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  1. My favorite Jason is part 9 for these reasons. 1.He has a great morph regeneration speed 2.Also the morph takes a while for it to end 3.Looks badass
  2. Hi my name is PapaEarl and i am here to tell you my favorite Friday the 13th movie, and its dodododododo Friday the 13th Part 4. My reasons for my choice for this are two things, first the really gory amazing death of Jason and second is kid Jarvis who is my 16th favorite horror movie actor. That's it and I am getting ready to play the new Jason when I get home.
  3. Hello my name is PapaEarl I am huge Friday the 13th the game and movie fan. I play Friday the 13 the game on my PS4 where i am level 73 working up to level 150. My proudest achievement is when i got the gotta kill them all achievement where I killed 666 counselors. So I hope to have fun here.
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