. "Get my boyfriend over at my place RIGHT NOW. I need his help to make me a child so I may slap them around to thrive on their FEAR". When you guys talk in these forums you all use such illuminated opinions. I'm afraid if i said something like "I'm a glass half empty type person" the next guy in here is going to say "She is suicidal. she's going to cut her wrists with glass. She's confused. Can't think clearly enough and she was physically tortured as a child!" I should write a book. The tales of an 11yr old girl, the Harsh beatings OF Julie. See, they are making fun of Jason about that but they offer that to me all of the time. Not that they have given up their standard requests such as "I want to do it until yo sore" "I am a sex machine", "Can I touch your Breasticles" and my personal favorite "I'm Captian boner-man and I have a gift for you! - In a superhero cartoon voice" . Some of them are pretty cleverly worded though. For the other stuff, I don't want to debate on physical discipline except for this last note. Don't talk bad about spanking. That's the best part .
  3. 1.People who like adult videos(Currently 36,000 per second) do not automatically value women less than men or vise versa. That's like saying fishermen have to be scubadrivers. While you may think that the adult industry is for sickening animal like human being whom have little to no morale regards to morale value the truth is much like marijuana(judged the same way) you would be surprised to know that all types of people do watch porn. Lawyers, pastors, housemothers, kids, ranchers, metal fabrication builders, college students, doctors, etc. The reason for this is because healthy human beings have a sexual drive to release endorphins, testosterone, and estrogen. Even good people!!! Not that I would qualify myself as an excellent human being. On top of that erotic films cater to all types of people. From wild taboo fetishes to romantic lovely porn. 2. Ok, sarcastic doesn't work well with you. I'll elaborate clearly. The brain of a womans differs from a man due to hormones and other leading factors. The neurological pathways allow most women to use emotion as a primary decision maker (women base their thoughts on emotion) as opposed to men whom often base their decision on logic and critical observation. From an ignorant standpoint it sounds like I am saying women are not as good but that's actually not true at all. Even though it appears men have the advantage of the brain they do not because your body continues to release and absorb hormones. Women can "feel the air" better than men. We should use attraction as an example: Ex 2: guy considers a girl and his brain starts....... "hmm, she's a little young for him, she's pretty but will I be content with that, do we like the same things, what if she gets bored of me, I like my free time and my place gets dirty. I'll have to clean it better. Does she look like a cheater, being hurt like that would be a bad setback in my life. we have to commute a bit cause she lives on the opposite side of the city, What if she doesn't like "wolfy"(my dog). My friends are going to think she's hot(YEAH BOYIEE)," and on and on. There are TONS of reasons men determine for a relationship. Ex 2: Girl considers a guy and her brain starts..... "The day is especially bright because I saw that cute guy Vinny Diesel today. I'm so happy. He's big and strong and oh so sexy but he's really soft hearted. I want to spend more time with him because it makes me feel good". Realistically its far too difficult to make judgment on which brain pathway is more efficient because both have deal breaking flaws. HOWEVER it does provide proof that people(specifically more prone to women) can freely use emotion as a primary usage in life "with or without internet E-thugs talking like they some straight up homeboy G Dawg, ready to throw the world under Da bus when they use they feelings ........ Dawg". 3. I do pass judgment on people whom use empty name calling or anything for the sole purpose of trying to lower the self esteem or lower another person to build themselves up(bullying). If someone came up to me and said "get outta the game you black person because black people all suck at video games" then their is room(haha, a lot of room) for outside opinions. that person is dead wrong but their purpose is because of a stereotype they have. Random name called brings results in shallow judgment. It tells a lot about a person when they don't back up an insult. 4. I said it before. Adults talk horsecrap all of the time too but not in such a high ratio. This is why the good kids got it tough. Adults pretty much expect them to screw around .......... As a man, "its mathematically correct to think kids are idiots online". As a women, "I hate being called names, it's not as fun when they are around, Eww, I'm not pregnant and I'm not going to breastfeed you" A truce sounds good but both of us like to have the last word. Am I going to let you have the last word if you decide to reply again? As for the other guy: And then You are speaking out of both sides of your mouth. From the first standpoint you show a lack of respect for lexi belle herself(myself) and say that pretty much anything she(me) says is null because I am either doing porn or like her as a porn model ......... then your next post shows a clear statement that you have her on a pedestal for infatuation, interest, and she's good enough for you. One of the issues with women is if you tell them they are not good enough then a second later want them then they will not want to associate with you because you are shallow and have no respect for them. Even women like lexi belle understand the concept of giving their time or body to something where they will have self value in. this is why you don't do well with women. Ending note: I am is NOT Lexi belle. Lexi Belles hobbies are most likely drinking, clubbing, taking care of her bunch of cats, modeling, cocaine, fitness, and hopefully Kegal exercises, and getting men to drive her and buy her stuff. My hobbies are human behavior, gaming, movies, home renovation and home designing, hair, shopping, texting, and writing, fitness, and hopefully fucking every once in a while but only with people I really want to.
  4. Listen children. We are not playing Friday the 13th now. You two don't have to team up and follow me around the forum and attack. Go hump someone else's leg.
  5. It was because you didn't write the sexist thing but reinforced it for the guy who did write it. Nice try. Yeah I know right? So pathetic. It's like an emotion ... dude. A real live one in me. gotta shake that off, life is like a game of poker man! E-rep is good with the chicks!
