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  1. on 5 you just have to be clever with how you do it, thats just great teaam work right there.
  2. Allen

    Challenges for Offline Bots

    Here is my challenge Camping with Jason. Find a camping ground, use as many chair kills that is there, then use the campfire kill. After that, kill everyone else in the same camping ground.
  3. Why does the internet sometimes not working for anyone playing f13 on Xbox one? Is it a problem in the community or is it something else?
  4. If you seen dead meat, (if I can remember right), he never counted Jason as a kill, but Jason did go down into a lake, so he might be able to go to camp Crystal lake and the other maps because he never died from the fall. (Somehow)
  5. I heard about that, but are they with the team or are they just people who are putting another theory out there like us
  6. you might have to be a level 101 because that was the max level last time before it updated. just a theory.
  7. Does anyone know how to get the bloody Jason skins on Xbox?
  8. Allen

    Challenges for Offline Bots

    on #3 I only got 6 of the 8 counselors! that shit is hard man!