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  1. Best obscure slasher films?

    You could always write a slasher film about a killer that sits on people and farts until they suffocate to death... I don't think that's been done before. It may take a few decades before the film has a following though. Then again if the killer is a sexy woman it could appeal to the fart fetish crowd. I remember a film called Deadly Weapons where Chesty Morgan (a woman with extremely large natural tits) used her breasts to seduce then suffocate guys she wanted revenge on to death.
  2. Best obscure slasher films?

    I believe that's called meth.
  3. J.J's whammy/tremolo bar

    Ehh too 90's for me. I much prefer the bright metallic extravagant colours you got in the 80's. It's annoying thought you rarely get guitars in such bright colours anymore so you have to spray paint them yourself. I want that Bass!
  4. J.J's whammy/tremolo bar

    It's my understanding that it wasn't even a real functioning electric guitar and it was just made to mime to Stan Meissner's tracks. The director Rob Hedden stated that he couldn't "bring himself" to destroy a real Gibson Flying V. (Which really means they went so over budget that purchasing a Gibson Flying V just to destroy it would have been too financially straining, still they could have bought an Epiphone right?) I'm guessing the prop was already finished before they realized they needed a whammy bar so they decided just to put it in the jack hole.
  5. Part V: A Great Idea Really Badly Made?

    The problem is the director was told to make a kill every few minutes meaning he was very limited in what he could do in terms of character development.
  6. J.J's whammy/tremolo bar

    Umm how the hell does that work?
  7. Best obscure slasher films?

    1. Girlfriend From Hell (1989) - probably not a slasher per say (all the victims are revived at the end plus they aren't killed in any particularly gruesome ways). About the Devil taking control of a shy girl and becoming a total hottie and uber-bitch for the entire movie and somehow includes a small scene featuring nuns with uzi's and rocket launchers. It's only ever been officially released on VHS so i'd say that counts as pretty obscure. Plus that theme tune is killer. 2. The Abomination (1986) - very difficult film to find, came across this one by sure luck. It's basically a very fucked up rip-off of the Little Shop of Horrors where a guy brutally kills people to feed a monster that started as a tumor his mom coughed up. 3. Ozone: Attack of the Redneck Mutants (1986) - made by the same people that did the Abomination around the same time the former being the superior film. Basically Night of the Living Dead but in a hick town and lots of gore. 4. Shock 'Em Dead (1991) - failing guitar player sells his soul to the devil to get guitar shredding skills but must sacrifice souls in order to keep his powers. Features pornstar Traci Lords as the love interest and Michael Angelo Batio (From Nitro) as "guitar stunt double" rock on! 5. Aerobicide/Killer Workout (1987) - basically a slasher film based around the aerobics gym. Basically sexy girls do aerobics then some kills happen then back to aerobics montage etc. Also apparently girls did aerobics in heels.
  8. "Read my lips NO NEW TAXES" - President George H. W. Bush
  9. Yes I heard you, I just didn't care.
  10. The guy I lost it too also cheated on me.