  6. that's not nasty at all. #self promotion
  7. J-Ray

    RIP Pat Torpey :(

    Anyway, there's room for discussion for musical tastes in other topics. Of course it would be nice if I avoid them considering I am huge into music but I choose music based on emotion as opposed to skill, influence, political sh.... stuff, and competitiveness. I would never survive the topic when, for example, I reply to the above poster by saying Yeah, but the music you listen to doesn't appear to give you any pleasure or positive happiness. I preferred other genres but this song makes me sing, laugh, and dance(which online people prohibit and frown upon but I'm a true rebel) anon, listen and smile and be happy with music. Anyway, it's always sad to know the loss of anything. Although music has always been a big part of my life I have never had the taste for rock so I actually never heard of this guy. my condolences
  8. I didn't target him. He spoke, I replied to him based on what he said. On a side note, he doesn't NEED backup considering we sort of agreed to not bother talking about it. I wouldn't consider myself a victim of abuse. That being said my own personal life is unrelated to the topic. That guy was obviously personally offended because of the "kids shouldn't be allowed online" thing. This is totally understandable however one of his first responses was to call someone stupid for agreeing or being sarcastic. Therefore I challenged him to present an intellectual conversation on his strong thoughts on children should be able to be online despite my beliefs that children are incapable of conversation like that. He responded by saying that I'm a woman who just is whining because I want special treatment.(He has since removed that part now). And it continues to landslide from there. And now YOU are saying I'm abused and that's why whatever I say is invalid. This is yet another example of the format of a childs conversation. Abuse and being a women who needs special privilege is so absolutely unrelated. What's next, you find out I'm french and so you mention something about france? I'm white for you mention something about whites, etc. On the second thing you mention, it's true. It isn't for me to decide otherwise I would create two internets' and split it off completely. It is for a parent to decide as well but since it does affect me It is a topic of conversation that I can realistically have an opinion about. I don't agree that putting children in an adult themed things is good for experience though. I wouldn't want to be near that construction site with the kid and the crane. On a last note. I have not mentioned yet that I was female/male, white/black, tall/short, skinny/fat, etc. That's the issue with children I can't stand when I have to talk to them about serious topics. They use stuff like that and bring it up like its related to try to "Win" and argument. Myself, I have no intent to convince internet kids. 99% of them are unsupervised, out of control, and absolutely unorthodox. When I meet that 1% kid or teen online I am almost as stereotypical as th buttonsmasher was sexist. I am in shock. Agree to disagree but you guys don't have to keep doing the whole "compliment each other, then thank each other in the topic" thing that kids do with the whole teaming up. Use that "heart like" button thing instead.
  9. I have not been following your locked topics. I only as few things to say about Savini Jason and your topic locking. 1. I had to look up Savini because I was just calling him fire Jason. 2. I believe that there is no relevancy of Fire ... I mean Savini Jason topics and mouthing off douches on this forum.That at this point, any topic can be locked because of mouthy douches. I bet I could start a topic about furry cute pettable Lop eared bunnies that we love as pet and it'll turn into a bunch of clowns talking garbage.
  10. Right... I got it. You don't care about ANY topic at this forum or anywhere online(children online). You just run around mouthing off everyone(children online) regardless of who they are or what they say(children online) and now I'm offering you a chance to roll on a real topic so you can learn your ignorance and you want to say something empty(children online) and sexist(children online) yet then walk to go to the next person and say "Yer stupid"(children online). This topic is geared for adults as this game and this forum is so take the train.
  11. You had just brought up gender for the first time as if it impacts every topic on the planet. Pretty much all children will add "differences" to separate themselves from another because they are insulted. Reasons like this are why I say children are incapable of "playing around" in adult themed things without supervision. You have given over 10 examples yourself. Next time you throw fiercely intellectual thoughts such as sexism in interactions or blame of sexism where it shouldn't be in there be an ADULT and ELABORATE. Right now you basically just said "I think all women are lesser and demand lenience for everything". It's not true.
  12. It's a simple retaliation to your nasty initial comment. When a person finds no value in what someone says but it was offensive often they will just reverse the insult and respond pointlessly back. It's a human behavior thing. Adult thing. Don't worry about it.
  13. Sorry, I had just edited that post. Re-read it....... if you want but it's mainly suitable for adult discussion. I see no point into discussing the difference of treatment between woman and men to a child though. If you want to talk about it then just ask but you will not be able to keep up. Children do not understand these types of things thus why your comment was so shallow and basic.
  14. Sarcastic, hilarious, stupid or not. The fact of the matter is children shouldn't be playing the game AND the side dish of this topic is that childen shouldn't be online at all or be split off completely much like they have kids youtube. The reason for this is children have absolutely no clue on how to survive a real serious converstation. Children and teens endlessly throw empty messages and lines without any thought out considerations to the statements they make. For example: YOU button. You say things all of the time around here yet I've not seen any analyed thought on what you say. Everything you say is basically fancy lines for "I'm right" "do it this way" "try that" yet you serve absolutely no talk about your evaluation on the thought or why. There is nothing wrong with you. It's just you are a child and children do not experience a lot of situation that require important considerations. Thus why when a child does such as watching their parents become divorced they respond like a "child" because it messes their head up.
  15. Or you could, I dunno... Fuck off????? Prick....... I'm not taking advice from a child. Get out of here.