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  1. Lar Park Lincoln is such a MILF now. She was ugly in the 80's though. Which is strange, people are normally their hottest in their late teens-early twenties.
  2. Yeah i'm just gonna leave it now, if she replies then great if not then that's fine nothing more I can do. I think doing anything further would be entering stalker territory. It's pretty simple, she hates the role and is clearly embarrassed about it. She's done so much stuff since and is probably annoyed when people bring it up. Let's go back to I'm not gonna say which Friday the 13th, 'cause I really don't want anyone to know It's clear how she feels about it. Plus she's a mom and mainly does children's cartoons and benefit concerts and stuff. It's probably safe to say she's moved on from Friday the 13th and wants nothing to do with it despite how loved her character is. Tbh it seems she's putting acting behind her altogether now. Her last credit on IMDb was in 2014 and IMDb normally has everything on it. Her official website was taken down and she's abandoned her Twitter. I was starting to think she may have died until her sister said she'd pass my email on.
  3. Update so far: I emailed Saffron's sister Camille Henderson a while back as there is no way to contact Saffron directly as her official site was taken down due to no longer paying the hosting, and her Twitter has been abandoned for about a year now. Camille said she forwarded my question to her but I don't think i'm going to hear anything back. I first emailed her on March 27 and the last time I spoke to her was on April 13 to check if Saffron received the forwarding where she basically said "Saffron's super busy right now and i'll forward this email to follow up". If she was going to respond she would have done it by now I feel, no one's that busy. It would have been nice if she could have just politely replied with a no but whatever hey. Plus it's known that Saffron has no love for the franchise or the character at all. She hasn't appeared in any of the documentaries or attended any of the conventions (Though she still attends Anime conventions). Still you'd think she'd like being a playable character in a game. She has done voice work in video games before such as Saints Row 1 and 2, The Sopranos: Road To Respect, The Punisher etc. on PS2. The only time I could find her ever mentioning it in an interview was one from 1996 in Rumic World where she stated: ‘I have a tendency to get killed at the beginning of films [LAUGHS], and it happened again! There was a "Jason"- I'm not gonna say which Friday the 13th, 'cause I really don't want anyone to know- but I was a rock guitar player, and Jason took my guitar from me and I got killed with a guitar in the head. Right at the beginning of the film! [CHOCKED SOB] It just keeps happening!’ (the "again" referring to her being killed in the first 5 minutes of The Fly II as well). That underlined part clearly shows how she feels about the film though it was a very old interview almost as old as me so she may have warmed to the film a bit more now. She did respond to someone on Twitter (back when her profile still had activity) about it but it was mainly talking about her hair and how it doesn't normally have that much volume. Maybe she'll email back saying she's down for lending her likeness and voice for the game but it's not looking promising right now. But I have done all I possibly can to try and make it happen so far.
  4. According to Stan Meissner who wrote J.J's Blues and co-wrote Broken Dream. No completed versions of the track were ever made so what's on the film is what's recorded. Though disputing this there is a longer instrumental version of Broken Dream that can be heard playing in the club on Forever Knight Season 1 Episode 1 (1992). So it's most likely the master tapes were actually lost.
  5. She was previously referred to as "Jessica Jane Jarrett" on the Friday the 13th wikia. Literally no evidence whatsoever that she's called that (though Jessica totally suits her) so I renamed the page to J.J.
  6. Composure: 11/10 Luck: 11/10 Repair: 11/10 Speed: 11/10 Stamina: 11/10 Stealth: 11/10 Strength: 11/10 Guitar skills: ∞ I tried so many times to change it on IMDb but they never approved the edit.
  7. Which is another error on the developer’s part. The game is set in the 80’s right? And AJ is based on Violet right? No “rocker chick” dressed like that. Only new wavers did. Go look up some pictures of Vixen and Lita Ford from back in the day to see what a “rocker chick” looked like. This is like when people call emos goths. Like no there are differences. Where are people getting “Jarrett” from? Wayne was the only person to ever mention her name in the film and he only referred to her as J.J.
  8. Also music really helps your soul. Listen to uplifting music that will move and inspire you.
  9. The camp slasher film has been done to death. Who’s going to sue? Would they even be able to with such a commonly used idea? Like I said I do really believe this will be a good film in the slightest, it will probably be the type of film that costs 0.30p in CeX though he may surprise us and make a half-decent flick but what sold it for me is the filming location I’d love to see the Jason Lives camp on film again after so long. I mean AdamtheWoo did a video on it but it didn’t show much and didn’t do it very artistically plus this film would probably have night shots too. One of my hobbies is watching present day filming location tours for very old films. I just like to compare how they’ve changed and how they’ve stayed the same, how they’d look if I ever got the chance to be there. Plus the director seems a nice enough guy that I don’t mind giving him a little cash to try and get his project off the ground. I’m a charitable girl.
  10. All 3 of those names just sounded like regular names until they became forever associated with horror. Plus there is supposedly a reason for that particular name which by all means you could contact the director about. He answers messages on the site. In that I’m a backer yes. Though I haven’t yet as I don’t get paid for a couple of days but I’m planning on doing the $25 pledge perk. But I’m not associated with the filmmaking at all.
  11. Okay I realise this wasn’t a popular campaign among the forum community but I will post this anyway to try and help the guy out and for us to be able to see how Camp Forest Green looks 33 years after Jason’s rampage back in 1986. I realise this will probably not be a good film but I’m sure the gimmick and general curiosity on how the camp looks today would entice some fans to give it a chance. The original Kickstarter was unsuccessful so he has posted it on IndieGoGo and is settling on a smaller budget of $5,000. So if you want to help the cause this is your last chance to make this happen. If every forum member pledges just $5 we could probably get $1,000 added to goal. Every little helps. Please refrain from bashing the film before it’s even made, we heard your critiques in the previous post and don’t need or want to hear them again. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/splatter-camp-an-all-new-breed-of-slasher-camping-horror#/
  12. I don’t really know much 80’s pop apart from the ones everyone knows. I’m only an expert on 80’s hair metal!
  13. There was no invite. It’s just the price of being sexy.
  14. Oh please, everyone peeps on me.
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