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  1. The concept of "don't like it, too bad" is stupid.
  2. I was a good one. I killed my first jason on the weekend. Is is wrong to feel guilty?
  3. Then it's probably a bad time to say that he's kind of an ugly dude to. Bubsy and adam are kind of cute so if they are a bit annoying I don't mind.
  4. I find that chad is a bit of a douche. He's not that good of a character to play with and easy to kill as well.
  5. Sexist PIGS!! hahaha. (Be respectful. It's "spankable" butt meat)
  6. If the sweater girl and tommy are together I run around a railing and hope one of the them makes a mistake with that.
  7. I mean everytime there is a dick using glitches or someone shows a video or screenshot of a bunch of dicks being dicks this forum does crap to protect them such as taking the videos and screenshot out. This guy is looking for a way to counter dicks and then you Of COURSE you think it's unacceptable to curb the dicks.
  8. I can't believe almost everyone didn't notice. Either that or they were too busy heavy petting each other.
  9. I just learned Thunder talks too long. haha😀
  10. what about proving the claim of proof when it was previously unclaimed in a proofly claimerism way in the past?
  11. I can't even keep track of the evolution of arguments on this topic. I'm sensing a lot of lovers quarrels around here. get over it and make puppies together.
  12. That was my FOURTH time I joined a new lobby. It's been nothing but jason and a friend tonight.
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