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  1. My entire game totally glitched for me and the rest of the players and it somehow teleported me to the ocean? I was unable to move or use my emotes the entire time and after 2 minutes the game counted me as a suicide? I haven’t played this game in months and expected it to run smoother than before but it honestly is so much worse! How could that happen? Gun Media had 1 job: to make a quality Jason game. Too bad legal issues will prevent you guys from ever doing that.
  2. I’m tired of seeing idle Tommys in every match I play, especially when calling him has been nothing more than a sacrifice of mine... Please add the ability of migrating players to be Tommy just like Left 4 Dead would if Players that were chosen to be Tanks were inactive.
  3. I have never played a game that was buggier or fuller of imperfections than Friday the 13th the game. It’s got a long way until reaching the quality of being mainstream and still requires much attention from its developers. Don’t see myself promoting or recommending this game anytime soon.
  4. I was playing as a counselor today and was unable to fire my shotgun after Jason stopped our car. I was still able to run and crouch but couldn’t fire my weapon. I was using Kenny without any fear prevention perks so I did notice my fear was very high. Could that have been why I couldn’t aim or shoot my shotgun? This is not the first or second or third time this occurs.
  5. I’ve just had it. I kid you not I’ve wasted almost 3 hours worth of xp because hosts have been extremely childish today. I cannot complete a single game because the baby hosts always end up rage quitting. It’s infuriating and unfair to people who finally get to be Jason, only to have the host quit the match midway. Something HAS to be done about this.
  6. I previously commented on how the update did change the balance between Jason and the Counselors. Personally I don't find playing as Jason as fun anymore with less pocket knives, trolling etc. It's way too easy now and I always feel bad when I see that the entire lobby has left by the time I'm down to killing the last two remaining counselors lol. Ever since the update, I can only recall getting 8/8. Even before the update that was pretty common for me.
  7. That's actually not the case. I always put up a fight as a counselor. It just irritates me when the person playing Jason gets an unearned kill due to the many bugs experienced by counselors (not being able to get through a window or grab anything/floating in mid-air after escaping Jason's grab)
  8. Lol hey guys I wrote this post in a rage. I was upset because I went out of my way to rescue a counselor because I had a pocket knife, Jason grabbed me after a bit of taunting and distracting him, and then after he released me I was glitched floating in mid-air without being able to sprint, swing or jump into a window. He then grabbed me and killed me. And YES I did say this was the worst game ever, but it's also the best game ever. I play this game religiously and I'm rooting for it so much! At first I was iffy about the update because I was used to always playing matches where I was the only one fixing things as Deborah. Glad to say that this update really conditioned the community and teamwork is now a thing in this game (Fox is my main now). Only thing that is still a problem is the lack of host migration. Literally spend hours with this game and can't complete a single match because of crappy hosts. And to the people who took their time to insult me over MY opinion of this game, I'll school you anytime in this game whether as Jason or a Counselor. No need to say more lol
  9. This is currently the worst game out there. It is overrun by SO MANY gamebreaking bugs and glitches. I don't understand how difficult it is to polish up this stupid game despite there not being a single player campaign. This game was not ready to be released yet you greedy deveopers. FIX ALL OF THE BUGS AND GLITCHES or I will demand a refund! UPDATE: I regret writing this post. I said it entirely out of anger and rage (I think I was also high lol) This game is nowhere near being the worst game ever, in fact, few games have been as exhilarating and adrenaline-pumping as this one. I just really have such a strong love/hate relationship with this game. I'm rooting for it as much as you guys are, if not more. Also, I think I cried when I saw the Jason X Map reveal because of how excited I was.
  10. I did not enjoy the patch at all. It's just not fun anymore. I thought Jason was already pretty powerful enough and most of my pocket knives would go to disable his bear-traps since I would main as Deborah. Unfortunately I don't see Deborah being used as much anymore after this merciless patch. And Pinehurst is UNBEARABLE to play in because I can never find a goddamn map anymore. I'm sorry, developers, but this patch just took the fun out of this game and I don't see myself dropping the same number of hours I used to. I won't praise it to my friends anymore either unless you guys fix this patch/update. Last but not least, I feel guilty whenever I play as Jason now. It's just way too easy.
  11. But now how are we supposed to deal with the bear traps Jason places in front of cars and fuse boxes?
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