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  1. I meet most my friends in random matches.Yes I occasional run into toxic players.My gamer tag is WormHunter89 and while some toxic players make fun of my gamer tag. Your going to sit there and make fun of my gamer tag.I seen some of the funniest gamer tags in a game.When I am asked about it I respond it's a reference one of my favorite films. Right now currently I am at cross roads with the game Nov through Jan I would have minor issues with the game.It wouldn't be a big deal no suddenly I get more errors. I crack jokes with every one a lot of them laugh I even Jason crack up from time to time.
  2. It's different in a private match with all friends.In a public match with others who aren't your friends they always seem to get targeted. This what I hear in party chat I am fixing a car don't kill me I am fixing the boat don't kill me cause we're friends.I am Jason sorry going to kill every one. A lot of my other friends we don't favor our friends we do what we are supposed to do if some of them escape.I even protected a host from my friends. I know how annoying it is to look for a walkie talkie I just use the perk for it then when I am not looking for one I always find one.Some want team kill back I sure don't. It's bad enough when some one helps Jason hunt others down it's bad enough barely be hit by a car kills you it's all because of what happen during the Beta. I wish the car would just push me out of the way or a button in which you can dive away from a car.With some who annoying ask for team kills then there is no point in having Jason.
  3. Yeah my friend told me it was an accident didn't mean to hit me,it's hard to believe that it was an accident. Here's how I suspect some are in party chat when I was alone in the game I was on the other side of the map. I wasn't near any cars or fuse box when Jason comes out of nowhere I suspect they helped Jason find me. I've been blocked by randoms and so has a few of my friends I was dead and spectating them. This person who was blocking a friend was like Jason I helped you I got one trapped in that room. Instead Jason kills the guy blocking the door even he moved away from the door Jason killed him. I was laughing looks like helping Jason back fired on you instead of killing my friend he left.
  4. I try not let any one get to me it some days it does others it doesn't as much.I am the first person who would always stand up for others. Thanks to all who now understand I don't this on purpose sorry make things confusing.
  5. Here's a personal story I was diagnosed early with a learning disability.English is my first language in school they past me through grades. I couldn't read or write not even my own name and I really never understood why they thought passing me through grades when I couldn't so much. Write a single sentence or my own name was acceptable I had teach myself how to read and write the hardest language is our own language.My weakest is Grammar and math. Back in the 90s I was targeted by bullies 33 years later it never changes I won't ever get better as time goes on.I am targeted daily on social media and in video games. Some 10 year criticize me on my gaming skills told me I should retire from gaming completely.I don't want any one to feel sorry for me as there is nothing to be sorry about.
  6. Had it happen to me as Jason and witness it from another player who was Jason. I am on PS4 I am sure it happens on all platforms.
  7. So there I am in a lobby with two friends.I was with them in prioritize party chat. However one of my friend who just joined the lobby wasn't in the party chat with us. Went back in game chat to talk to my friend only for my two friends. My friend being the host smack me with the baseball bat then blocked me in. While my other friend who was Jason killed me. My friend who is the host when I return to party chat asked me. Are you mad bro.I give them both an answer to that I left the lobby. Then I said I don't mind being invited to party chat I prefer in game chat.
  8. I wonder what level when you can start weapion swapping. This reminds every time I am on YouTube in the comment section you will always see first. Not hi how are you great job on a video just that first.
  9. @a kamikaze man thanks,being on YouTube and seeing people who data mine Gun Media files.Who then create videos I seen a fake Uber Jason a fake Grendel map and some believe it is real.When I pointed out all the inconsistency. I told a fellow YouTuber just how upset I was that while we can live stream or share a video of our session. I am still in shock in awe over the fact any one would steal from the game Devs teams.
  10. I used to talk on CB radio.Dispatch is telling the camp counselor police are en route,in which the police are telling dispatch copy ten four which means over and out unit 97.Is the car.
  11. For what been revealed already in trailers.I just wish some could do just that sure I can't wait to try something in a game but I know it takes time for it to be worked on and created.While none us work there in game development we have no clear idea how long it takes to make assists how long a programmer spends working on a game.I think all developers who are dedicated and work hard to make these games that we have great time with dissever our out most respect for what they do.If it wasn't for them we would not be enjoying the hard labor they put in.Thank you Gun Media and Illfonic teams.
  12. 2009 Remake took the first film second film third film and fourth film.Most of the kills are nods to all 4 films.Part 2 Jason was intelligent same with part 3 and part 4 when he was still human.As opposed to rest in which he just a zombie.Even when he just a zombie walking around still knows not to kill some one in front of other.Part 3 Jason is mistaken as some one else twice.In part 4 he plays possum and waits to be transported to morgue.Instead of the morgue attendant putting him in a freezer is mostly unwise thing any character can do.While Halloween did this once with Halloween 3 Season Of The Witch.I still say they should dropped Halloween 3 and just called it Season of the witch .What done is done.Most the actors and actress only credit is Friday the 13Th which they proudly stat they enjoyed working on the films.I've seen bad acting in bigger budget films usual it do to fact the person was wrong.Most of them it was they're first time in a film.
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