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  1. nah bro ... im currently level 3 on ps4 and there is only Select and Back option ... even i saw on youtube that there must be another option to switch your skin with R3 but its not available for me ...
  2. first of all hello community this is my first post ever in this forum . before i start i must say i purchased F13 the game on steam and played the demo before that , and in the game bloody jason is my fav skin so far . recently i decide to buy the game for my ps4 but since im collecting games for my archive i decide to buy the physical version of the game . when i entered game store and asked about the game our game store owner told me that this version is kind of GOTY EDITION , means it has cloth pack and bloody jason skin . then i tot its worth it . once i got the game i noticed that i must purchase every god dam dlc for this game and there was no bloody jason skin as well , i spend 56$ for this version of game and 6$ for cloth packs and i cant even get bloody jason skin , i even have screen shot from my purchase and my game i got 0 stuff for getting physical copy . if you going to steal more money like this at least give us the content . srsly i want a refund on my cloth purchase and want my bloody jason skin .
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